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[Money can't buy happiness, but it sure as hell can buy things that make us happy. With money not only I grow but my close ones also get benefitted from this] Money is something which matters in everything, without money you can't get returns nor invent something. Without money there is no growth. Money is the only thing that can break you or make you. This is my ideology, but if I had it in my past life, I would have tasted success. But God damn I promise to myself that I am leaving no stone unturned to get rich in this life. Cause if there is money there is hope, pride, and life, if there isn't we are no better than trash. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you found the synopsis interesting pls check out my novel, because I think it won't disappoint. Also, the part of magic will come later though it will be correlated with money. Don't except the mc to be too evil or too good, he is neutral as his only aims is to earn huge sum of money to give his parents a happy life. There will be a harem but it will be slow progressing since like I mentioned Mc is only interested in money so it will be a long time before he falls in love with any girl. Also, mc time traveled to the past. There will be magic, business and criminal activity. Sidenote: The only two person MC's cares for is his father and mother.