108 Mai who wants to be persuaded, and Eiji who...

"Mai, how are you?"

"Oh? Someone finally remembered one of her girlfriends?"

"Of course, how could I not remember."

"Aren't you embarrassed to say that?"

"Not really."

"You... Hah! I forgot my boyfriend has a very thick face. He's not ashamed to say he remembers one of his girlfriends when he's always busy with other girls!"

Hearing the girl's dissatisfied tone.

Eiji smiled wryly, he sat next to Mai whom he hadn't seen in a long time.

The two of them sat on a long wooden chair beside the school field. Other than them, most students were busy participating in sports competitions.

The Sports Festival had started half an hour ago, the students naturally chose what sports competition they wanted to participate in. Not all students will participate in the soccer competition, not all students will participate in the volleyball competition, there are quite a lot of sports held in this event. Each student is naturally divided and chooses what sport they are best at to represent the class or compete with their own classmates.

While Lala and the others were busy competing in their chosen sports, she wandered around the school and happened to see Mai wearing a white and red sports uniform sitting alone on a chair watching the students competing in the sports competition.

Seeing one of his girlfriends sitting alone, he naturally couldn't ignore her and took the initiative to sit beside her.

The girl was initially surprised to see him, but she soon folded her arms and grunted as if to indicate that she wanted to be persuaded.

Even so Eiji remembered something and said. "But Mai... Didn't you just come back today? When you were busy with your work out of town for a few days ago we used to exchange messages every night."

"So technically I didn't ignore you, right? You were busy with work yourself and no sooner had you returned to school than I came to see you."

Mai looked at Eiji who replied to her words instead of persuading her.

This man....

What he said was true, but knowing while she was busy working outside her boyfriend was busy with other girls from his inner voice.

As a woman, I feel a little dissatisfied!

I want my boyfriend to persuade me!

So she snorted. "Can't you coax me like a good boyfriend?"

"...." Eiji's lips twitched.

[This woman is unreasonable. When we exchanged messages last night, we were fine, why now are you suddenly angry and want me to persuade you? This is rather unfair for a man!]

Mai rolled her eyes.

Not fair, not fair. I've given you the green light for a harem and you feel unfair just because I asked you to persuade me? A man.

You really are a man!

Seeing Mai's gaze turn cold, Eiji knew he really had to persuade the woman. He thought for a moment before saying. "Mai, how about staying at my house tonight?"

"I asked you to persuade me, not invite me to your lair! Do you think I'm stupid? You just want to eat me! You wolf!"

Mai blushed slightly, she failed to maintain her angry expression, pinched the boy's waist and sighed.

Why did she become this boy's girlfriend? Oh right, it started from the other party who helped cure her strange illness with his perverted treatment.

Although initially she felt that the boy could have used other methods to cure her and deliberately used that perverted method to take advantage of her.

In the end she agrees to the boy doing perverted things to her, and she even agrees to be his girlfriend!

Even so, she doesn't know if it's for the grace of curing her illness, she's already fallen for the boy and is even willing to share him with other women!

Sometimes when thinking about these things, Mai wondered if she was stupid? But after searching for the answer on the internet, she found out from an article that 7 out of 10 women will become stupid when they fall in love.

Mai wanted to argue with the person who wrote that article, whoever wrote it, are you even a woman who has a lot of love experience? Pretty sure that person just wrote that article to pretend to be cool and seek attention on the internet.

And it worked, oddly enough it became the top article on the topic.

But putting that aside, she looked at Eiji whose waist she was pinching but the other party was not screaming in pain at all.

"Why aren't you screaming?"

"Should I? Your pinch doesn't even tickle me at all, Mai."

[With my physical power, it's impossible for Mai to hurt me with just her pinch.]

[By the way where is the protagonist Sakuta? I haven't seen him in a long time. As a transmigrator protagonist, did you really give up chasing after your main heroine after being hit by a mental attack once?]

During this time Mai actually almost forgot her boyfriend wasn't an ordinary person. She remembered Eiji was supposed to be a time traveler from another world with a superpower that she herself didn't know how strong it was. After all when in front of her, the boy had never shown his powers other than his massage ability that was able to cure her illness.

She unconsciously forgot that the boy had superpowers that she herself could not imagine.

But speaking of protagonists.

Mai remembers the boy named Sakuta who was following her into the library, she remembers that the boy also fainted after seeing her and Eiji doing...

Mai's face flushed when she thought of the things they did back then, unconsciously she pinched Eiji harder.

"Hey! Hey! Mai! Why are you pinching me harder?!"

"Hmph! Aren't you very strong? So it doesn't matter if I don't hold back."

"Mai... There's a difference between pinching a boyfriend and committing domestic violence."

"Bah bah! What domestic violence? You think I'm your wife?"

"In the future, yes."

"You're shameless!"

The two of them were fighting like a couple and with such loud voices. How could the students around not glance at them?

The students who knew Mai Sakurajima at school were shocked, especially Mai's classmates.

Why not? At school, Mai usually kept to herself.

It wasn't that they ostracized her, but they were the ones who lacked the confidence to approach and try to be friends with Mai after learning of her identity as a famous artist/model. Many male students were of course attracted to Mai's beauty, many of them even had crushes on her, but they didn't dare do anything to the girl let alone approach her.

It was because Mai always had a cold expression and there was an air around her that made it difficult to approach. The girls at school also didn't dare approach Mai unless it had to do with schoolwork and the girl herself never took the initiative to befriend them.

But what did they see now? Now they saw the usually cold and rejecting Mai blushing and smiling as she pinched the silver-haired boy sitting next to her.

Either way, the two looked like a couple who were busy flirting with each other!

And that boy, isn't he Eiji Seiya? The second year student who is famous for having a lot of flowers around him?

"No way... Even an artist like Sakurajima-san also fell into that boy's hands?"

"Why is this world so unfair!"

"According to rumors, Eiji Seiya is rumored to be close to third-year Rias Gremory as well! They are rumored to have a relationship with each other! But what do I see now? That boy stepped on more than one boat!"

"Hey did you forget our student council president? He's also rumored to have a relationship with Sona Kaichou!"

"There's also his fiancée named Lala. There are also other beautiful girls in his class... Damn this boy almost monopolized all the top beauties in our school!"

"Isn't he a bastard? He does it blatantly... But none of the girls dumped him."

The male students from various classes who happened to see Eiji and Mai flirting with each other were babbling enviously.

Some of them had certainly done something like telling the girls around Eiji that Eiji was a bastard, he stepped on many boats.

But the result? None of the girls like Lala, Yui, Rias, Asia, Run, and the others heard them.

Some of them even admitted that they knew Eiji stepped on many boats and didn't mind at all!

Is there anything so good in this world?

Is the boy named Eiji Seiya the harem protagonist of an anime or manga?

If Eiji knew what those people were thinking he would not argue.

Although he was not originally the protagonist, he was arguably the harem protagonist in this world after replacing the protagonist Issei. So what those people said wasn't completely wrong.


After chatting a bit with Mai and he managed to persuade her using his inner voice.

Under the operation of his inner voice, the girl stopped being angry and they ended up flirting with each other.

Unfortunately, Mai couldn't continue chatting with him because she had a sports competition she had to participate in; she was running a relay race.

Lala, Asia, Run and her other girls were also there except Sona who didn't participate because she was the student council president who was the coordinator of this event.

As for him? Eiji was walking around the school while the other students were busy watching and participating in the Sports Festival. Actually not all students were required to participate in today's event, as long as the class already had their own representatives in each sports competition, it was fine not to participate in the event.

Eiji originally planned to participate in the sports competition, but when he saw Rito who looked at him with a fiery gaze and full of fighting spirit like a shounen protagonist.

He changed his mind.

It wasn't that he was afraid of Rito who had now changed, it was just that he wasn't interested in dealing with a protagonist who had given up on his heroine.

It had been more than a month since he had attended Kuoh Gakuen.

Eiji thought now was a good opportunity to see every corner of the school because it was actually more extensive than the original work.

He was just curious of course, and somehow he felt drawn walking towards the stairs in the third year student building.


Miss System suddenly laughed.

"Why are you suddenly laughing?"

¶{No, it's nothing. Host, continue~}

From the woman's tone, Eiji was clearly in disbelief, he was suspicious, but didn't know what was wrong. He didn't bother using his "Future Sight", after all he was just walking around in his own school.

What bad thing could happen? If there was danger approaching him, he definitely wouldn't be too late to react.

However, as he climbed the stairs, he did not sense any danger.

It was just a girl coming down the stairs with a pile of papers in her hands.

Although Eiji could avoid colliding with the girl, but...


The two collided.

The papers in the girl's hand came off and scattered on the staircase floor.

"Ah sorry, I accidentally bumped into you. Senpai, I'll help you clean up these papers." Eiji said and he immediately squatted down to pick up the papers scattered on the floor.

"No, you don't actually need to..." The girl was originally a little upset that someone bumped into her as she was coming down the stairs, but hearing the other party apologize, she sighed and let him help her.

While picking up the papers, Eiji saw that the girl also squatted down to pick up the papers scattered on the floor.

The girl had long black hair, milky white skin, and red eyes. She also had a slender and voluptuous figure for a high school girl.

Eiji now understood why Miss System suddenly laughed.

The woman was laughing because he was about to accidentally meet heroine! And it was still a heroine from another franchise that he was meeting for the first time.

Damn it.

Although he said he would not provoke the heroine, the heroine herself suddenly approached him and he as a man did not refuse to bump into the other party "accidentally".

It would be a lie if he said he wasn't interested in seeing the heroine in front of him, especially when he knew which franchise she was from. But he's not doing this to hunt down the protagonist corner by seducing the heroine in front of him, okay? Now his hands were quite full with the girls in his harem.

He's doing this just to influence the plot and get rewards.

The rest depends on the other party.

"Here you go, Senpai."

Eiji stood up and handed the papers he had collected to the girl.

The girl had also finished collecting the rest and received the papers in her arms. She looked at him, somehow stunned for a moment before saying. "Thank you junior. By the way how did you know I was your senior?"

"I just guessed it. You're in the third-year student building after all."

"What about you, what year student are you?" The girl somehow took the initiative to chat more with him and seemed a little interested in getting to know him.

Eiji sighed which made the girl look a little surprised. Why not? She was one of the prettiest girls in the third year, many guys would definitely be excited when she took the initiative to chat like this.

But this silver-haired boy? He seemed to find her troublesome.

This was the first time she had seen a boy who was not excited after seeing her appearance.

She was a little surprised and at the same time began to doubt her own appearance.

At this moment, familiar voice suddenly heard in his head.

[I've already helped you, so can I leave right away? I don't want to get involved with a heroine who licks protagonists like you.]

[In the original work, I know this beautiful girl whose appearance is not inferior to that of a model is actually entangled with the herbivore protagonist and three other heroines.]

[She secretly likes the protagonist and agrees to join a group that aims to make a game even though it interferes with her own career as a novelist... I forget the name of their group, but this girl competes with other heroines to get the dense protagonist who doesn't realize that the girls in his group like him.]

[Basically it's a romcom anime with a Japanese beta protagonist and a heroine that I don't know why they're so crazy about the mediocre protagonist.]

[I don't know whether or not the protagonist intentionally made his relationship with the heroines around him ambiguous. Even after the girl in front of me took the initiative to give the protagonist her first kiss, guess what the protagonist did?]

[If I'm not mistaken his name is Aki Tomoya, he was in a daze after receiving the kiss and the next day he pretended that nothing happened while occupying himself again with game creation.]

[And what is the girl in front of me doing? She's still helping the protagonist create the game with the other girls!]

[You didn't even clearly ask the protagonist if he likes you or not.]

[You kept licking the protagonist until one day, in the anime ending, the protagonist chose the most inconspicuous girl in the group as his girlfriend!]

[You, Kasumigaoka Utaha, are a dog who lost to another female dog after licking protagonist for almost a year.]

[That's sad. It would be fine if you hadn't lost anything to the protagonist yet, but in the anime, other than the first kiss, I remember one night you stayed with the protagonist at a hotel and...]

[In the end, you still lost.]

[This heroine is too crazy about the protagonist, she's so desperate and has brain problems... It's better not to get too close to her.]


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