Lord of Dreams - A Multiverse Fanfiction

Our Lucky MC Lorien finds himself in face of a very important decision Either stay in his world and continue with his short and normal life Or Journey into the infinite void where countless worlds and infinite possibilities exist -- Worlds: Demon Slayer (Finished)  -> Highschool of the Dead (Finished) -> Jujutsu Kaisen (Finished) -> Chainsawman (Current). Planned Worlds: (Shakugan no Shana...) Possible Worlds:(One piece, Naruto, TODG, BTTH...) -- Release Schedule: Once every 2/3 days -- Ps: No System -- DISCLAIMER(1): All things that are written in this novel are pure work of fiction that has no connection with reality, it's all pure imagination used to pass the time and nothing more! Be it social, political, or religious, so be warned and read at your own discretion, manage your reading time well, and don't get disconnected from real life DISCLAIMER(2): I obviously don't own any of the original already existing worlds I will or already wrote about, all rights belong to their respective owners DISCLAIMER(3): The background of the cover is made by Rachelblandon (Deviantart), and is available for both personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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All things that are written in this novel are pure work of fiction that has no connection with reality, it's all pure imagination used to pass the time and nothing more! Be it social, political, or religious! so be warned and read at your own discretion, manage your reading time well, and don't get disconnected from real life

---- Start ----

In the boundless nothingness, darkness is the theme and nothing could be seen here, the laws that govern the world such as time and space are none existent, it's a place of complete emptiness, the origin of everything

But here, a rare sight appeared, two huge 'orbs' visible even in such a place, parallel to each other with a 'bridge' connecting them

But sadly this is not a good thing as those aren't just orbs they are two worlds, as for the bridge....that's a battlefield created by the powerful beings on both sides for obvious reasons

On this battlefield corpses of demons, monsters and men could be seen everywhere with two huge fortress cities standing there at the two ends of the battlefield each guarding the world behind it

Each city looked different with multiple barriers guarding it and with runes over almost every single brick, both Cities gave off an ancient and solemn vibe, telling the world of their old history

But even this part of the battlefield isn't the most important, as above it an invisible conflict of 'Mystery' could be felt, as a higher level of war raged on there

But no one on the battlefield was surprised at this, as from the beginning of the war conflicts like this would erupt from time to time as both leaders were restraining each other, and if one of them lost then this war would be over

This situation already lasted for more than three thousand years, this may seem a very long time, but it's actually not, after all for each world even a billion years isn't that big of a number

And for a war that will decide their fate such a 'low' number doesn't matter, not to mention that most of the beings that made it to this battlefield are long-lived species

Now for the important question, Why did such a war break out? is it because of hatred? enmity? or maybe... it's something else?

No, it's simply because of benefits and greed, the meeting of two worlds is very rare in this endless nothingness beyond creation and even more so for Two Worlds of such high and similar levels

But such a rare occurrence wasn't a happy one, as one of the two worlds wanted to absorb the other as to strengthen itself

This may be because of the way the master of that world practices and he needs to devour worlds, and of course, the other fought back, and so this battlefield appeared.


Meanwhile, at the core of one of those worlds, stood a woman, she had fiery red hair with golden-colored eyes, she is wearing a black dress which showcased her beautiful body, Her eyes laser-focused on the battlefield as she fought against the enemy using her own 'Mystery' in her cases [Principles]

But it appears this is not going anywhere, this is not a 1 vs 1 battle, she is fighting 2 guys of the same level at the same time, and even so, she still did it and for 3 thousand years, This mainly because of her [Principle] Which combines [Time & Destiny] is very hard to deal with

After fighting for some time both sides simultaneously stopped fighting, but even then, the war on the battlefield below didn't stop for a moment as both sides fought endlessly

Turning her eyes from it, her golden eyes flashed lightly as if having finally made a decision

'This is not going anywhere, if it's just me I can hold on for no matter how long or even win, but I don't know how long the guys below can fight for, the enemies' overall strength is a bit higher than ours...Our chances of winning are very low, once the war on the battlefield is lost and I am blocked then there is nothing I could do'

Looking at the opposite world anger appeared on her face

'Greedy bastards, do they not know that even if they win the war and they block me I can simply make the world self-destruct, or even use it as a last blow??!!'

Releasing a long sigh full of exhaustion she kept on thinking of ways to break this lock but nothing came to mind

"Bastards fighting me 2 on 1!!! Cowards!! If it were 1 on 1 I would have killed them long ago!!"

Just as she said this, it suddenly clicked, causing her eyes to widen, if it was animated a lightbulb would have lit up on top of her head

'If there is no one at the same level as me on my side I'll just make one!! My Principles are based on Time And Destiny, With the Power of Destiny as a guide even if it appears impossible to reach my level, he/she will at least reach peak transcendent level which will be a great help in the war!!'

Having finally made the choice she looked at the World she's in, her eyes that were full of mischief seemed to span this multiverse

'I Need to make a good plan, I can't just wing this like I usually do'

Touching her chin she continued as she contemplated

'Let's start by narrowing the range of choice, A Good talent and Personality are fundamental, following that ill use my Principles to finally narrow it down to one '

Having the plan reading she instantly jumped into action without further ado, Using her authority as this World's Master she entered the Akashic records to search for high-level talents

'Hmmm... Remove the ones with ungrateful personalities, Focus on the ones who seek change... Let's eliminate those who have Destiny and Time as their Origin(Root Talent), I want an ally, not an enemy, after all, if they take the same path as me we'll become enemies...ah yes, the number left isn't bad..'

Looking at the 'list' left she proceeded with the next step while humming some unknown song

Putting the 'list' in front of her she launched her [Principles] At full power, she even used the World's Authority as a boost to help her, this power scanned the 'list' over and over again and it didn't take long for them to stop on one Person

Looking at the results a look of surprise appeared on her face

'This Origin??! So Rare, A combination of two extremes, No wonder my power locked into him...but his way of getting stronger should be a bit damaging to the world from what I could tell, I'll think of a way and give him a solution later'

Shaking her head slightly she decided to use her ultimate move 'procrastinate' and simply think about it later

She then happily proceeded with the next step without losing any more time, this step is also the second most important after choosing the person

It's Creating the Opportunity and the most fundamental boost which will help him get stronger, As for what is it?

Who knows~~


' ' = Thoughts

" " = Talking out loud


Mystery: Anything that is not ordinary, symbolizing the unknown and the extraordinary

Principle: Fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning, I won't explain what it is for now as it'll take hundreds of chapters to even get there