Marvel: Born in Fire!

Born in blood and fire, scarred by priests, destined to whatever I want. I am Hiro Kala, the son of Hulk and the brother of Skaar. And this is my story! Warnings: -Strong to OP MC -Harem -Morally ambiguos MC -Son of the Hulk MC -Mutant MC -Waifu Catalog used as CYOA(but no mind controlling waifus or company)

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Chapter 9

"So, what do you think?" I placed my hand on Skaar's shoulder as the video finally ended. It wasn't all of the war between Hulk and the Avengers, there were many parts missing. Not like anyone was dumb enough to record the battle between Hulk and Sentry anyway.

But in most of the video, father's words were clear. The way he actually talked back to those who tried to talk, the way he clearly stated his reasons, and his brutality. They were all laid before us in the video.

"...he did all of that for us." Skaar said, his voice barely audible as he pulled his legs up to his chest and placed his forehead on his knees.

It must be hard for him, Skaar was a kind child but he was also a very angry one. The way we grew up on Sakaar, the pain we endured and our banishment by our mother. He wanted to blame it on someone, anyone, and a father who would abandon his children and his kingdom seemed like a good target for his anger.

But what we watched now, it proved our mother's words about Hulk being a hero. About him loving us. So now, Skaar could no longer blame him. Meaning that there wasn't a reason for the pain we endured.

I put my hand on my brother's shoulder and pulled him close to my chest.

"It's okay." I said, as kindly as I could, and Skaar started to cry. This might very well be the first time he really cried. Even when mother had sent us to this planet, Skaar's reaction had been anger. To try to find someone to blame and take his anger out on.

This was the first time he couldn't do that.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I could hear my brother's words as he kept crying.

I would be here for him. I am my brother's keeper after all.


It took a while before Skaar stopped crying. After that, Hank and Scott entered back into the room with sad expressions. Guess they had their own heart to heart while we were watching the video.

"So, anything we ought to know?" I asked the furry mutant who looked opened his mouth but was interrupted by the sound coming from one of his computers.

"I do now, but do excuse me for a second." He said as he jumped on one the chairs and wheeled towards the computer that had just made the sound. A few seconds later, he turned back to us with a smile.

"Whelp, it seems like we may have been a bit hasty with the classification of young Kala's mutation." Hank said, though I could see a small amount of sweat on his forehead.

"And our mistake was?" Scott asked with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Ahh, it seems he isn't a telekinetic and telepath combo. That is merely a side effect of a... certain kind of energy within him. Energy other than the Old Power that is." He babbled and I could see the sweat gathering around his forehead becoming more and more visible.

"And this energy?" Scott asked, glaring from behind his red sunglasses.

"Oh, well... It's... the same kind as certain mutants we know of like... like young Franklin Richards or Nate." Oh, seems like he figured it out.

"Oh." And going by the hollow but frightened sound Scott made, I would say he understood as well.

"Well, uh. Kala, wanna meet some of your soon to be classmates?" Scott asked, a rather forced smile on his face as he desperately tried to change the subject from my powers.

"Sure." I said with a shrug. Might as well let them have some time to gather their bearings, so I left the room with Skaar. To an adventure of meeting our new classmates.


"Please say that your computer was wrong." Scott practically begged Hank with a dead tone, the furry mutant wasn't much better.

"That your computer was wrong." The local genius of X-Men said with a sigh as he practically melted in his chair. He looked just about done with life and everything it entailed.

"A reality warper. The son of Hulk is a god damn reality warper." Scott said, really wishing that somebody else was the leader of the X-Men at the moment. Maybe he could convince Ororo that she would make a good leader? Or Kitty? He would just act like a jerk and then make her the leader when she came into the room with her finger pointing at him as she claimed that he was a jerk.

"How long until he destroys everything?" He asked with a sigh while Hank just shook his head.

"Not for a very long time. His energy is definitely that of a reality warper but it is rather weak at the moment. It will be quite a long time until he becomes a proper reality warper like those we know of." Hank said with a smile, happy that there was at least one good part of such an occasion.

"Ok, so we might be able to help him not destroy everything with a deranged smile. Any ideas?" Scott asked his old friend who looked to be in thought.

"I would say encourage him to act more like his father but to be honest, some of Hulk's acts of strength have felt like reality warping to me so that might not be the best decision." Hank said as he pinched the bridge of his nose as he remembered some of the more ridiculous feats of strength done by Hulk.

"Great, tell me if you get any ideas to make sure Kala does not turn into the next Scarlet Witch and wipe our race out." Scoot scoffed and Hank had to stop himself from saying that none of that House of M bullshit would have happened if they didn't have a vote on whether to kill her or not in the presence of Quicksilver. Scott likely wouldn't like that.

Though thinking of Wanda did give him an idea.

"I… may have a proper idea." Scott looked at him and Hank smiled.

"Why don't we get some help from the one guy who can warp reality and is still sane to train young Kala. Right after we figure out how to convince him to get help from one of the people who shipped Hulk off to Sakaar."