Highschool of the dead

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Through the Wormhole

|18X FEATURED · WORKING ON OFFLINE| Daniel Matton wasn't ready for an adventure, not until 3023 sent him into space on a journey to prehistoric times. The prehistoric animals test his patience, but Dan must endure all the pain and suffering to return home safely. *** Seventeen-year-old Daniel Matton, still grieving after his mother's death five years ago, is given the adventure of a lifetime when he's selected as the Star of 3023's PPMC Project for a journey through a black hole, wormhole, and white hole to prehistoric times. Now, does Dan want to be the Star? Heck no, but he has loved paleontology ever since a bittersweet memory with his mom twelve years earlier. Programmed to resemble Dan's mother's personality, PPMC vows to keep him safe on his journey, but it's difficult when the stubborn teen constantly gets in trouble, not just with himself but also prehistoric anomalies: volcanic eruptions, eight-foot-long millipedes, terrifying saber-toothed cats, and above all... disaster. Now nearly trapped in time, Dan and PPMC must work together to escape the geologic time scale before Dan's love for paleontology and the mighty Quetzalcoatlus prevent him from learning how to truly trust PPMC and "let go" of the burden that's weighed him down for five years. A teen, a starship, and Becca... Have you ever wanted to see where life first began? *** *First Draft Written: 8th grade* *The story behind the award-winning short story, Messummer!* *Includes slow-burn world-building and epic adventure in prehistoric times!*

CroodsGirl · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
33 Chs