79 Chaotic New World

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*Whispers from the abyss* "Join Us...." *Cuthulu noises*

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High-rising Buildings, Sidewalks packed with people, Roads jammed with cars, and a horrific air qualify; This is the Concrete Jungle! or at least that's how it's supposed to be.

Usually, the city maintains a somewhat orderly state where people are trapped in their own bubbles minding their own business, each going their own separate ways, some walking to school, while others driving to work.

This state is very tedious and monotonous yet calm and mostly safe, but today, this city looked completely different losing its previously orderly state.

Explosions could be heard everywhere, cars were crashing around due to various reasons, people were running and screaming, and car horns and sirens were going off in every direction.

But what was even weirder is the huge number of people around that looked very abnormal.

Those 'people' had a gray body coloration, completely blank and rolled-up eyes with tight pupils, their jaws were wide open and their tongues uncontrollable.

They didn't look human anymore, they looked more like zombies also called the undead.

Those Zombies are the true source of the mess happening all around, they kept running around biting people and infecting them.

Depending on perspective, there were even some unlucky or rather lucky people who died without having the 'chance' of joining this 'legion of undead' as they became food instead.

But then, in this chaotic environment, a young man and woman suddenly appeared on one of the sidewalks!

Both of them were unconscious and currently incapable of protecting themselves, yet no matter what danger got close to them be it a car crashing in their direction or zombies running their way, they all stopped a couple of meters away incapable of getting closer, some were just stopped while others got completely erased!


It didn't take long for one of the two laying on the ground to finally wake up; Moving slightly, Lorien held his forehead feeling somewhat disoriented.

'Where am I?'

Looking around, Lorien looked at the chaos ensuing, a few meters away, a zombie even jumped on a man trying to run and bit him in the neck causing blood to splash everywhere.


Watching the man trying to struggle to no avail, Lorien was quickly able to recognize what was happening.

'Shit! I haven't watched a lot of zombie movies so I may not know this world'

'NO! NO! NO! This is not time for this! What happened earlier? How did we survive? did the orb save us?'

Recalling what had previously happened in nothingness, Lorien immediately started to panic as he first quickly glanced at Saigai making sure that she was okay then he tried calling out the 'Panel'

'I hope there is no damage'


Following Lorien's thought, a 'screen' abruptly appeared in front of him; This panel is dark in color with stars in the background giving it a mysterious and dignified feel.

In the middle of those stars stood two golden rectangles each representing an option, the first being [World] while the other [Talent].

Seeing this, Lorien heaved a sigh of relief knowing that the worst-case scenario thankfully didn't occur.


Removing the panel, he then looked around for a moment before closing his eyes disinterestedly.

For now, Lorien wasn't in the mood to discover what world he was currently in, after all, no matter what danger may appear it'll be blocked by the barrier around him.

According to his previous experience, this barrier will stay for at least two days, so he can completely relax before then!


Growling lightly, Lorien fell back to his back, laid down on the concrete, and looked at the blue sky in a daze completely ignoring the chaos around him.

Obviously, he was hit hard by what happened in nothingness, even if he didn't notice it himself, after gaining the power to manipulate reality and dreams as he liked, Lorien became somewhat arrogant.

This arrogance isn't shown usually in the way he usually acts as he's very humble most of the time, but it's actually hidden deep in his subconscious.

He always thought that no matter what he faces he'll have a way to deal with it using his power, even if he meets those stronger than him he can easily run away or deal with them in a roundabout way.

But this time, he met an unstoppable force, when that man's eyes fell on him he couldn't even move not to mention fight back.



Angry, Lorien couldn't control himself as he punched the floor next to him causing a huge pit to appear with the concrete floor turning into powder!


Then, just as Lorien was still in deep thoughts recalling the previous 'humiliating' scene, Saigai who was next to him finally woke up.

'Are we still alive?'

Waking up, the first thing she did was stand up and look around vigilantly, she still remembers the last scene before losing consciousness.

Seeing that they were no longer in nothingness but actually in a 'normal' environment, and noticing the barrier around them, she visibly relaxed.

'What is this place?'

Looking around bewildered, everything felt new and novel, if it weren't for the fact that people were dying, and screams were sounding all around, she would have gone for a walk to discover the place.

But after taking a couple more looks, she quickly lost interest as she then turned her attention to Lorien who was still laying down on the ground looking blankly at the sky.

Seeing this, she clenched her fists tightly, she also remembers what had just happened, and she too has the same thoughts as Lorien, maybe even more intense.


Giving off a long but desolate sigh, Saigai ignored everything around her as she then sat down next to Lorien.

'Power huh..'

Extending her hand and holding Lorien's, she then also laid down next to him as she started looking at the sky with a confused look on her face.


Feeling a hand holding his, Lorien turned his head slightly towards her before holding it tightly and turning his head back to the sky.


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