518 Chapter 518 "Experimenting"

Although Tutumaru and Sol were shocked by the power and scope of Jerry's magic, they also believed that after fighting Gajeel and Juvi, he must be just the end of the shot. They have hardly consumed any magic power so far, and the victory is certain.

The two cast various magics and rushed towards Jerry's direction.


A minute ago.

Levy was wearing her glasses and constantly analyzing the magic that appeared.

Lucy summoned Taurus and guarded around Levy alongside Jet and Droy. They were watching the enemy approaching.

"This technique is very complicated. It will take me about two minutes to complete it at the fastest." Levy said while analyzing it.

"Two minutes. Jerry, you must hold on." Lucy listened to the huge commotion from the hospital. She was always ready to fight when needed.

In order to make up for the weakness of a Celestial Spirit Mage, she especially learned some melee skills from Erza. However, about fifteen seconds had passed, and a shadow flew towards them.

"Be careful, it's Gajeel!" Their first reaction was that Gajeel broke through Jerry's defense and wanted to stop them. So they all nervously protected Levy behind them.

However, something was different. Although Gajeel flew out quickly, there seemed to be some problem with his flying direction. Instead of flying straight towards them, Gajeel was flying slightly downward.

"Uh, is he okay?" Jet looked at Gajeel, who was motionless in front of them, and said uncertainly.

"It looks not. I think he had passed out." Droy carefully took a few steps forward and kicked Gajeel over with his foot. Only to find that Gajeel had been knocked out at this time.

Lucy recalled the scene where Jerry fought with Gajeel and murmured, "He probably didn't come to attack us but got kicked away by Jerry."

Before they could be surprised that Jerry could defeat Gajeel, another loud noise came. Immediately afterward, countless snowstorms spewed out, instantly turning most of the city into a snow pile.

The source of this snow was Jerry, holding a bottle.

"Is that also one of the things Jerry has? He's too strong!" Lucy looked at the vast white area in front of her.

When he was at Jerry's house last night, Jerry took out his twelve armors to introduce them to everyone. At that time, Lucy just thought the armors were gorgeous. Jerry's armor took the name of the zodiac, which made her feel more excited.

At that time, she still thought that when she became rich, she would also create a set of Celestial Spirits armors for herself.

However, neither she nor everyone thought those armors were really powerful, or it could improve her to be as powerful as Erza.

Although the strength is connected to the armor, the mage itself is more important.

Just like Erza's armor. If an ordinary mage uses it, it may just release some electric sparks that can stun people. If Erza used it, it could blow up half a town.

Jerry has been learning this magic from Erza in less than a month. It seems that they underestimated Jerry's strength and learning ability.

Whether it's the armor that increases strength just now or the tool that can shoot out snow, Jerry definitely shows an S-class mage or exceeds the strength of an ordinary S-class mage.

Although Lucy was very surprised by the current situation, she took it for granted after calming down. Because every time Jerry says he understands magic a little when he actually shows his strength, it is a completely different scene.

Probably sensing the eyes of Lucy and the others, Jerry put away the bottle and turned his head.

"You guys continue to solve that one. You guys don't need to come over here. There are still two left, and I'll try to hold them back for a while."

Lucy looked at Levy, who was still trying to crack the spell. Even if there was such a big movement behind her, she didn't dare to talk to Levy and was afraid of delaying her.

Suddenly, there was a feeling in her heart. Maybe Jerry could defeat all of the enemies before Levy finally cracked the spell. However, as soon as the idea came to her mind, she immediately shook her head and forgot about it.

Just now, his snow magic should have consumed a lot of magic power, and there are still two mages rushing toward Jerry. This situation does not look good at all.

Maybe now, they should hope that Jerry can still hold one, and then they can block the last one, giving Levy time to crack the spell.

Jerry continued to focus on Sol and Totomaru, who jumped out of the snow.

Sol and Totomaru didn't dare to close combat with Jerry. After reaching their effective magical attack range, they immediately launched their attacks.

Sol condensed a huge stone, which fell from the sky, and wanted to smash Jerry directly. While Totomaru used his flame magic, turning it into a pillar of fire and moving it toward Jerry.

When Jerry saw this, a golden light flashed on his body, "Virgo!"

Today, it is rare to have four S-class mages with good strength. He wants to experiment only using a few of his magic powers and finally test out the extent of the power of his magic armor.

Wearing the Virgo armor, he pretended to form a magic seal, activated the Protego Charm runes printed on the palm, and a transparent protective cover completely enveloped Jerry.

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