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What is Inner Voice: All Heroines Hear My Inner Voice

Read ‘Inner Voice: All Heroines Hear My Inner Voice’ Online for Free, written by the author DogLickerGods, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Reincarnated and traveling to another world, Eiji Seiya initially thought the world was normal. That was what he thought...


Reincarnated and traveling to another world, Eiji Seiya initially thought the world was normal. That was what he thought before he met the heroine and protagonist of the franchise he had watched in his previous life. Not only that, after he awakened the Inner Voice System to grow strong by complaining about plot, heroine and protagonist in his heart to get many rewards. He is determined to increase his power so that he can save his home world, the world where he was reincarnated that was hit by the disaster "Honkai" and save beautiful girls like Kiana, Mai, Bronya, Rita and others who had tragic endings in the original works! "I will save them all!" However... Everything went smoothly... Eiji earned rewards every time he changed the plot in another franchise. It's just that... What's wrong with these heroines? Lala Satalin Deviluke who was supposed to be engaged to the protagonist instead became his fiancée. Sona Sitri suddenly called him to the student council office and said she wanted to make a deal with him. Rias Gremory who was supposed to ask the protagonist for help to solve her political marriage problem with Riser Phenex inexplicably came to him. The girls were disgusted at the protagonists of their respective franchises. Something was wrong here! Not only that, heroines like Kotegawa Yui, Sairenji Haruna, Akeno Himejima, Kuroka, Serafall Leviathan, Grayfia Lucifuge, Sakurajima Mai, Ai Hoshino, Kasumigaoka Utaha and others... They like him! All the super beautiful and sexy women that many men in the world covet surround him and leave their respective protagonists. Grayfia even betrayed her husband. Eiji who saw all this was dumbfounded. At first he was confused as to why these heroines were surrounding him, but gradually he realized and knew that it was all happening because ... His inner voice! - Genre Details: [Not too serious + Harem + Comedy + No yuri + No netorare + MC is manipulative + MC slaps protagonist + Plot focus on heroine + Not waste so many chapters for unimportant characters except 1/2 chapter + Except Protagonist, MC doesn't waste his time so long with other guys + MC has fiance + MC has many girlfriends + MC is not perfect, sometimes moron + MC is sadistic + MC is not herbivorous + MC is ambitious to get pretty girl. Cough, I mean reward from his system and be strong + MC is possessive, there is no way he would let his girl dance with another guy + MC has an organization and beautiful subordinates + MC sometimes takes a break, he stops being manipulative although he will do it again in the next few chapters as it is hard to restrain himself + MC has a fetish of making his girls drink a lot of his milk until their stomachs bulge + Author sometimes has brain problems where his brain circuits decline in a few chapters due to lack of sugar before exploding again after refilling and making readers eagerly await the next chapter + Author updates every day unless he is sick or has problems in his life which is sad] - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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Let me summarize. This book leans more towards comedy and harems that are not too serious and not toxic. The MC can make his inner voice heard by the heroines and that unknowingly makes the heroines disgusted with the protagonists of their respective franchises and gradually favor the MC over the protagonists. And tadaa! MC gets a harem, cough. Sure there's action and ecchi here and there and please familiarize yourself with my unique writing style that might make you complain because my English is not so good.


It was good at the start, but mc became worse than the protagonist at the middle of the story. He think he is a mastermind but the truth is mc just a man child grey stu and all the heroine is really stupid AF


It's good but I really hope this doesn't get dropped or anything.


I honestly liked the idea of ​​the story, but there are SO MUCH side character interactions that after 30 chapters I was sick of it. I wanted to give this 5 stars, but there are several things I didn't like even though I enjoyed reading the first half of the fanfic, a conscious system, I really hate them, they're like having a person standing in the middle of the movie screen while commenting out loud about the movie, it's really disgusting and annoying, Besides, the system is a loli, which is even worse, a Loli is literally a little-year-old girl, which is terribly illegal. The previous point bothered me a lot but there were also other things, for example the terribly slow pace and the forced plots, accompanied by the MC breaking the 4th wall to justify that the author is forcing the plot (when he fought the 2 beastmen, it was terribly obvious)I really don't know if it improves later but honestly I don't have the desire or strength to continue reading this. Giving the MC convenient abilities is also forced plot, just wanted to mention it


Oh, joy, another riveting critique from the connoisseur of mindless female leads! Because nothing says romance like falling in love as magically as your fanfics rely on inner voices. It's practically Shakespearean, if Shakespeare wrote about fanfiction. Your second fanfic was the shining star, with a dress-up darling leading the way, and then, you dropped it, Just like your mom dropped you when you were kid. Bravo! Your fanfics are like a thrilling rollercoaster of boredom, except for that one gem. Keep up the lazy work, and maybe, just maybe, consider injecting a dose of originality into your inner voice-infested tales.


It's not a bad fanfic, but it gets tiring how repetitive and predictable it becomes with each passing chapter.


Author, you are repeating the same idea in multiple novels. I believe it would be more effective to focus on one novel at a time until it is finished, before moving on to the next one.


Writing Quality .......... 3 Updating Stability ..... 4 Story Development ...1 Character Design ......1 world background ..... 4 Overall Rate ........... 2.6


Pretty mid asf


I will keep my word. Someone who hates yuri in harem is definitely isn't my enemy. So I don't feel like to be harsh.But ya know. After mindset of mc got changed in chapter 103,im not gonna praise him.Let me explain his shift by a simple dialogs.-Look we have such a great girls around, why don't you seal the deal with them so we can see more of our beloved wifus?- don't have time, we have protagonist to cuck!-fair enough.That's how routine goes before 103 chapters.After?-so why do we waist so much time without doing anything? why don't you go and at least take girls that was already one step before Conquering?- I play hard to get and I don't need more girls, though I still waist time but I wouldn't do anything to them! isn't I am cool?!😐😐😐YES, HE BECAME HYPOCRITICAL HERBIVOUR PROTAGONIST HIMSELF.At least those ntr scenes was fun. but author dislike to write lewds and even that got taken from us.And now that's just a simple comedy novel... Very interesting, thank you....sigh.


I'm sorry to say this but below 0 IQ protagonist is really boring and frustrating yet story was good till some point and after that just boring and main reason everybody reads this one is reactions of heroines and protagonist bashing. MC is dumb enough to not guess anything even though he has knowledge about anime and fantasy troupes anyway I just stated truth of matter not hate the book itself.


Not really my style, but you might like it. I felt like I lost a few brain cells with each chapter I read, but hey, it's popular for a reason, right?


It's good, I like it but it's a little frustrating that 167 chapters have passed and honkai hasn't been mentioned (and if they mentioned it I didn't see it), as I said it's a very good fic, but if you're looking for honkai content, you won't find it here to find out much later because of how the story seems to go


DogLicker. Please don't be slothful. If you keep making the same fanfiction again it would make us less interested with your works. Also update your other fanfictions already.


A good story featuring manipulate MC, downgrade protagonist from original work and become more like a villain. Also it will be a long time until "Classroom of the Elite" get into the story.


Title: A Unique Concept with Room for Improvement - "Inner Voice: All Heroines, Hear My Inner Voice" "Inner Voice: All Heroines, Hear My Inner Voice" is a web novel that dares to explore the inner thoughts and emotions of fictional heroines from various genres. It's a unique and ambitious concept that caught my attention, offering a fresh perspective on familiar tropes. While the story has its merits, there are areas where it could benefit from improvement. In this review, I will provide a balanced assessment of the novel, highlighting both its strengths and areas for growth. The premise of "Inner Voice" is undoubtedly one of its most intriguing aspects. The idea of delving into the inner thoughts and feelings of heroines, often relegated to the background in their respective stories, is a fresh and creative concept. It provides an opportunity to explore character depth, motivations, and personal growth from a unique angle. This fresh perspective has the potential to captivate readers who appreciate a deeper understanding of their favorite heroines. One of the strong suits of the novel is its character-driven narrative. Each chapter focuses on a different heroine and her inner thoughts, allowing readers to gain insights into their experiences and emotions. This approach creates an intimate connection between the reader and the characters, fostering empathy and a deeper appreciation for their journeys. Furthermore, the writing style in "Inner Voice" is clear and accessible. The author effectively conveys the inner monologues and emotions of the heroines, making it easy for readers to immerse themselves in their perspectives. The prose is straightforward and free of unnecessary verbosity, contributing to a smooth reading experience. The accessibility of the novel on the webnovel.com platform is another positive aspect. The user-friendly interface makes it convenient to read and follow updates. Additionally, the ability to engage with other readers through comments and reviews fosters a sense of community among fans of the novel, allowing for discussions and sharing of thoughts and interpretations. However, there are areas where "Inner Voice" could benefit from improvement. One notable aspect is the depth of character exploration. While the novel delves into the inner thoughts and feelings of the heroines, there is room for more substantial character development. It would be compelling to see these heroines grow and evolve not only in their understanding of themselves but also in their interactions with the worlds they inhabit. Another aspect that could be enhanced is the overall narrative structure. At times, the transitions between chapters and heroines can feel abrupt, leaving the reader yearning for more continuity. A more cohesive narrative thread that weaves the different heroines' stories together or explores overarching themes could provide a more satisfying reading experience. The choice of heroines and genres is diverse, offering a wide range of perspectives and experiences. However, some heroines and genres receive more attention than others. To create a more balanced narrative, it would be beneficial to ensure that each heroine's story is given equal depth and consideration. This would prevent certain heroines from feeling overshadowed or underdeveloped. Additionally, the novel could benefit from further world-building and context for readers who may not be familiar with the source material of the heroines' stories. Providing background information about the worlds and settings in which these heroines exist would enhance the reader's understanding and immersion in the narrative. Moreover, while the concept of exploring the inner thoughts of heroines is intriguing, it would be valuable to also delve into their actions and decisions. How do their internal reflections influence their choices and impact the outcomes of their stories? Examining the interplay between inner thoughts and external actions could add depth to the narrative. The pacing of the novel varies between chapters, which is expected given the diversity of heroines and genres. However, maintaining a consistent pacing and narrative flow throughout the novel could improve the overall reading experience. Ensuring that each chapter contributes meaningfully to the overarching narrative would help maintain reader engagement. Despite these areas for improvement, "Inner Voice: All Heroines, Hear My Inner Voice" has the potential to be a captivating exploration of the inner worlds of beloved heroines. The concept is unique and offers a fresh perspective on familiar stories. With further character development, a cohesive narrative structure, and attention to balancing the treatment of different heroines and genres, the novel could reach its full potential and offer a more satisfying reading experience. In conclusion, "Inner Voice" is a novel with a promising concept that invites readers to delve into the inner thoughts and emotions of heroines. While it has its strengths in character-driven storytelling and accessible prose, there are areas where it could benefit from improvement, including deeper character development, a more cohesive narrative structure, and balanced attention to different heroines and genres. With thoughtful revisions and continued exploration of its unique concept, "Inner Voice" has the potential to become a compelling and engaging read for fans of character-driven narratives and diverse perspectives.


why does this dude seem like a manchild who only knows how to complain.


All author fanfics are good, but it's quite strange and frustrating for me that he writes the stories in the same genre, with very similar protagonists and story development then drops every single work just to go to write again something similar to previous stories.


Author your name is too similar to mine


i love it, i like this kind of novel when there's a protagonist vs villain and op mc


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