78 Severing the relationship of the protagonist and his childhood friend

Eiji looked at Issei with a playful smile.

Aurora and Delta did their job well...

Even with his power, he didn't need subordinates or anything like that to defeat anyone.

But this and that were different.

Having subordinates is also in fact very useful for doing many things.

For example, in this situation. He could harass the protagonist without having to do it with his own hands.

Yesterday, after the matter with Kokabiel, Azazel, and Sirzechs was over. The latter can be explained later, but the point is that at that time everyone left Issei at the scene.

However, to avoid suspicion. He ordered Aurora and Delta secretly to take Issei somewhere and set up this green hat plan.

By having subordinates to do this and that, you don't have to fear being suspected by the heroines.

Irina, and even the other heroines had no idea what he had done to Issei.

Very good.

Seeing Issei's ugly expression.

Eiji was overjoyed. Especially after knowing the protagonist really became a cuck who basically enjoyed the woman he liked doing perverted things with other men.

¶{Host, this kind of thing is your hobby now. Although you could have tortured Issei in a quicker and easier way, you're doing things quite elaborately.}

This woman who pretends to be the system does not understand male romance.

Miss System: "Male romance? You call making someone get a green hat a male romance?!"

"Come on... Don't you also enjoy watching the process of the protagonist getting the green hat?"

¶{... I'm not denying that. However, what are you going to do next?}

What did I do?

Of course make the heroine even more disgusted with the protagonist!

"Huh? I-Issei, why are you here?"

Irina frowned, she was surprised to see her childhood friend also inside this game rental.

Was this just a coincidence, or...

"Irina! You, you... I'm here because..." Issei originally wanted to tell the truth, but wouldn't that be embarrassing?

I saw you and that bastard come into this shop and I even heard what you did with her in VIP room number 11.

If he said that.

He feels like he'll lose face and make himself even greener!

Glancing at Eiji who was smiling at him while holding his childhood friend's slender waist.

Issei clenched his fists with an increasingly ugly expression. However, he was also excited.

{Shit! Shit! Bastard, Eiji, how dare you touch Irina with your dirty hands!}

{You've even defiled her! Ahh! My Irina! And damn, can I stop getting excited seeing Irina so close to that bastard?!}


The heroines were used to hearing the protagonist whine. However, they wondered if Issei had started having strange hobbies?

Irina looked at her childhood friend warily.

The current her hardly cared about how unreasonable Issei was as a protagonist.

However, she was wary because it seemed Issei knew what she had done with Eiji!

He, he, is he...

"Irina, I happen to be playing a game here."

Playing games? Fart!

That doesn't look convincing at all!

Especially judging by the sweaty expression on your face as if you've been working out and your pants that somehow look wet.

Irina looked at her childhood friend with disgust.

How could she like this boy and defend him so much before?

Compared to Issei.

Eiji was more fragrant.


"You bastard! What are you laughing at!"

Issei's face was like a dog that had its tail stepped on.

He felt that all of this... All of this was again that bastard's plan!

He must have deliberately made his subordinates suddenly let go so that he could make them look bad in front of Irina!

Eiji Seiya, why do you always torture me like this!

"Eiji, what's wrong?"

You suddenly laughed, so I'm curious.

Irina asked and thought.

"Irina, you want to know?" Eiji smiled gently at the brown-haired girl, but the corners of his eyes looked at Issei with an evil gaze as if I'm going to tell your disgrace to your childhood friend and see if he likes it?

"No! Eiji, damn it, stop it!"

If his power had not been sealed, Issei would have long ago slammed into the hairy boy with his dragon fist.

Whether it worked or not was a matter for later.

He just wanted to stop that bastard from telling his childhood friend the truth!

However, stupid Issei didn't think his panic would only make his childhood friend look at him even more suspiciously.

"I want to know!" Irina said.

"No! Irina, don't listen to what that bastard says!"

Issei pointed at Eiji, which made Irina even more unhappy.

The brown-haired girl was not happy that someone was pointing at her boyfriend and calling him a bastard.

Even if it was her childhood friend, she wouldn't hold back.


"Ahh! Irina? Why? I'm your childhood friend!"

The protagonist knelt down while holding his stomach.

His tomboyish childhood friend had just punched him in the stomach.

Since he is now almost the same as an ordinary person, he is definitely not as strong as he was when he conspired with Kokabiel and he is actually in pain from receiving fists from his childhood friend who used to be exorcist.

"Hmph! Blame yourself for daring to speak ill of my boyfriend."


Despite already knowing his childhood friend had been tainted by Eiji, he hardly thought about what relationship they were thinking about now.

Issei's heart ached.

Not only Rias, Sona, and Akeno. Even his childhood friend, Irina left him because of that bastard.

Irina nodded indifferently at her childhood friend. No, Issei who was currently looking pale as if he had a mental attack found out she was dating Eiji.

She looked at Eiji with a smile and hugged him tighter in front of Issei who was kneeling in front of them.

[Crazy. I didn't expect Irina to be this cruel to her childhood friend. She even hit the protagonist and gave him a mental attack!]

Irina looked at Eiji a little nervously.

Could it be that he didn't like the cruelty she showed?

On second thought. Didn't most men prefer women who were gentle, sweet, and didn't hit people in front of their boyfriends?

[I like it. Good job Irina! Not only do you last a long time while exercising as you showed earlier. You also know how to make my enemies not feel good.]

Heard this.

Irina blushed.

She could not help but remember what they did before. Due to her physical fitness as a former exorcist, she managed to endure exercising in various poses for almost 4 hours.

She was also glad that instead of disliking the violence she inflicted on Issei. Eiji actually liked it.

Eiji whispered something in the brown-haired girl's ear.

The brown-haired girl widened her eyes and looked at Issei with great disgust.

Issei was dumbfounded to see that his childhood friend seemed to have learned something from that bastard.

{It's over! Irina must have known that I had followed her and Eiji before entering this shop. Also, Irina probably already knows that I secretly eavesdropped on what she was doing with that bastard inside VIP room number 11}

{But what could I do?! Before *****! Even so, I was excited to hear the sound of Irina's moans and unknowingly I had been eavesdropping for almost 4 hours}.

{That bastard. How can he last for so many hours? Damn, I'm jealous!}



Eiji closed his mouth, his lips trembling with laughter.

Honestly what he whispered to Irina was something like he suspected Issei was stalking her and followed her all the way here.

He simply did not tell the girl that he knew Issei had been eavesdropping on them having sex for hours.

If he told Irina this. Wouldn't that make her wonder why he didn't tell her about Issei's existence and continued to have sex with her?

He might even suspect that he was deliberately making Issei be there which made the girl feel a little uncomfortable.

After all, not everyone likes knowing someone is eavesdropping on them during sex.

'By the way what was that Miss System? You censored something from Issei's inner voice.'

¶{If Issei is babbling about your two subordinates tying him up in front of the door of the room you're exercising in with Irina. Wouldn't that be a bit bad?}

'I must say that you are very clever Miss System! I almost even forgot this detail.'

Eiji could hear the sound of a woman's laughter in his head as he praised Miss System.

Well the woman seemed to be pleased.

"Issei. Although I already knew you were very perverted when you attacked us yesterday. I didn't expect you to be so perverted to this point."

Irina stared at Issei who was kneeling in front of her as if he was trash.

She was really disappointed with her childhood friend who had now become like this.

Aren't you the protagonist?

Looking at your actions so far. I feel like the author is a Cerebral Palsy sufferer for making such a perverted person the protagonist of his book.

She knew it was a harem franchise.

But can't the author create a protagonist that at least looks good?

Pervert is fine, but you also have to be good at hiding it and only doing it at the right moments so that womans don't get disgusted or feel harassed.

To eavesdrop on her while having sex with Eiji for hours outdoors. Even felt excited listening to her moans as she did it with Eiji.

Irina's face was red with shame and anger. She even clenched her slender fists that could easily kill a chicken.

"I-Irina? Let me explain, I..."

The protagonist wanted to give his childhood friend an explanation, but the girl did not give him a chance.

A palm that moved like a shadow floated to his face.


It was so hard that it sent Issei flying backwards while spinning beautifully in the air.

"Issei. From today on, don't ever think of me as your childhood friend again! I will also do the same to you and from now on we have no relationship whatsoever!"

"So, don't come near me again! I don't want my boyfriend, Eiji to misunderstand because of you."

"Eiji. No, Eiji-sama~! Let's go. Leave this guy."

Issei saw his childhood friend hugging Eiji's arm, even called the man as if he were her master and giving him a gentle smile.

That man, Eiji, that bastard nodded and silently gave him a smile. It was a mocking smile as his hands wrapped around his childhood friend's slender waist and he could see the girl blushing.

Watching their backs grow farther apart and disappear.

The protagonist that his childhood friend left behind touched his right cheek which was very sore.


If Issei looked at the mirror now, he would see that his face had a slap mark and it looked swollen like a pig.

But putting that aside, his eyes were flushed.

"Ahhhhhh!!! Irina? Why, you trust that bastard more than your own childhood friend?!"

"You don't know Eiji Seiya's true face! If you knew... Ahh! Ahh! Remembering that man's mocking smile, I really want to kill him!"

"The humiliation of today and before! I, Issei Hyudou will definitely avenge it one day!"

"Rias, Sona, Akeno, and Irina. You're all bitches!"

"Eiji, you bastard!"

"You're worse than those universe people!!"

Issei roared loudly.

The people on the fourth floor who were playing games were disturbed.

"Just wait. After my strength returns and I grow as strong as my previous life."

"I will take revenge!!!"

"I will--"

Before he could finish his sentence, two store security guards hit him with iron batons.

"What are you guys doing?!"

"Shut up! You're very noisy and disturbing the customers."

"Please come with us and get out of this shop."


Issei felt humiliated for who knows how many times today. He certainly couldn't fight the power of those two muscular security guards unless his power could be used.

Unfortunately, no.

Eiji was crazy.

Even after he left. I feel like he keeps bullying me.

When the protagonist was dragged away by two security guards.

The armor plot or anything related to the protagonist is so stupid.

At this time, there was a reincarnated devil figure who had actually seen everything that Issei had experienced.

At least after Eiji and Irina left the room and saw Issei.

He was watching what was happening there.

"It's time to return to the underworld. I must report this to Sirzechs-sama."




Time flies, time flies.

A blonde girl in black clothes was seen floating down, landing on a pole and observing the scenery on the planet called earth.

If Eiji saw this girl. Instead of being surprised, he would be excited.

"This planet is so peaceful."

"It's more peaceful than all the planets I've been to."

"So my target this time is here?"

The blonde girl observed the people called humans passing by on the street.

With her abilities, she could sense that all those people were much weaker than the people on other planets.

There seemed to be a reason why this planet called Earth was so peaceful.

It must be because the people living here are so weak, right?

There was no contempt or anything on her face even though she thought that.

Her face was just expressionless.

"It looks like my target this time will be very easy."

That was all she said before her body flickered and disappeared from the top of the pole.

On the other side.

At Eiji's house.

Eiji was sitting opposite Zastin who gave him a thick envelope.

"Zastin, what is this?"

"Eiji-sama, it's Lala's allowance for this month."

Zastin respectfully handed over his monthly salary after working on Earth to Lala's fiancé.

After observing the princess' fiancé so far.

He began to develop respect for humans as powerful as Eiji.

He had even seen that Eiji treated the princess very well.

Although he had many women. But polygamy or harems were normal for men who had strong power or status.

On the planet Deviluke it was like that.

And there was no problem as long as the princess did not mind her various fiancés with other women.

So far, he saw that the princess even had a good relationship with those women.

So it seemed to be fine.


Eiji looked at Zastin who was now wearing construction worker clothes and a thick envelope that seemed to contain several hundred yen in confusion.

I didn't expect that this supporting character could make me confused.

"Zastin. Actually, you don't need to give Lala a monthly allowance. I'm not short of money, I can take care of Lala's needs."

"No! Eiji-sama, you are not married to Lala-sama yet. So it's a bit unkind if you pay for Lala-sama's every need. Please take the money."


"Eiji-sama, please take the money."


This man is so stubborn!

He looked at his pink-haired fiancée and called out to her.

"Lala! Zastin gave you this month's allowance!"

At first I thought the girl would be a little reluctant, but she took the thick envelope filled with money and smiled at Zastin.

"Thank you Zastin!!"

"Yes Lala-sama!! If you're short of money, don't hesitate to contact me! Your father also ordered me for this!"

"Un! I'll do it!"

"Then. That's all. Lala-sama, Eiji-sama, I'm leaving now and won't disturb your time anymore. I still have to go to work."

The two saw Zastin who had a yellow hat on his head leave.

"That man seems to be working hard in the construction area around here." Eiji said.

 "Un, Zastin is hardworking!" His pink-haired fiancée nodded.

"That man is also very loyal to your father."

"Un, Zastin is very loyal to Otou-sama!"

"So why doesn't your father give him a large sum of money or anything that can make it easier for him on earth while watching over you, Lala? With his status, wouldn't it be easy for your father to do so?"

Lala tilted her head in confusion. "Eh~ I don't know. Although Zastin could have asked Otou-sama on every mission. I remember he always rushed into the mission before Otou-sama gave him anything."

Hearing this, Eiji nodded.

I have to say that the people in this franchise are indeed a bit silly. But apart from that, many of the people are good.

Even the villains in this franchise will always end up being ridiculous every time they face Rito in the original work who actually has no self-defense ability other than his perverted luck.

"Eiji~! What are we having for lunch today?"

Someone was hungry. But looking at the time, it was indeed time for lunch.

"Let's take a look. Aren't there plenty of groceries in the fridge?"

"Eiji-san, there are only a few leeks and carrots left in the fridge. It's time to restock."

Asia. The girl came with a grocery basket in her hand.

She seemed to be preparing to go to the market.

He looked around to see what the other girls living in his house were doing.

"If you're looking for Kuroka, she said she was going somewhere to train her little sister."

"So that's it. What about Irina and Xenovia? Oh, I know where they are."

Putting aside Irina who had become his woman, but still wanted to be his sword. He had given that girl and Xenovia a small mission with the other girls in his organization to expand the organization's reach by recruiting more worthy people on the condition that all of them must be female.

What about men? Other than him, there was no way she would include other men in his organization.

Some of the shadows had also been told to build their own companies.

However, the main goal was to obtain information about the protagonists in this world.

He had even given all his knowledge about the characteristics of protagonists. For example, people who look ordinary, but are somehow favored by women whose beauty is above average.

There were also people who liked to pretend to be weak, but were actually strong but liked to be so humble; until a beautiful woman needed his help and that person would explode with a power that could slap away the woman's threats.

Someone who is a genius, but wants to be normal and pretends to be stupid until the situation calls for him to show off.

A person, for example a teenager suddenly becomes rich by writing novels, making manga, movies, or other things that make him rich quickly.

And etc.

There are many examples, he's just too lazy to think about it anymore.

"Asia, just let me go shopping for today."

The blonde girl looked a little confused, but she nodded. She held out her shopping bag.

Eiji smiled. "No need. I'll bring car."

[Do I need to bring a woman's grocery bag to go shopping? Asia, honey, that's a bit embarrassing.]

"O-oh... Then be careful on the road, Eiji-san."

The girl blushed, but there was a smile on her face at being called "honey".

"Eiji, Eiji, I want to come~!"

His pink-haired fiancé was as excited as ever.

He looked at the clock and saw that it was half past 12 noon.

"Are you sure you want to come? The anime with the herbivorous protagonist you're following usually airs at this hour."

"Ahh! You're right, I can't miss it! Eiji, sorry I'm not coming."

Lala immediately turned on the TV and Peke immediately gave the girl a snack.

The two have very good relationship.

Should I have a robot companion for myself?

Well... If it's for that kind of thing, I have many beautiful subordinates.


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