Inner Voice: All Heroines Hear My Inner Voice

Reincarnated and traveling to another world, Eiji Seiya initially thought the world was normal. That was what he thought before he met the heroine and protagonist of the franchise he had watched in his previous life. Not only that, after he awakened the Inner Voice System to grow strong by complaining about plot, heroine and protagonist in his heart to get many rewards. He is determined to increase his power so that he can save his home world, the world where he was reincarnated that was hit by the disaster "Honkai" and save beautiful girls like Kiana, Mai, Bronya, Rita and others who had tragic endings in the original works! "I will save them all!" However... Everything went smoothly... Eiji earned rewards every time he changed the plot in another franchise. It's just that... What's wrong with these heroines? Lala Satalin Deviluke who was supposed to be engaged to the protagonist instead became his fiancée. Sona Sitri suddenly called him to the student council office and said she wanted to make a deal with him. Rias Gremory who was supposed to ask the protagonist for help to solve her political marriage problem with Riser Phenex inexplicably came to him. The girls were disgusted at the protagonists of their respective franchises. Something was wrong here! Not only that, heroines like Kotegawa Yui, Sairenji Haruna, Akeno Himejima, Kuroka, Serafall Leviathan, Grayfia Lucifuge, Sakurajima Mai, Ai Hoshino, Kasumigaoka Utaha and others... They like him! All the super beautiful and sexy women that many men in the world covet surround him and leave their respective protagonists. Grayfia even betrayed her husband. Eiji who saw all this was dumbfounded. At first he was confused as to why these heroines were surrounding him, but gradually he realized and knew that it was all happening because ... His inner voice! - Genre Details: [Not too serious + Harem + Comedy + No yuri + No netorare + MC is manipulative + MC slaps protagonist + Plot focus on heroine + Not waste so many chapters for unimportant characters except 1/2 chapter + Except Protagonist, MC doesn't waste his time so long with other guys + MC has fiance + MC has many girlfriends + MC is not perfect, sometimes moron + MC is sadistic + MC is not herbivorous + MC is ambitious to get pretty girl. Cough, I mean reward from his system and be strong + MC is possessive, there is no way he would let his girl dance with another guy + MC has an organization and beautiful subordinates + MC sometimes takes a break, he stops being manipulative although he will do it again in the next few chapters as it is hard to restrain himself + MC has a fetish of making his girls drink a lot of his milk until their stomachs bulge + Author sometimes has brain problems where his brain circuits decline in a few chapters due to lack of sugar before exploding again after refilling and making readers eagerly await the next chapter + Author updates every day unless he is sick or has problems in his life which is sad] - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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How weak, Loki

Eiji said that. Everyone heard it clearly and with a clang–!

Loki's god-level penetration attack was reflected. It didn't blow Eiji away, but the fruit knife in his hand actually reflected the attack back to its owner!


Loki who previously had a contemptuous expression widened his eyes, his own attack was on its way to him?

"Wh-What?! How did my attack–"


Loki did not finish his words as he was hit by his own attack.

The white-glowing explosion blew away the surrounding clouds and illuminated the sky.

The people below, many of them must have seen the scene and were frightened by it.

What the hell is going on?!

An explosion suddenly covered the city sky!

"As expected from Darling. He was able to slap Loki with his own attack. That's so cool!" Rias clapped her hands. By the way to protect them from the impact of the explosion, Rossweisse created a sizable barrier.

Although Eiji, Rias and Sona would be fine without her doing it. The silver-haired woman would still do it.

While Eiji's women were not surprised and only praised Eiji. Odin and Brynhildr looked at Loki who was swallowed by his own attack in horror.

At the same time, they also looked at Eiji in awe.

"Eiji, how did you do that? Was it magic? I feel like the attack you returned to Loki was many times stronger than his own attack."

Odin curiously asked.

Brynhildr also looked curious. It was the first time the light blue-haired woman had seen someone able to reflect a divine attack with just a small fruit knife.

This increased her curiosity in a man.

Eiji would not miss this opportunity. He put his fruit knife back into the inventory system. It was actually a fruit knife that was at home before saying: "It's just a little trick. A kind of magic but also not, it's actually a reflective power that can only be used by me. It requires the user to read the nature and timing of a person's attack before it can bounce off a magic attack with more than double the power."

That kind of power...

Isn't that cheating? So as long as people throw their magic at you, you can actually bounce the attack back with stronger power?

This is....

Odin knew he didn't have the slightest chance of winning against Eiji, even with his full power! Of course, he had no intention of becoming Eiji's enemy since the first time he looked into his Rinnegan's eyes and saw the young man defeat Thor with ease. But this strengthened his mind to curry favor with the man!

That was why Odin looked at Brynhildr who was staring at Eiji in a daze.

'Hm... Looks like I don't need to say anything to that woman. It's only a matter of time before she falls... Hey isn't Eiji too good at this? You deliberately waited for the right time like Loki throwing his ultimate attack before showing off in front of Brynhildr.'

Sona adjusted her glasses as she looked into the distance. She already knew her man's prowess, she was not surprised and said: "Loki is not dead after being hit by that attack even though he was seriously injured."

"?!...." Brynhildr glanced in the direction Sona was looking. And sure enough, there was Loki in a tattered cloak that displayed the wounds on his body. There were now many pets— cough, monsters that were only slightly lower in size than Fenrir; but looked somewhat similar to the God-Devouring Wolf with gray fur.

Loki was seen busily drinking dozens of waters from a small bottle that seemed to be Phoenix Tears. The wounds healed quickly before he was panting with an ugly expression because in the previous attack he almost died!

He was going to die by his own attack which was so embarrassing!

'Fortunately I had already bought a lot of Phoenix Tears anonymously from the Phenex Clan devils before coming here. Although those creatures are dirty, the items they have are of good quality, even though they are dirty creatures.'

"Hey Loki. Don't you hate devils? Why are you drinking the Phoenix Tears that the devils of the Phenex Clan produce? I clearly remember who was so disgusted with devils before."

"Odin, shut up! I will definitely behead you after killing these people. Especially you, boy!"

Loki's face looked red with anger and embarrassment, he did not glance at the old man who was mocking him and looked at the boy who had previously reflected his attack.

"You're called Eiji, right? I don't know how you reflected my magic attack. But that's all you can do! You probably have Sacred Gear or something to do that. As long as I don't attack you with magic... Fuhaha! These are my grandchildren, Sköll and Hati! They are the sons of Fenrir, the descendants of the God-Devouring Wolf!"

Eiji gave Loki an amused look. This evil god seemed to have never heard of him before.

"My name is Eiji Seiya and no, who said I used Sacred Gear to perform tricks before?"

"What, you don't have any Sacred Gear? No way! How can a human reflect a god's attack?!"

Loki couldn't believe it, from his point of view and perception as a god, he thought Eiji was a human who somehow got along with those devils.

However, Loki misunderstood.

It was not that Eiji was deliberately hiding his devil power when he was in his current Anos form, but Loki was unable to sense his devil power due to the difference in power between them... Loki was a god, he was not a devil like Rias and Sona who were more sensitive that Eiji was now a devil or rather a Demon Lord.

Eiji shook his head and sneered. "It's up to you whether you believe it or not. I don't care what weaklings like you think."

"Weak?! You boy, you are human, you say I'm a weakling?!"

Loki was usually on the side of mocking and looking down on others, but this was the first time he was called weak after being known as the Evil God of Norse Mythology who could even fight on par with Thor and scare Odin!

He admitted he had previously almost died at Eiji's hands. But that must have been because of his own attack that was somehow reflected by the boy.

According to him, the boy himself was unable to kill him with his attack!

Loki seemed to forget he was kicked and had his nose broken by Rossweisse's kick. His favorite son was also now sealed inside the barrier created by the woman who was actually Eiji's girlfriend.

Logically his girlfriend was that strong, how could the boy be that simple?

Unfortunately Loki was blinded by anger and feelings of humiliation that made him uncomfortable. Especially Odin's gaze that looked at him like he was a clown, and the devil girls who laughed when they heard him say Eiji was using Sacred Gear and he was human.

What was wrong? Wasn't he right?

"That's the fact, even though you're a god, you're very weak. The Poseidon I killed and the Thor I defeated earlier are still stronger than you."

"Impossible! Boy, you said you killed Poseidon? That Sea God and even defeated Thor?! There's a limit to being arrogant and bragging in front of a god!"

Loki said that, but he glanced at Odin who did not argue when Eiji said he defeated his son.

"Well, Loki. You don't seem to know since you just came out of the cave, but about two months ago Eiji killed Poseidon and defeated Thor in a one-on-one duel. Thor almost died if I hadn't begged to stop the match." Odin said and he added. "By the way Thor and Eiji's fight was witnessed by almost everyone in Asgard except you."

Loki's originally very confident mentality began to falter! Putting aside Poseidon who came from another Mythology, he only knew Poseidon was very powerful because he was one of the Major Gods. But Thor? He had also defeated that guy, although back then, he did so with the help of Fenrir to bite the other party's waist which caught him off guard.

Odin said that boy... He defeated Thor in a one-on-one duel?

"I, I can't believe it! Sköll and Hati, you saw what happened to your father? He was captured by those men... Save him and kill them all!"

Loki ordered his two grandsons who howled "Nuuuu!" "Nuuuu!". The two wolves that were about 7 meters in size began to run across the sky in the same manner as their father.

Of course, this time Loki did not remain silent. He created many summoning magic circles beside him, because Eiji could reflect magic attacks, he summoned hundreds of dragons that resembled one of the five famous Dragon Kings, Midgardsormr!

It was a Midgardsormr clone! A group of eastern dragons as large as 15 meters that were now charging at Eiji and the others.

"Loki... He created more Midgardsorm?!" Brynhildr gripped her sword. Many magic circles enveloped her sword which was now shining brightly. Even so, she was not sure she could defeat those monsters.

But there was Odin, wait... The old man seemed to have no intention of doing anything even though he was a god! He just sat in the carriage and watched!

Brynhildr wanted to scold Odin but this was not the time. She believed in the help of Eiji, Rossweisse and the others. They could....

They? That number might be too much since these people did not need her help.

Eiji yawned and said, "Rias, Sona, Rossweisse. Do you guys want to kill these animals? If not, I'll do it myself."

"Darling, let me flex my body a little."

"Dear, leave these animals to me."

"Y, Eiji-sama. Please let me show off a little more. G-Give this to your girlfriend! You just need to look at me!"

"Huh? Rossweisse, what's wrong with you? You're suddenly acting cute..."

"Rossweisse, stop pretending. How are you still stammering and blushing after you rode Eiji's cock without shame in the company....earlier."

"S-Sona! Don't say that in a place like this! There are perverted old men and Brynhildr-san who might hear. And I'm not pretending, okay?!"

"Hohoho Rossweisse. Ignore this old man. I didn't hear anything about your youth."


Odin's head was beaten, no—more accurately he was locked inside a barrier that kept the old man from moving and hearing anything outside.

Brynhildr looked at Odin who was unable to even break free from Rossweisse's barrier in horror. Rossweisse was getting bolder now and she would pretend not to hear what they were talking about.

Rossweisse dared to lock up the King of the gods of Asgard, what about her senior? It was better not to tease that woman like Odin did.

[It's not just Rossweisse. Rias and Sona who have Master-Servant contracts with me would also have no trouble killing Loki's pets. Honestly, none of them would have any trouble killing Loki, even if there were more than a dozen of him.]

Brynhildr blinked her eyes, she glanced at Eiji who had just spoken. The former was said from his mouth but where did the latter voice come from?

And was it true? Rias, Sona and even her junior, Rossweisse could actually defeat a dozen Loki easily! This... Isn't this too much?

If there was a Master-Servant contract with Eiji or whatever it was that made those women become so strong so quickly. It would be a lie if Brynhildr was not tempted.

After all, if she had enough power, she could definitely kick Loki in the face like Rossweisse did!

However, that Master-Servant contract seemed to only have those women who were related to Eiji. From Rias and Sona's own mouths she knew those two women were Eiji's women.

That man had a harem! Brynhildr was not surprised by this, after all it was normal for a handsome and powerful man to have a harem in the supernatural world.

The problem was, although she was tempted, she wondered if Eiji was interested in a woman like her? Because of the difficulty in getting a boyfriend so far, Brynhildr felt that she was not very attractive in the eyes of men... Although Eiji was handsome and very strong which perfectly matched her criteria for choosing a boyfriend. T-That man is Rossweisse's boyfriend! Although it was a harem, having the same man as the junior she had trained for quite a while in the past was a bit...

[Why is Brynhildr staring at me instead of staring at the enemy? Oh my... You're making me a little embarrassed. Don't you realize your own appearance is very.... Beautiful? As expected of her senior Rossweisse. This is the Chief-Valkyrie of Asgard. Her light blue hair is beautiful, the figure beneath her armor... I know it's very voluptuous.]

[But according to Rossweisse. Brynhildr actually had a hard time finding a boyfriend like herself before meeting me? The men in Asgard must be blind, they ignore a woman as beautiful as Brynhildr! Maybe it's her piercing gaze and heroic-type pretty face? I think that's great, I wonder if she's interested in being my woman? Never mind. Brynhildr is Rossweisse's senior, how can I seduce her?]

You don't? Put the other heroines aside.

But Rias, Sona and Rossweisse don't believe it! Who had previously let his body be eaten in company by them for permission to obtain Brynhildr? This man... He was shameless as usual.

Even so, none of them said anything.

But Brynhildr was different, the woman had a blush on her cheeks. She realized that she heard Eiji's inner voice! They could talk about this later for now–


Rias who was already wearing her school uniform flew towards the crowd of monsters. First of all she didn't even need to use her PoD armor and weapons and just kicked Sköll's head until the god-killing wolf pup was thrown towards several Midgardsormr clones.

Several Midgardsormr clones that were hit by Sköll lost their balance, one of them even exploded into a mist of blood as Sköll who was kicked like a ball was enveloped in a bit of Power of Destruction. Rias who could now control her Power of Destruction to envelop other creatures like a buff, but now she was abusing that ability.

Rias would teleport to another point where the kicked Sköll hit its target, a Midgardsormr clone only to kick or slap it like a volleyball towards another Midgardsormr clone.

The scene on Rias' side became strange. From another person's perspective, the girl was kicking a ball that glowed with crimson light and kept bouncing it from target to target in the sky.

Loki who saw his granddaughter being kicked and slapped repeatedly like a ball targeting a Midgardsormr clone was angry. His heart was bleeding, after all, it was his own grandson.

But that was not all, Hati's situation was not even worse than his brother's. He saw another devil that he knew to be Sona Sitri of the Sitri Clan wrapping Hati in a water bubble. The wolf pup was locked in there and seemed to be struggling to breathe. What made Loki almost vomit blood was that Sona just stood still afterwards and held her chin while watching Hati's life-and-death struggle in front of her.

"Such evil methods. You devils, you really are devils!"

"Thank you." Sona considered Loki's angry and incompetent shout a compliment. There was a sadistic smile on her pretty face.

Eiji who saw the sadistic torture that Rias and Sona inflicted on their enemies couldn't help but smile.

These girls were becoming more and more.... scary.

It's fine if they do that sadistic thing to enemies, they won't be so sadistic to their men in bed, right?

Compared to these two, Rossweisse was still more normal.



Or that was at least what he thought.

Rossweisse abused her barrier magic by sealing all the remaining Midgardsormr clones, she just needed to wave her hand and all the monsters were instantly trapped inside the lavender barrier.

After that Rossweisse united all the lavender balls in the sky into one. Fenrir was also included. She made a squeezing motion using one of her hands, all the giant monsters trapped in the barrier were compressed until they became smaller and smaller.

If not for the lavender-colored barrier, the scene inside might have been full of blood. The crowded monsters were crushed and forced to become the size of volleyballs.... baseballs.... marbles.... so small that all the monsters that had previously filled the sky completely disappeared.

Obviously the woman could shoot all the monsters to death just by casting her colorful elemental magic. Why do the three of you seem to be racing to commit brutal murders?!

The face of Odin who happened to be inside the same barrier as the deceased monsters looked pale. He was trembling because Rossweisse could definitely do the same to him, right? From now on, he might as well stop taunting her! Otherwise word would spread that the King of the Norse gods was killed by a Valkyrie who was previously his personal bodyguard!

Loki stared blankly at the scene in front of him. His son, grandson and all of his creations were annihilated so easily. The girls did not even look serious at all. They returned to the side of the boy named Eiji Seiya and asked for his praise.

At this moment, Loki thought of running away!

He had to escape from here! Those girls weren't normal, and that boy was also probably....

Loki lost his previous confidence and chose to retreat!

A teleportation magic circle appeared under his feet, he prepared it silently but–

"Huh? Wh-Why hasn't it moved yet?!"

Loki panicked, the teleportation magic circle under his feet was clearly still there and active but his body could not move as if there was an invisible hand holding him in place!

Eiji suddenly appeared in front of him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Yo, don't be in a hurry. As a father and grandfather. Wouldn't it be cruel to abandon your son and grandson?"

"No, I... Eiji, let me..."

Loki swallowed, he froze and finally knew he was not dealing with a human.

Those crimson eyes that shone with cold light.

Those eyes that looked at him as if he was an ant even though he was a god...

Even if he was a god, he himself could not deny that he was inferior to the existence in front of him.

This feeling...

The boy in front of him is a devil! No, this evil power was even more terrifying than the Sirzechs and the old devils he had fought with in the past.

He had no idea what the creature in front of him really was!

"What? I remember you were very arrogant before. Where was your confidence before? Evil God, Loki?"

"!!....E-Eiji, calm down. I'm sorry... This, now I realize that starting Ragnarok was a bad idea. To hell with Odin! I don't care anymore, hey can you let me go?"

Loki pleaded, but deep in his heart he felt very humiliated, especially when he saw Eiji's gaze looking down on him!

"What do you think? You had previously yelled several times at your pets to kill those women... Loki, they are all my women."

"?!" It was not Loki who was surprised, but Brynhildr.

All your women? Didn't that mean including her? Since when did she become Eiji's woman?!

Even so, Brynhildr did not say anything. Rias and Sona again patted her shoulder, Rossweisse even looked at her with a gentle smile. It was not the gaze of a junior at her senior, but the gaze of her sister.


Loki's face was pale with fear that was hard to dispel as he looked into Eiji's crimson eyes. What the boy said... that man did not help either, making him panic even more!

"You can't say anything else, right? How weak... Loki, I will send you to the same place as your son and grandson. No need to thank me, goodbye."

Eiji smiled slightly, but in Loki's eyes that smile was death to himself.


Loki did not finish his words, who knows what happened, he did not know. But from another person's point of view, his body turned into ashes that were carried away by the wind.

Loki was dead.

He died because Eiji stared at him using Anos' Magic Eye of Destruction. That eye had the ability to destroy anything with just a look.

Gods like Loki were no exception, he even only lasted less than a second after Eiji opened the magic eye.


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