Inner Voice: All Heroines Hear My Inner Voice

Reincarnated and traveling to another world, Eiji Seiya initially thought the world was normal. That was what he thought before he met the heroine and protagonist of the franchise he had watched in his previous life. Not only that, after he awakened the Inner Voice System to grow strong by complaining about plot, heroine and protagonist in his heart to get many rewards. He is determined to increase his power so that he can save his home world, the world where he was reincarnated that was hit by the disaster "Honkai" and save beautiful girls like Kiana, Mai, Bronya, Rita and others who had tragic endings in the original works! "I will save them all!" However... Everything went smoothly... Eiji earned rewards every time he changed the plot in another franchise. It's just that... What's wrong with these heroines? Lala Satalin Deviluke who was supposed to be engaged to the protagonist instead became his fiancée. Sona Sitri suddenly called him to the student council office and said she wanted to make a deal with him. Rias Gremory who was supposed to ask the protagonist for help to solve her political marriage problem with Riser Phenex inexplicably came to him. The girls were disgusted at the protagonists of their respective franchises. Something was wrong here! Not only that, heroines like Kotegawa Yui, Sairenji Haruna, Akeno Himejima, Kuroka, Serafall Leviathan, Grayfia Lucifuge, Sakurajima Mai, Ai Hoshino, Kasumigaoka Utaha and others... They like him! All the super beautiful and sexy women that many men in the world covet surround him and leave their respective protagonists. Grayfia even betrayed her husband. Eiji who saw all this was dumbfounded. At first he was confused as to why these heroines were surrounding him, but gradually he realized and knew that it was all happening because ... His inner voice! - Genre Details: [Not too serious + Harem + Comedy + No yuri + No netorare + MC is manipulative + MC slaps protagonist + Plot focus on heroine + Not waste so many chapters for unimportant characters except 1/2 chapter + Except Protagonist, MC doesn't waste his time so long with other guys + MC has fiance + MC has many girlfriends + MC is not perfect, sometimes moron + MC is sadistic + MC is not herbivorous + MC is ambitious to get pretty girl. Cough, I mean reward from his system and be strong + MC is possessive, there is no way he would let his girl dance with another guy + MC has an organization and beautiful subordinates + MC sometimes takes a break, he stops being manipulative although he will do it again in the next few chapters as it is hard to restrain himself + MC has a fetish of making his girls drink a lot of his milk until their stomachs bulge + Author sometimes has brain problems where his brain circuits decline in a few chapters due to lack of sugar before exploding again after refilling and making readers eagerly await the next chapter + Author updates every day unless he is sick or has problems in his life which is sad] - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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Lala is so cute!!!

Zerato, the monster army, and the land. Even the small dimension that replicated the city called Lada was destroyed. There was a gaping dimensional rift below Akeno who was currently flying in the sky.

Needless to say, everything in her attack range area was wiped out.

The remaining seven Demon generals shuddered when they saw this scene.

What the hell? Even Wilbert and Chaos were not this powerful!

Before carrying out this ambush, they must have investigated the information of Eiji's group from their fight against Chaos. At least from what people said because at that time the surveillance devices in the city were also chaotic. They only measured the power of Eiji and the others at the level of being able to defeat Chaos and that means a little stronger than Chaos.

If it was Chaos, the Eight Demon Generals were sure they could defeat it too. If they gather together of course. According to the information, Eiji who has not moved so far is also stronger than the others.

But they were too arrogant, something Sheila also said in the background.

"Zerato is dead..."

"Is it too late to surrender?"

The other two Demon generals said that, and the others had ugly expressions.

After Akeno showed off, she immediately returned to the location of Eiji and the others. She hugged one of Eiji's arms sweetly and pressed her large breasts against the boy's arm. Her appearance contrasted with the sadistic girl before.

"Eiji~ what about it?"

Eiji looked at Akeno who was previously so sadistic to shock people with more than one billion volts of electricity. According to Miss System, the attack Akeno had unleashed earlier actually reached 5.2 billion volts. In the original work, Akeno had also managed to develop a similar technique, but the previous Holy Lightning Dragon was clearly much more powerful as it was able to create a dimensional rift. It was not because of how strong the electricity was, but the effect of her holy power that created an elemental reaction.

"What should I say? You are much stronger than when we first met. You no longer hate using your fallen angel side which is a good thing."

"I think your twelve fallen angel and devil wings are pretty."

"That looks good on you, Akeno."

"Ah... This..." Akeno blushed....well where was Onee-sama who used to say 'Ufufufu' or 'Ara Ara' before?

You become a shy girl when your boyfriend compliments you!

Sheila, Lucia, Noel and the other girls who had returned from slaughtering monsters looked at Akeno with surprise and envy. After all it was quite rare for Eiji to praise them straight from his mouth.

Noticing the girls' gazes, Eiji naturally complimented them and they looked pleased. Was his praise that good? Eiji sometimes didn't understand things like this even though he had seen many similar things in the novels or anime he watched in his previous life.

And to be honest Sheila was amazed at Akeno, this girl turned out to be a hybrid of devil and a race called fallen angels. Sheila didn't know enough because she was from another franchise, but the other girls in Eiji's harem also had their own unique powers and they were very strong. Their Master-Servant contract must have played a role in this, even now Sheila felt her strength had increased by a large margin thanks to that contract... She had it since becoming Eiji's woman and he had been fucking her a lot lately.


That loud and terrifying sound came from Rias, more precisely the PoD drill spinning in her hand. Everyone stared at the girl, even the remaining seven Demon generals didn't know what Rias wanted to do—but whatever it was....

They panicked!

"Wait! Wait a minute! Can we stop the fight? This is a mistake on our part, we should have talked it out properly instead of using harsh methods."

"Huh? You guys attacked us first...and now want to stop the fight just like that? Can't." Rias glanced at one of the men in sleek black armor who held a polearm in his hand with a disdainful look. It was far away, but Rias had no trouble seeing it clearly. If I'm not mistaken, the other party had actually tried to attack her several times only to be blown up by the Pod balls she threw and survived thanks to his friend's magic.

There was also the last Demon general following the man, he was an old man in a wizard's robe and hat whose appearance somehow resembled a panda, he also had a long beard. Rias could sense that this small dimension had the same magic fluctuations as the old man.

The other six generals began to follow the steps of the other two generals. It seemed like the man with the polearm was the leader.

"Girl, your name is Rias Gremory, right? You and your group will get into trouble if you kill us."

"Idiot, what are you saying!" The female fire mage hit the man's head with the staff.

"I'm just telling the truth! If we are all killed, this small dimension will also be destroyed and sucked into dimension zero, right old man?!"

"My name is Gandalf, and yes."

Rias glanced at Eiji in the distance with a questioning look.

Eiji knew what the girl was worried about.

[The place called dimension zero was actually the same place where Basara usually sent every enemy attack to another place using her Banishing Shift. That place is somewhat similar to the Dimensional Gap, except it's this franchise's version whose interior is very dark and still mysterious in the original work.]

[Being thrown into that place is definitely not something pleasant, especially for girls who are phobic of monsters that might be lurking in the darkness.]

Sure enough, some girls like Maria, Kurumi and Mio shuddered. Despite their identities, the three of them were actually girls who would hesitate to enter a haunted house. A place like dimension zero whose description was scarier than a haunted house was definitely something they wanted to avoid.


"Don't worry about it. Rias, do whatever you want."

"With me here, we'll be fine."

Saying that with a confidence that reassured everyone, Eiji snapped his fingers. He used "Azesith", one of Anos's spatial magic, this was the same magic he used to imprison the protagonist Issei before he killed him in the past.

Magic capable of creating separate dimensions whose other name is Dimensional Prison.

It works the same way as a separate dimension, and overwriting other people's dimensions is not impossible either.

... Eiji was able to do it.


At this moment, the dimension that previously displayed the ancient city of Lada turned into an endless white space. However, shortly afterwards it changed again into a scene of barren plains filled with various kinds of swords stuck in the ground. There were many not-so-high hills and giant gears that were also stuck like swords at random.

"N-No way! I lost control of my dimensional magic!"

Gandalf, belongs to the category of Demonic Beastkin, but a variant of Demonic Panda. He was actually the only one of his kind and was the strongest wizard among the Eight Demon Generals. No one knew how old he was but he had existed long before the Great War and this was the first time he saw someone who could override his dimensional magic.

And this dimension was wider than his, the feelings and scenery around also seemed genuine and boundless.

He stared at Eiji who created a place like this just by snapping his fingers in horror!

The other six Demon generals looked in awe of the environment Eiji had created, Gandalf was beginning to regret joining the operation this time. Leohart's death? Even though he was their true leader and they supported him to lead the Demon Realm— just because of him, it was not a good thing to provoke a boy named Eiji Seiya!

"Thank you Eiji... I'll finish this quickly."

Rias looked at her lover softly before staring coldly at the group hundreds of meters away from her. Distance not a problem, she aimed her Pod drill at the sky.


The weapon emitted a crimson light that spun like a tornado with a brightly glowing tip.

Rias' crimson hair danced gently in the air, her curvaceous figure clad in school uniform contrasting with the weapon in her hand.

Eiji stared at Rias' movements strangely as he was pretty sure it seemed to be a technique developed by the girl herself. In the past, he had only given Rias his Destruction Magic collection. Anos's to be exact. As for that drill-like weapon? He himself made it using his creation magic and designed it to be similar to a weapon he remembered in a certain franchise.

But he didn't expect Rias to chant a familiar spell!

"I have expanded destruction, touched the core layer of this element, crossed the crimson sea, and reached this level."

Her beautiful voice was heard by everyone.

The crimson glow at the tip of her weapon grew brighter.

"Oh destruction spear, release the anchor..."

"Release it, destroy all my enemies!"

"Runios Crimson!!"

Under everyone's gaze, Rias' Pod drill shot a crimson lightning bolt that split into several pieces into the sky. The sound of her lightning shot was no less than Akeno's holy lightning. But unlike Akeno's, Rias' crimson lightning didn't fill the sky with lightning, it instead dyed the sky for several kilometers away the same color as her hair.

The sky was dyed crimson!

From the perspective of Sona and the other girls, the sight was already scary enough because now the sky was filled with the Power of Destruction. But that was nothing compared to the fear the seven Demon generals felt!

"Lef, quickly take us away from here!"

".... Just like before, or worse. This dimension is like a prison, I can't reach the Demon Realm with my magic unless..."

"Unless what? Say it quickly!"

Lef sighed, he looked at Eiji in the distance. "Unless the person who created this place allows it."

"...." Isn't that tantamount to impossible?

All those famous Demon generals in the Great War were desperate. They all tried to combine forces to create a barrier or something, but it was useless...

The crimson ocean in the sky began firing countless destruction beams focused on their group.


The explosion was extremely loud and large. If not for the dimension created by Eiji's magic, the explosion was enough to destroy the previous dimension and affect the main dimension. This meant that the Demon Realm that was out there would also be destroyed in the process. I don't know how big, but the city of Wildart and the territory of the Moderate Faction would definitely vanish from the map and a zero dimensional gap would be created at that location.

The attack released by Rias had already reached the level of bombarding worlds and small dimensions. This was the highest destructive power among all the women in his harem.


Exiting the dimension created by Eiji and returning to the Demon Realm. Precisely at the back gate of Wildart castle.

Seeing that Sheila's spatial tunnel was still there.

Except for Eiji, they didn't expect just to return to the human world — they had to deal with a group of villains first.

If it was normal, they could have left smoothly since they even did it secretly. But what was with the plot that prevented the group of protagonists from returning home that was similar in these novels? By the way...

"Eiji, Eiji... What about my magic and spells before? Since the battle with Chaos, I've managed to create that technique."

Rias had not had time to ask for praise because after making such a big explosion. Eiji immediately pulled them back to the Demon Realm. As for those Demon generals? They were dead of course.

"Well, that's very good. Where did you get the reference for the spell?"

"Rias must have gotten it from some anime she watched." Sona interrupted Rias with the intention of mocking her.

Rias raised her eyebrows and hugged Eiji's arm tightly, she looked at the girl with glasses with a proud smile. "I got that idea from a game that's popular these days. It's called Fate/Grand Order, and it's not wrong. Sona, did you know? In magic, imagination is also important."

Fate/Grand Order? Eiji now understood, Rias had played his game! After dealing with the protagonist Tomoya, a few days before that he had asked Rossweisse to release the game in his company. To be more precise, in addition to the visual novel Fate/Stay Night, he also released Fate/Grand Order.

To be honest Eiji did it just for fun so that Rossweisse would feel like she was being relied on by him. Remembering the silver-haired woman, he wanted to meet her later and talk about life, cough.

"I've known about that for a long time. Rias, you think I don't know? I just don't want to say things like that....it's a bit embarrassing. Is that necessary?"

"Of course! Sona, you just don't understand romance in this case. You're not like your older sister. Ah I remember, I should give my souvenir to Serafall. She'll love the video of her cute little sister."

"Rias, you still haven't forgotten that?!"

Sona fixed Rias with a frightening stare. Rias wasn't afraid of the girl's stare, and the two verbally sparred.

Fortunately Basara pretended to cough which made him receive a sharp glare from Sona.


"Basara, say it. After all, we're going back to our respective homes after this." Eiji helped the protagonist, the girls naturally stopped and listened.

These girls are scary... Basara couldn't help but think of the power of some of them who were even stronger than him. Putting aside his two younger sisters and two childhood friends. Basara was honestly a little afraid of girls like Akeno and Sona.

The former was sadistic and shocked people to death with a smile on her face, and the latter seemed to dislike him the most and often gave him a cold stare as if she wanted to freeze him.

Basara smiled wryly.

"I know this question is stupid considering power is everything in the supernatural world. But are those Eight Demon Generals... Their deaths won't get the Moderate Faction into trouble?"

It was not Eiji who answered, but Lucia.

"Actually, I've already reported this matter to Lord Ramusas through the magic communication network. It'll be fine, after all, it was the Eight Demon Generals who attacked us first." Lucia did not use '-same', but 'Lord'. This was probably the last time she would bother to report to Ramusas. After all, she already had a new master.

"Lucia-chan is right. Besides with the death of the Eight Demon Generals, the Demon Lord Faction's power is getting weaker... Even if they want to make trouble, they will only complain and Ramusas can silence them with his power." Sheila added.

Her words made Mio relieved because after all, Ramusas was her own father and she was a little sorry that from now on he would be busy alone in the castle. Of course there were many subordinates and servants who helped him, but Mio knew those people were not that close to her father.

Basara didn't ask any more questions. With Sheila in the lead, they entered into a special tunnel whose interior was hopefully light blue with visual effects like those in a science fiction movie.

Although they walked to the end of the passage as usual, some of the girls felt a little queasy... They were like children who were driving a car for the first time. Sheila giggled, this woman deliberately did not say anything about this before they entered.

Eiji was fine, but at this moment he wondered to what extent Alpha had trained Bella and Laila?


A sunny Sunday morning, at Eiji's house... Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it the Seiya Residence from now on.

It had been three days since they returned to the human world and bid farewell to Demon Realm. The first time they came home, they were of course greeted by Lala and the others who had been waiting for them for a week.

The souvenirs that Eiji brought from the Demon Realm... The women— Sheila, Lucia, Noel and Zest were of course introduced to all the residents of the house. Lala and the others were not surprised Eiji had brought a new woman, and even more than one. It wasn't the first time and all this time they had heard his inner voice. There was also a group chat that let them know the things happening in the Demon Realm.

It didn't take long for them to get to know each other. Sheila could easily get along with the group of mature women such as Grayfia, Tearju, Serafall, Shizuka, Yasaka, Shuri and others. Lucia, Noel and Zest who shared the same profession as Grayfia also quickly joined the maid corps led by Grayfia. Asia and Jeanne helped their juniors to familiarize themselves with Eiji's house.

By the way Eiji had heard that Shizuka had moved into his house since five days ago and her room was next door to Tearju. It seemed like she did something to the beautiful blonde teacher because every time she saw Eiji, Tearju would be more nervous than usual. Shizuka gave Eiji a thumbs up at that moment, "I did you a favor, you have to catch Tearju! I don't want to be the only teacher here!"

Oh, this woman just didn't want to be the only immoral teacher for having sex with her student.

"Leave it to me." Eiji certainly didn't refuse, it was just a matter of plot and Tearju would fall naturally.

Then... What about Mio, Maria, Kurumi and Yuki? The two of them would still be living in Basara's house, and the two hero girls were also still living in their respective houses. But they did have plans to move into Eiji's house, just not now.

The fact was that Eiji did not force all his women to live with him. For example Yui, Haruna, Mai and Tsubaki still lived in their homes for their own reasons. With teleportation devices and magic, they could visit his house anytime. So technically, they could still meet often.

"Eiji, a little to the right."

Lala said that. Eiji stopped thinking about things in the past and focused on the present to move forward... To be more precise, move a little to the right.

"Like this?"

"Un~ wait a minute."

"Do as much as you want."

"Am I not heavy?"

"How is that possible? Lala is as light as a feather, I can carry her forever."

"Hehe~ really?"

Lala laughed sweetly, she and the four robotic arms that grew out of her backpack were installing wires and bolts that were located in a high corner of the house. They were actually renovating the house because with more women living in Eiji's house, the space expanded using Lala's "Space Distortion" was not enough.

It would be better if the house itself was made into something similar to a guesthouse with multiple floors. Of course, Lala and Eiji didn't plan on making everything manually. Lala could make it easier with her invention. Although Eiji could accomplish everything easier using his creation magic, hadn't he already said that? It's more fun to make it with the person you love.

"Of course."

Feeling the softness of the thighs pinning his head and Lala sitting on his shoulders, Eiji felt very relaxed...

This is very good.

"Done~!" Lala patted Eiji's head as if signaling him to put her down.

Eiji reluctantly lowered the girl from above his head.

"Is it done?"

"Yes, now we just need to enter and go to the control room. My new invention, 'Home-Home-Kun' has been completed! Eiji, let's go and tell everyone to gather!"

Lala's pink ahoge twitched excitedly, her emerald green eyes reflecting him and sparkling like a child. Her smile didn't help, it was too cute that an imaginary arrow pierced Eiji's heart.

How could one possibly resist this creature!

¶{Host, you started again...}

What do you mean by starting again? Look at Lala, isn't she very cute? I don't understand why Rito in the original work stubbornly kept rejecting her.

¶{Isn't it because of the plot? That time Rito was crazy about Haruna.}

To hell with the plot. If you can choose all of them, why choose one?

Given this, Eiji could not help but have the urge to hit Rito even though long ago their relationship was quite good after the boy saved Utaha.

Miss System felt that protagonist Rito being the target of her host's nonsense was pathetic.

At this moment, Rito who was relaxing in his house suddenly felt cold.

"Damn, what's wrong with me? The weather is so cold..."

"Rito, what are you saying? Today's weather is hot enough to dry clothes."

Mikan looked at her older brother who was lazing on the sofa watching TV and shook her head, this wasn't the first time Rito had said strange things.

She took the basket of clothes to the yard to dry all the washed clothes in the sun.

She began to hang all the clothes one by one on the clothesline.

As a single mother... As a younger sister who took care of the housework alone. Cooking, washing, mopping, sweeping and doing many things for her, her older brother and her father.

Mikan says she is used to this lifestyle.

'I was just wondering when I can see Eiji-san again?'

She shook her head in slight embarrassment, Rito did not see the blush on his little sister's cheeks just then.

If he had known, he would have wanted to hit Eiji.


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