Journey to the One Piece

Transmigration!! Check! Weird System!! Check!! Shake the One Piece World? Not done yet! But definitely on the bucket list of 'must-do' things. Ken, who was transmigrated to the One Piece world became the extra which popped out of nowhere on the door of Curly Dadan one night. Follow the story of how Ken, with the help of knowledge of future events and his system change the One Piece world! Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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And that was not even the strongest point of his power. He sometimes would go to a mode which they called the Adolla Burst mode. This mode allowed Shinra to go into light speed. Under Adolla Grace, Shinra could enter a state of light speed, causing his body to split into subatomic particles in the process. The particles then surpass the speed of light, allowing them to go a few seconds back in time to the point before Shinra's body broke apart. As a result, Shinra's body was re-materialized.

When Ken and others first saw this, they had their eyes on top of their heads. This was the most broken thing they had encountered until now. This was a whole new level. None of them had this kind of weird power.

And Sanji was the first person to get such a character.

"The shitty cook really has good luck."

"I want to be like light!!" Luffy commented.

With that Sanji's character ended. Like other stories Ken had no idea of the story of Fire Force so he couldn't speak about it. After the simulation ended everyone was out of it.


Character completion of subject Nami- 60%

Character completion of subject Usopp- 20%

Character completion of subject Sanji - 30%


After coming out Ken had already got the notification of the characters. Ken didn't expect such high character completion for Nami. Nami had always been a little special. She could accurately predict weather no matter where she was. This was something which was almost never seen before.

Maybe Lafitte was able to do that but that was still to be seen. And once Shirahoshi said that she felt a weird connection with Nami on Fishman Island. If an Ancient Weapon said such words for one person then there was definitely something wrong with Nami.

Also given the fact that her birth was still a mystery and she was washed up and adopted by Belle-mere. Ken really wanted to know more about Nami but there was nothing to start his research on. Maybe his journey would uncover many truths. This gave him a sense of adventure already.

Usopp and Sanji completed the character exactly like he expected. Usopp wasn't exactly high and he would need a whole lot of time to complete his character before he could proceed to the next one. Sanji too might take a lot of time to finish his character.

Hysterical Strength was fine but Adolla Burst wasn't a kid's joke. The more terrifying the power was, the more time it would take. He had understood this on his own case over the years.

"How was the journey?"

"I love magic. Ken, can you give me my wand?" Nami was so happy that it could be seen on her face. Her eyes were all lit up. She could already remember most of her spells and even the Patronus Charm. Ken extracted the wand of Hermione and gave it to her.

Hermione taking the wand shouted

"Expecto Patronum"

When she uttered the spell, a white light burst out of the wand and soon it transformed into an otter which was playing in the air. It looked really cool as the otter juggled some rocks while moving around. Hermione's Patronus was an otter and so was the Patronus of Nami.

"So beautiful..."

"Nami-swan is more beautiful than magic.... " Sanji was on his usual self while appreciating Nami.

Ken then gave the cross of Quincy to Usopp so that he could manage the spirit energy in the hope that at least he could be like Ishida, making bows and archers with the help of spirit energy.

Everyone was still in excitement mode as they discussed among themselves about the boost that they have received. Sanji was already able to fly with his feet blowing off fire. Sanji never thought one day he would be able to fly and move at such a fast speed.

He was already very accustomed with feet techniques and this was just perfect for him.

Usopp tried to actualise a bow but was failing. He looked a little dejected but Luffy spoke of his time when he struggled with standing on water. With the motivation, he continued to try hard.

The most fun a person was having was Nami. She was running around waving her wand and chanting spells all around. Using her wand to clean the room automatically, clean the dishes. She brought her purse and used the extension charm on it, allowing the purse to have more space than it was supposed to have.

She was really laughing in joy. Sanji, seeing Nami so happy, almost fell down from his flying exercise while his eyes turned heart shaped. Luffy enjoyed seeing his crew with happy smiles and so did Ken. With all the excitement a day went by.

The next day they could see the outline of an island. The island which was their destination. But before they could reach the island, they were stopped by a sea cow.

Momoo. The sea cow which was under Hachi and later under that dirty slimy and muddy pirate. Thinking of that face already made Ken angry. Ken didn't know why but Caribou's character was just one of those who he hated.

And apparently he was some kind of a spy. Thus the next time he would see him, Ken would make sure to drown this piece of shit since Caribou loved drowning people so much in his swamp.

Momoo looked at the Straw Hat pirates in a menacing way, thinking that it would crush this ship with its tail. Of course none of this happened as Sanji went forward and kicked the cow with his fiery foot.

Sanji's feet were already very strong. Now with the added fire, the underbelly became half cooked with just one hit. Momoo screamed in pain as it dove down in water in extreme fear. It was good that Sanji's fire didn't kill him or else Ken didn't know how he would respond to Hachi later.

Among the Arlong Pirates only Hachi was the decent one. Others didn't deserve an ounce of respect or dignity from him.

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