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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Fang Xiang

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Website : qidian china Views : 14.69 million Rating : 8.4(173) Chapters : 664 Status : completed Word count : 2.15 million author rank : lv5

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Im very happy that qindan is starting to translate its novels with stable updates. I hope that "king of gods" an amazing novel currently translated by gravity tales will be taken up by this website because gravity tales is not doing justice with no stable updates. The novel is already compleden with 1000+ chapters but gravity tales translation has still not reached 300 chapters. Qindan should stop them and take up the project with 10-14 chapters a week


Lalala, best story ever. Lalala, especially the translator, so quirky and witty. Don't believe me I'm just a bot. Lalalala. Rui Bing the best waifu.


Not going to lie, it's the MC that kills this one for me. I have seen case studies on children raised by wolves and this boy is worse than that. He was raised by years by a man who taught him basic skills, but that also means he was socialized to an extent. Since the story started the MC has been in society at least virtually for 3 years, yet he is still acting like a total savage? nah, unless he actually has a mental illness or a developmental disability there is no way this dude is this clueless to human interaction. I am sure it was intended to be humorous and/or edgy, but it absolutely detracts from the story.


I have read over 50+ chapters and I can say I am highly disappointed with the main character I understand coming from a abandoned planet not knowing social norms or morals or anything like that but he has had other human count encounters such as in the virtual world and with his adopted father so why after so long does he still treat everybody as a threat before he even assesses the situation his first reaction is to attack first so as to our main characters intelligence there's not much I can say highly about it yeah he has a decent amount of book-smart but for all intents and purposes he's an animal I say that because he reacts the same way a feral animal would he doesn't judge the situation he attacks first doesn't care what he kills who or he kills even if the person's helping him so after saying all that I have to say review for this novel is extremely low because he's not a character that I can bring myself to care about in fact while reading it I'm hoping that there's somebody that comes around that'll beat the living hell out of him instead of hopeing for him to win fights I'm cheering on his enemies just because of the fact that he treats everybody as an enemy even the people that he shouldn't be I wouldn't have so much of a problem if he actually showed any kind of initiative to learn about people or Society and actually tried to learn how to interact with people but he's been around people for months now with no change at all not even at the smallest level


Too much time skip and battles are not detailed or the mechs. The imagery is weak, and half the time I don't even know where I am in the novel as well; it's too fast and the strength mc gains is so insignificant because of that. This is the first time I ever did a review, and I did this review because the novel's story is pretty crap. Character (especially Mu Shang)and world design are alright though.


Whats with the 400 "bonus" (locked) chapters. That's 1600 spirit stones. Wtf to read a book now with a stable update schedule on qidian requires so fukn much ss.


Ok this story seems quite nice. BUT it seems MUCH is lost in translation. One second this is happening and then "Bam!" the story changes. No clue how or why. I am not sure if this was the writing style of the author or if the translator just omits weird parts. So as a reader I say enjoy it but prepare to be frustrated with how the story bounces around and you as a reader have to figure out wtf is going on. I myself still have parts I am unsure what happen.


Damn, this is one of the best SciFi, Mecha novels that I have read ! The translation quality is excellent and the update stability is great. The world building is done in an understandable manner and the character designs are intriguing. I am looking forward for more chapters and am looking forward to the unveiling of He's and Mu's background! Author and Translating Team, please keep up the Great Work!


The noval is pretty good. We follow the MC as he develop, learn, and build himself. I guess I gave it low rating because the main plot still isn't clear to me until now (ch238). I can see that the author is building the MC and the others. But until now isn't giving enogh answers to questions about where is the is novel going. Great Mech battels, that is not enogh.


Honestly I was hoping this would be a good read and it seemed like it was off to a good start but way to many errors and POV changes at the drop of a hat with no indication of the change. By about Ch 20 I found it al but unreadable.


Reveal spoiler


Good story....only problem with the mc....he still acts like a beast.....Hope he will change in the future..Need more chapters to further comment....(:(:(:.......................................................


A decent time waster, 140 character minimum really? A decent time waster, 140 character minimum really? A decent time waster, 140 character minimum really? A decent time waster, 140 character minimum really?


The novel is well made and is enjoyable. The only thing that sucks about this novel is the unsatisfactory ending which leaves too many questions as the translator and the author said. This novel might lead to fan-fiction if someone has the time since there are many unanswered questions which I don't want to spoil.




Reveal spoiler


While the translation team itself is doing great, the story itself has issues. Seems very jerky, no smooth transition from chapter to chapter there is always some sort of short time skip so that the author doesn't have to explain something. While the character was raised on a dangerous planet, he had a father figure for a time and spent time with others in VR but he acts crazed and dangerous when he meets people in real life. It is cool that everyone has a mech but it is never explained why those who aren't in the military nees them. Finally no actual story line the character jumps from plot to plot without completing anything


In a new era where society prioritize the usage of flying mechs(imagine sports cars, but more advanced). A boy with a mysterious origin is raised in a abandoned planet, soon finds a capable friend/machine that will forever help change his life. He is not OP, as of ch.50 there are many things going on in his world, new things keep popping up and you would wonder where this might take him. Gradual improvement after fighting with tough experts and huge amount of training. ;0 Definite Read


it’s a pretty good novel. my only complaints are 1) it feels like a rip-off from It’s Not Easy to be a Man After Travelling To The Future, 2) the over-exaggeration can be pretty annoying, and 3) the way some things are said or how thoughts are presented feel weird, unrealistic. other than that, it’s a good novel. however, i personally am dropping it because it feels too alike to the novel I mentioned above. to anyone else who hasn’t read it, or doesn’t care about the similarities, as long as you like sci-fi mech stuff, it’ll be an enjoyable read for a while.