81 Chapter 81 "Christmas Eve"

In fact, the Nimbus 2000's flying speed is not equivalent to that of regular broomsticks. This time Jerry caught the Golden Snitch faster than when he bet with Marcus and others before.

Only the size of a walnut, the Golden Snitch exhibits signs of self-awareness. In particular, it excels in dodging. Although the broomstick's speed can catch up, the Seeker's physical condition isn't much better than that of the average person, making it challenging to catch.

Jerry's five senses were substantially improved and his body control was at the level of a martial arts expert when he turned on "Refreshing."

Jerry reached out to grab the Golden Snitch, which is the size of a walnut, just as an ancient master of martial arts could capture flying insects with chopsticks. Naturally, it was not a challenging assignment.

The only thing that kept him pulled out throughout the entire match was the broomstick's speed. Seeing Jerry landing in front of Ms. Hooch after grabbing the Golden Snitch. The entire stadium had the impression that something had been put on hold at this precise moment.

Angelina, who had just retrieved the Quaffle, halted her movement. The young wizards in the stadium and the two Quidditch teams were taken aback.

Jerry handed up the Golden Snitch, and even the referee was surprised for ten seconds before she realized been given the Golden Snitch. Ms. Hooch stretched out and shouted after making sure it was the Golden Snitch that had been used in the match.

"Slytherin wins!" Upon observing Ms. Hooch's signal, Lee Jordan on the commentary stand announced the game's outcome.

"Slytherin! Slytherin! Slytherin!"

"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

The instant Lee Jordan began to speak, it was as if the start button had been reset, and the Slytherin young wizards loudly applauded as the entire stadium fell to its knees. Beginning with a loud "Slytherin" yell and ending with a loud "Jerry" yell.

It's not that Slytherin hasn't won the match or the Quidditch Cup. It's only that there has never been a match won with such speed, precision, and legendary moments.

The entire game lasted less than two minutes, and it only took a minute for the Golden Snitch to be caught after it was released.

This merely shattered the Hogwarts Quidditch record and even the record for all of Quidditch's recorded history. How could it not excite and inspire all the wizards in Slytherin?

Marcus and the other Slytherin Quidditch players all flew to the ground, dropped the broomstick in their hands, and then leaped forward to pick up Jerry and fling him into the air repeatedly while cheering.

Even though they had made some preparations for today's outcome following Jerry's performance from the previous performance, when the actual outcome occurred, they were not much more at ease than those young wizards on the audience stage at the time.

They understood that for the next seven years, the Slytherin team would not face any competition as long as Jerry persisted. The only thing they would think about is that they'll eventually play on the field lazily.

As a result, Jerry's name became well known throughout Hogwarts and even among the wizards of Hogsmeade as the first Quidditch game of the year came to a perfect conclusion.

The strongest Seeker in history, Jerry, was born.

Jerry, on the other hand, was remarkably composed. He was considering ending the game early so that he could return to studying magic sooner.


Jerry noticed that in the days that followed the initial Quidditch match, people seemed to be more interested in him.

When they ran across him at school, wizards from all four houses, not just Slytherin, would grin and say hello. Some young wizards even gave him a number of nicknames.

For instance, "Legend of The Quidditch Game," "Quick Jay," "King of the Ball," "Golden Snitch Buster," and so on.

Of course, Jerry will be somewhat influenced by this. He will have some benefits in several areas because of his notoriety and popularity, and generally it is still pretty good. However, he also learned about a less-than-ideal issue around this time.

In other words, while spending time in the real world is prohibited, his physical development is not. He seemed to have gotten bigger. This also implies that his body and age will advance more quickly than those of his peers in either world when he switches between the two.

In the same way, if he spent seven or eight years in this world before returning to the other one, he would transform instantly, going from being an 11-year-old child to an adult who was 18 years old in the main world.

It is almost impossible to keep his identity a secret in this way.

When he first emerged in a place where wizards congregated, a bright young man like him was already quite noticeable and may have come into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s view. He probably didn't confirm it because he had already deceived them by speaking to them in Chinese.

When he was in middle school, he intended to maintain a low profile in order to lessen the likelihood that he would be discovered, and when he became older and stronger, he would obviously stop being afraid.

However, it is challenging to conceal it if his body has undergone significant modifications.

Obviously, this is hardly the most problematic issue. Because of magic and potions, he might be able to find a solution to this issue.

His greatest source of embarrassment was the problem of lifespan.

Even though a wizard often lives longer than the average person, their longevity doesn't increase significantly. He always moves back and forth in this way, and he will continue to visit other worlds even if the panel opens more in the future.

If this keeps on, it would seem like his peers in the real world have just entered adulthood while his life expectancy is almost over. He started debating whether it would be worth the risk to acquire the magic necessary to concoct a longevity potion at this point.

Even if the Sorcerer's Stone's longevity has many drawbacks, at least he can live forever. He has more time to consider various options the longer he lives.

Under Dumbledore's control, taking the Sorcerer's Stone is not an easy task. He can only move forward in this fashion one step at a time, and perhaps there will be a better solution in the future.

As a result, it wasn't long before it was mid-December, and Hogwarts' exterior was as heavily snow-covered and fully frozen.

The first semester at Hogwarts will end a week before Christmas, and the second semester will begin in early January. Christmas is quickly approaching.

Wizards have the option of spending Christmas at Hogwarts or returning home. Jerry has updated his name on the school's list throughout the past week. He obviously did not spend Christmas at the orphanage, as he had his own unique plans.

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