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Our Lucky MC Lorien finds himself in face of a very important decision Either stay in his world and continue with his short and normal life Or Journey into the infinite void where countless worlds and infinite possibilities exist -- Worlds: Demon Slayer (Finished)  -> Highschool of the Dead (Finished) -> Jujutsu Kaisen (Finished) -> Chainsawman (Current). Planned Worlds: (Shakugan no Shana...) Possible Worlds:(One piece, Naruto, TODG, BTTH...) -- Release Schedule: Once every 2/3 days -- Ps: No System -- DISCLAIMER(1): All things that are written in this novel are pure work of fiction that has no connection with reality, it's all pure imagination used to pass the time and nothing more! Be it social, political, or religious, so be warned and read at your own discretion, manage your reading time well, and don't get disconnected from real life DISCLAIMER(2): I obviously don't own any of the original already existing worlds I will or already wrote about, all rights belong to their respective owners DISCLAIMER(3): The background of the cover is made by Rachelblandon (Deviantart), and is available for both personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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[Minor Information Manipulation]




At that very moment in which Lorien's verbal agreement was uttered, he immediately felt the world in front of him shake uncontrollably for a fraction of a second before returning to its normal state.

Only then did Lorien realize that it wasn't only his 'Time' that was affected by Moira's power but also the World's entire [Time].

Noticing this, Lorien just smiled bitterly not appearing that surprised by the fact, After all, this was not the first time that something like this had happened so he got quite a bit used to it.


'It seems that I got too carried out this time.'

Shaking his head, Lorien couldn't help but scratch his cheek in annoyance as he thought of what had just happened.

'Well, it's not like I didn't gain anything, at least now I know that I must include [Information] into my power system.'

'However, this now gives me 2 problems.'

'The first is how to get the power to manipulate [Information], and the second is how to implement it correctly into the power system.'

Thinking of this, Lorien immediately began racking his brain trying to think of solutions.


'Ughhh, what a pain in the ass.'

However, just as Lorien was about to give up and leave the problem to his future self, he suddenly remembered a side character that he had previously overlooked.


'That granny called Ogami who got slapped to death by Toji in the original timeline!'

'If I recall things correctly, her ability allows her to summon the body or soul information from a deceased person using their corpse which allows her to then shape-shift herself or a willing participant into that person.'

'Looking at things from a different perspective, this ability is actually based on information copying and pasting.'

'What she's doing isn't actually summoning the real soul or body, but just a copy of their information!'

'All in all, this could actually be seen as very slight [Information Manipulation], so if I were to use the dream path to evolve it many times, it should be enough!'

The more Lorien thought of it, the more feasible his idea became, so without any hesitation, he immediately restored his connection with the [World's Authority] and began looking for her.

'Where is she...Where is she...'

Using his [Authority], Lorien immediately accessed the [World's database] allowing him to swiftly locate her.

'Oh, Here she is!'

'Hmmm, it seems that seeing how messy Shibuya got, she decided to not join the mess and just remained hidden...'

'Well, this saves me a lot of trouble.'


Instantly teleporting to her side, Lorien ignored the startled looks of her and her 'adopted' grandchildren as he swiftly knocked everyone out using his power.


"Who are y-"

[Reality: Lose Conscisouness]





Looking at the few bodies that fell on the group, Lorien waved his hand reducing everyone but the Ogami into dust.

'The reason and cause doesn't matter.'

'These guys kept doing all kinds of evil stuff for their pleasure, so this is payback!'

Finishing this, Lorien then turned his attention back to his main target.

'It seems that the security protocol that I mean is working properly as evil people like her weren't allowed to join the dream path.'

'Well, this doesn't matter now.'

'Let's get to business!'

Raising his hand, a shining 'Dream Path Seed' abruptly appeared on top of it which Lorien then immediately sent into Ogami's body.


Doing this, Lorien then began to forcefully intervene in Ogami's Cursed Technique evolution as he guided it to the direction he was seeking.

Otherwise, he would probably punch himself in the face if her CT evolved into something like the Reanimation Jutsu in Naruto.

Usually, Lorien wouldn't do such a thing as he wanted the evolved abilities to be perfectly suited for each individual while also following the way of natural evolution.

After all, only abilities that are evolved in such a manner allow their user to reach higher levels and maximize their potential.

However, right now, Lorien doesn't care much about Ogami as he is only using her as an intermediate to get the ability he wants.



And thankfully enough, it seems that Lorien's efforts didn't go to waste as following a long torturous process and a lot of Dream and Source Energy expenditure, the evolution of Ogami's CT was finally over which gave birth to a brand new ability called [Minor Information Manipulation].


Feeling the instant feedback and the new ability he also received, Lorien couldn't help but freeze in place as he sensed some sort of mysterious change occur to his [Eternal Dream Realm].

However, weirdly enough, even after looking hard for the source, Lorien couldn't tell the source of this change.

'Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.'

'It seems that my guess was right.'

'However, it's a pity that this [Minor Information Manipulation] is still quite undeveloped.'

'Right now, I can only use it to scan people's information, slightly alter it, and finally Copy and paste it.'

'It's just that despite how useful this may sound, I can actually do most of this using my reality-warping power.'

'So, If I want to use this new ability to further enhance my power system and to create a path to a higher level, I'll first have to plan things out slowly and develop this ability to a much greater level.'

Thinking of this, Lorien immediately felt relaxed as he knew that he had already done all he could for now and that he couldn't rush the next phase.

So, after giving the unconscious granny one last look, he waved his hand causing her to disappear into a puff of black ashes thereby meeting the same end as her grandchildren.

"Well, It's time to go back."

"I have to get some things done, organize the world a bit, and meet Yuki and the others before leaving."


"What a pain in the ass..."



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