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What is Journey to the One Piece

Read ‘Journey to the One Piece’ Online for Free, written by the author thelightedghost, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ISEKAI Fanfiction, ANIME Fan Fiction, ONEPIECE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Transmigration!! Check!Weird System!! Check!!Shake the One Piece World? Not done yet! But definitely on the bucket list ...


Transmigration!! Check! Weird System!! Check!! Shake the One Piece World? Not done yet! But definitely on the bucket list of 'must-do' things. Ken, who was transmigrated to the One Piece world became the extra which popped out of nowhere on the door of Curly Dadan one night. Follow the story of how Ken, with the help of knowledge of future events and his system change the One Piece world! Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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In a world where humans begin their journey for ascension at the age of 16, Mike is a charismatic and intelligent protagonist with a clear motive: to rule the universe and everything beyond. In this world of ascension, trials take place in a world called Neither World, which is full of an energy called ohm that is also the energy of the universe. Completing these trials means transcending human limits with each trial, and every trial has progressively increasing difficulty. Nexus, a global AI system, conducts these trials and needs ascenders to fight ohmic monsters of varied levels. Against all odds, this is the story of how Mike goes from being ordinary to the ruler of all. However, he will have many companions who won't realize they are just pawns in his grand scheme. The story of these monsters is that ohmic energy is the energy of the universe. It's perfect, so there is no way of detecting it. However, a distant civilization now extinct did detect it and ruled the world with an iron will. Naturally, they made several enemies and together formed a group called the Heroes Legion. They created destroyers, organic monsters that feed on ohm, which were the nemesis of the ruling civilization. However, the heroes did not anticipate that the organic life form they created would evolve and soon become rulers of the universe. The only way to fight them is by cultivating ohm and growing stronger. Mike embarks on his journey with his childhood friend Tan, and together they encounter various challenges that shape them into who they are. The first trial is easy - kill the goblin, take the reward, and then kill the bigger goblin. However, it gets more complicated as they face kings of Neither World, wars between races, politics, relics to collect, and locations to explore. Mike spent almost 200 years in Neither World conquering everything there was to build his kingdom and attain eternal youth. He comes back to earth with his army and various generals, fighting and winning against earth's colonies that occupied the solar system. His empire has a strict policy of nurturing talent and meritocracy, but by the time he returns, Earth has already advanced 2000 years. Mike faces an alliance of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and other mobile stations as they fight against him. An epic battle ensues with galactic fleets battling on multiple planets. Mike is not the only ascender after all, and many others start their journey on the Neither World of their respective planets. Every planet has its own Neither World, and every life form is unique, with various races having their trials. The more Mike conquers, the more he understands, and together these armies capable of fighting anywhere are called fleets. There will be heroes of each planet, memorable characters who come and go, but Mike's ambition is too big to mention them all. Periodic conflicts do happen, and there will be wars between various planets and destroyers. Tim will contain the remaining forces of Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars while Mike presses onward with the remaining fleet to fight both destroyers and other planets. However, the destroyers are not focusing on him as there are other people out there who rule multiple galaxies. Mike is just a fly in the grand scheme of things. This story is full of world-building, lots of wars, lots of bloodshed, and memorable characters. It is a story of ambition, power, and how far someone can go to achieve what they want.

J14S07 · Fantasy
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I'm no professional reviewer or anything like that, just a guy who has decided to give his two cents about what he read. I've read up to ch. 108, so this review will be based upon that progress. Writing Quality: 4/5 - Just some minor issues that make you have to re-read some portions to properly understand what was just said or who just said what. Stability of Updates: 4/5 - There were already over 100+ chapters when I started reading this and I haven't yet experienced any sort of wait time for a release. I feel it'd be unfair if I were to give a 5/5 just for having a sizable backlog of chapters. Story Development: 3/5 - The linear progress of the story stays the same as original One Piece story, so far. Other than the original One Piece story already being there, the novel feels more like a reactionary experience to seeing how things are different now with the crew having their 'upgrades'. Character Design: 4/5 - Due to the MC's ability, we get to see some slight changes in the character of the crew, which is nice. It makes sense, at least to me it did. The MC though, I feel he's been like a good character so far, not great just good. Like I mentioned before, I'm not a professional reviewer or anything, so I can't quite describe 'Why' I feel this way about the MC. I just feel like he's missing something to really make him be fleshed out. World Background: 5/5 - I'm not the biggest One Piece fact-fiend around, but I'd like to think I can say that the things that happen in the background and stuff like that make sense. Overview: So, should you spend you time reading this novel? I'd say yeah. If you like One Piece then give it a shot. I'll prepare you now though and say that the MC does share his 'ability' (it's a system) with his friends and family, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the novel. It's different, yes, but it's not bad. I'll do an edit to this review once the novel gets to 150+ chapters to give an update on my thoughts.


Got scammed by those reviews. It's only good in first 4 chapters. When the system arrives everything become a mess. The MC's character also have a problem he's so cringe and whines a lot like a typical Chinese mc. Also it's a life simulator system but I haven't seen him do a life simulation. He just come in that world then leave after he gets the power.


i hate the fact i gotta write so much just to rate a dam story I like the story Its well done ..........................................


Is this just me or has every reviews under 4 star got deleted. Almost half of these reviews are just spam high stars and there are no review that has any form of criticism or any actual review.


Imma dropping this because: a) System = the cheat is called life simulation but there's no actual simulation happening. The system only let him see a character's life in the third-person perspective, like watching a movie. This is not what a simulation is, but whatever. b) World-building = this is just another self-insert OC that follows the canon plot following the protagonist's adventure. Actually, the two reasons I mentioned earlier are tolerable. But what made me drop this novel is the third reason: c) The MC = whiney, immature, and arrogant. I really hate reading novels with MCs acting ungrateful and whiney as if they are worthy of the system they acquired. So...


I don't like the story but I won't really comment on how objectively good or bad the story is so i'll give 3 stars for fairness and list some of the red flags this story has for me personally 1. The Mc shares his system with others and gets nothing in return which is the biggest factor in me dropping the story. I don't mind him giving away power once the Mc is invincible or can revoke the power at any time however that just isn't the case in this one. 2. This is a simulator system and the character he simulates begins to affect his personality. 3. He joins the straw hats. I don't personally mind this one as much but it is a bit annoying how much of a fanboy he is. If any of these things are red flags for you, you should read something else. If not then give it a shot.


Trash OP fanfic that takes over strawhats instead of being original and building his own crew. garbage.


as my previous review got deleted i will give u just 1 star instead of 3, mc's mental state is unstable, author just follow story and dont bring up almost anything new thats why i give it 3 ( means mid... not bad or good just mid) but looks like author want only "Good" and "perfect" reviews, all of my points are valid points for review and i dont need to read whole book to rate it (specialy when Story is copy pasted and authors skills in writing are mid)...Also there is no need to delete bad reviews if your LN is good :) maybe there is somethig to it when u get bunch of 1s reviews


Mid ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Evaluation: Subpar (Not my cup of tea & please avoid removing reviews that has sense). WQ: Multiple gramm errors which can be improved. Monotonous dialogues/interaction & redundant thought process. 3/5 SD: With a slow to average pace of development (we already new bout OP-verse) it also lacks MC & story progression since author-san decided to follow cannon/plot which is lackluster. 3/5 CD: MC is a transmigrator but his foreknowledge & adult mentality are lacking. MC is just like an observer which hugs thigh of Luffy just to follow the plot. MC is a dumb hero which is too kind for OPverse. Lacks utilization of OPverse foreknowledge & his earth/previous life experiences. 2/5 US: Chapters are short, stability of update isn't up to speed. 3/5 WB: There's nothing new as author-san decided that MC follows/observe cannon. 3/5 Don't be discouraged by the reviews but take it as a challenge to do better. Kudos to author-san and well wishes! xD


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We need more OPPAIS!!! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


It's great. A fun system, well written characters, excellent plot. Keep making more, author!


Awesome One Piece fanfiction. Will there be Romance?


Been reading up till 100+ I am seeing quite a few issues with the fic mostly the MC giving out Templates like they are Oprah Winfrey. The crew never really struggles with anything besides his fight with G man. It kinda gets repetitive at one point I mean I like the occasional steamrolling scrubs but the grind till 100 then get a new power encounter a new arc steamroll and repeat, Gets kinda bland just following Canon with a new power. Also kinda hard to track which power each of the crew currently has if you stop mid way and come back to this after a few weeks


Not that bad, but author Nerf Mc and the characters. With the power of all of their chara, they should be the strongest already, not to mention that OP power level isn't that high compared to other Series. Even in the later part Author too lazy to write about the chara that they get and the percentage of their chara. The story is Mc oriented. He fight all of the opponents and author write that fights, but for other SHP author just summarize their fights. So the story kinda boring. Not bad, but not good either. If the power scaling is done right, this ff will be better


I just get one question who is the love interest like almost all the women don’t see he as a relationship partner but you are or doing a great job have a good life.


please give more updates faster. the story is really good, well, can expect a little romance if you want though, since it looks like it's all about adventure. very good ff though


It's one of the best one piece Fan-fiction which I have read the story progress and character development is also good but i just think that author should add somewhat romance in the life of mc (my personal opinion)


The quality of writing is excellent Update stability is excellent Plot development is perfect and amazing Character design is perfect The history of the world is absolutely excellent


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