Journey to the One Piece

Transmigration!! Check! Weird System!! Check!! Shake the One Piece World? Not done yet! But definitely on the bucket list of 'must-do' things. Ken, who was transmigrated to the One Piece world became the extra which popped out of nowhere on the door of Curly Dadan one night. Follow the story of how Ken, with the help of knowledge of future events and his system change the One Piece world! Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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Gin came forward with all the treasures and their pirate group was officially disbanded. But Gin was loyal to Krieg so he took a small boat and left with Krieg. The treasures that had been accumulated by the Krieg Pirates were really huge and half of the small room of merry was filled with it. Nami's eyes had already turned into bellies when she saw that.

But Ken did something which nobody expected. He took quite a bit of treasure and gave it to Red Foot Zeff.

"Why are you giving me this?"

"Luffy, Sanji... Can you leave? I need to talk with Zeff-san for a bit in privacy."

"What? I am also interested. I want to hear it too."

"What do you have to say with this old bag? I am curious."

"It's nothing serious. It's related to some other things." Ken said as he refused to speak of the secret thing that he needed to talk with Zeff. Luffy didn't mind and just left. Sanji too followed him but he was curious about what this Vice-Captain of theirs had to say so secretly that he needed to talk with Zeff alone.

"Hahaha... You are an interesting kid, giving me money. I can make a better ship with this, you know." Zeff said.

"I know and that is the point. Zeff-san I want you to go somewhere else and open a restaurant. This restaurant isn't safe for you anymore. I want you to fire the cooks who you don't trust and only keep those people near you who you absolutely trust."

Zeff's face became serious hearing the words of Ken. Ken's words meant there was an invisible threat hanging on his head.

"Who wants to kill me? I don't think I have provoked anyone to even come after me. Even in the Grand Line I was cautious."

"It's not your fault Zeff-san. It's because of Sanji. His background is a little complicated. And in order to get to him, the people might just threaten you."

"Sanji? You mean the Vinsmoke family?"

Now it was time for Ken to be surprised. He didn't expect Zeff to know of the Vinsmoke family. Germa 66 was kind of famous in North Blue but in East Blue they had no presence, especially now when they were rumoured to be on decline.

"You know of Sanji's background?" Ken asked with a little shock and squinted eyes.

"I have done my own research over the years and had expected him to belong to that family. Many clues led me to think he probably was from that family."

Ken didn't want anything bad to happen to Zeff. In the original story though everything turned out to be fine and Sanji was able to reconcile with his family for a small bit but it could never be forgotten that Zeff was targeted by both Big Mom Pirates and Germa 66.

Ken didn't want any mishap to happen when they reached the New World.

"Will they come to this old man to hold back Sanji?" Zeff asked as he had a general idea of the infamous Vinsmoke family. Over the years he had done his research and whatever little he came to know of Germa 66 actually sounded like ghost stories to him.

"Yes, he is the son of Vinsmoke Judge."

"Oh!! So in a way he is a Prince.... hahaha.. I thought he was joking when he proclaimed that he was a Prince when he was young. Seems like there is a relationship."

"So I hope you can take necessary precautions and leave. On our end we will take down Germa 66 when they appear. But until then I hope you can lay low. Change your name and crew if you don't trust them."

"Hahaha.. Kid, you have given such a big wealth. How can I refuse? But I will only lay low for 5 years and after that I will open the restaurant at this same place. You will have tol take care of them by that time."

"Of course Zeff-san. If we can't even take care of these small problems in the meantime, how can our Captain be the Pirate King."

"Hahaha... I like your confidence, kid."

"Thank you for your understanding Zeff-san." Ken thanked Zeff and left. Sanji packed his bags and utensils required to make food for the crew. And with that Sanji left with Merry Go.

Of course, before he left there was the teary scene of Sanji kneeling down and thanking Zeff for all the help he had provided all these years. And with those last words, they went for their next destination.

Cocoyashi Village. A village in the Conomi Islands.

Luffy and Usopp were jumping in joy for getting themselves a new friend and wanted a banquet. Of course, Sanji being the cook went to make good food for the crew. As everyone sat for the banquet, it was Ken who spoke up.

"Nami, Usopp and Sanji. You have seen how we fight. Do you want to get yourselves a boost?"


"What does that mean?"

"Zoro, you have lived three lives. Explain them."

"Why do I have to explain them? Let me drink in peace."

"Hahaha... No worries... I will explain to them." Luffy was enthusiastic as Ken had finally decided to share his Devil fruit power with others. While biting off a huge chunk of meat, Luffy started explaining the powers of Ken.

It was at that moment, they understood the powers of Ken.

"Ken, you are an immortal!! Holy cow!!"

"It's no wonder he can fly and Luffy knows ninja techniques. Even Zoro's power came from him. This must be one hell of a Devil fruit."

"I have never seen such illustrations of Devil Fruit in the books that I have read." Sanji said as he had once read about devil fruits in the book before.

"Never trust the books. Many of the things were written by the World Government and they can never be trusted."

"Alright, so you want three of us to lead new lives?"

"In the fight against all three of you definitely need help." Ken said.


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