129 Difficult choice

Looking at the red and black flames that blazed sky-high like pillars of fire, Diodora smiled with satisfaction.

He was sure that the man named Eiji must have been reduced to ashes by now, but when his devil perception tried to sense life in the explosion.

He widened his eyes.

"No way!"

Rias and the others had actually shouted in panic when Eiji was hit by Diodora's attack, but when they also felt something.

They were surprised and breathed a sigh of relief, especially when in that blaze, Eiji was still standing where he was. Although the ground around him continued to be destroyed every second by the flames, he seemed to be fine without the slightest injury!

There were still red and black flames enveloping him, but Eiji looked calm and did not panic.

He looked at Diodora who was staring at him in disbelief.

"Diodora, I understand you are so confident in this attack, but it is not enough to break through my physical defenses."

"You dare to act wildly to kill people here without worrying about the consequences with this much power?"

Eiji's faint voice sounded amused and said, "Let me show you, before you are so confident, in this world you must at least reach the level that I will show you."

Diodora had already lost some of his confidence, hearing this, he was a little nervous.

He wasn't stupid after seeing that Eiji wasn't injured in the slightest after receiving an attack that was actually his strongest attack. How about using his devouring power? Unless he could distract Eiji for a few seconds like he did to Sirzechs or make the other party unable to move, he couldn't just devour the other party!

He tried calling out to his system for advice, but it did not respond as if pretending to be dead.

Why is his system unreliable at a time like this?!

At this moment, the ground under everyone's feet trembled violently, and even the trees and buildings in the distance trembled with them.

Everyone glanced at Eiji whose body began to glow.


An extremely terrifying purple energy came out from Eiji's body in an instant, eliminating all the flames in his body and surroundings.

This power fluctuation was much crazier than Diodora's and even went as far as creating a pillar of purple energy that pierced the barrier at the edge of the sky!


Unlike before, the barrier was completely shattered and revealed the true red sky of the underworld.

Because of this, not only Rias and the others, but the people in the underworld also panicked at the sight of the purple pillar piercing the sky.

If only that was fine, but there was an opresssion that made the hearts of all the creatures in the underworld tremble. Be it devils, fallen angels, dragons, and other creatures living in the underworld felt it.

Eiji didn't mean to hurt Rias and the others, so at most they only felt his power without getting hurt, but for Diodora.

The man felt the pressure that locked him in the air, he looked panicked.

He felt humiliated, but Eiji sneered and raised his hand.

A burst of purple energy condensed from the tip of his forefinger.

Seeing this, although Diodora was confident in the super regeneration ability he got from the Phenex Clan devil, he created a barrier magic as strong as he could to defend against this attack.

Condensed purple laser-like attack was released from Eiji's finger and it struck Diodora who was surrounding himself with defensive magic in the sky.


Loud crash could be heard in the sky before a powerful explosion blew away the clouds and decorated the red sky with purple light.

Diodora was actually quite confident even though his defense magic failed, and his body was destroyed. With his super regeneration ability, he would not die.

But after the explosion subsided and a few seconds passed, he was stunned because all he saw was darkness and a system screen that said...

[You're already dead.]

'What?! How could that be? I have the Phenex Clan's devil regeneration ability enhanced so many times that it is equivalent to immortality!'

[That's why I told you to run before, but you ignored my advice because you were overconfident.]

'.... My bad, but why are we talking now? I know! You must want to make me transmigrate again, right? Although it's a pity I died, leaving Claudia and the others behind. Let's do it! Next time I'll definitely be very careful and not provoke someone before I'm really strong!'

'System! System?!'

[Sorry host, but this is the last time we talk. In the explosion, I who was connected to your soul was also destroyed.]

[There is no reincarnation or transmigration. Your soul and origin were destroyed in the attack.]


Diodora didn't understand what the system was saying, but he knew he was really dead, right?

The system's voice could no longer be heard, and his consciousness gradually disappeared completely.



Eiji sighed, honestly he was disappointed that Diodora who had a system would die after receiving that attack.

'But I guess that makes sense. Unless Diodora is a protagonist with thick plot armor, how can he withstand Anos' destructive attack that can destroy one's origin?'

What he had shown earlier was a few percent of Anos' power. For a moment Eiji understood why Anos chose to reincarnate and live the life of an academy student in his second life.

With that much power, it was difficult to find a formidable opponent as entertainment. So he tried to find other entertainment by becoming a student or living a normal life which was impossible when he was the Demon King in his first life.

Seeing the battle end quite quickly, Rias and the others were rather slow to react. Many of them were of course happy that Eiji had actually managed to kill Diodora.

"Eiji! Are you alright?" Rias, Sona, and the girls surrounded him and asked even though he looked fine.

"I'm fine. By the way in a little while more people might come because I was a bit..."

Eiji smiled rather awkwardly as if he had done something troublesome. They certainly understood what he was saying.

There was a reason why Eiji who was that strong was only now showing his power this much. Either he was shy or he just didn't like drawing too much attention to himself. Actually this was also the first time the heroines had seen him and some of them, especially Akeno looked at her lover with heated gazes.

Who doesn't like a man who is handsome and possesses such a powerful force?

"Don't worry. The matter of those people, I, Serafall-sama, and Grayfia will take care of it." Rias said gently but she was also a bit glum when remembering what happened to her older brother. About her older brother's death, this news would definitely make the underworld excited.

There would definitely be an impact on the Gremory Clan which had been victorious because it had a big supporter like her older brother who became Maou Lucifer and was feared by many people so not many people dared to offend the Gremory Clan. That was back then of course, now...

After the news of her brother's death spread, the Gremory Clan would definitely decline and many devils from other pillars would want to make trouble with them. But Rias wasn't too worried about that because she was confident in her power, at least she could overcome some of the problems that would happen to her family in the future.

Fortunately before her older brother died, the Three-Faction Peace Treaty had been successfully carried out. So there was no need to worry about a war between factions being triggered as long as the other two factions were honest and didn't take advantage of her elder brother's death to wage war.

But after seeing the strength of her fiancé, Eiji. Actually Rias was sure Michael and Baraqiel wouldn't dare to seek trouble with the Devil faction because she, Sona and many girls in this faction had a relationship with Eiji. Unless Michael and Baraqiel were brain dead, they would keep this peace for a few years.

She and Grayfia thanked Eiji for that, Eiji just nodded. He wanted to joke, but besides the atmosphere of victory, there was also an atmosphere of mourning.

Even Gabriel who looked like she wanted to jump on him seemed to be holding back, actually it was because Michael was holding her hand.

And at this moment...

"Eiji-chan, I remember can't you revive the dead? You also did it to Akeno's mother before, right? Can you bring Sirzechs-chan back to life?"

It was Serafall, she said the thing that made the eyes of the heroines like Rias and Grayfia shine and looked at Eiji excitedly.

"Eiji! I remember too! Akeno once told me about that. You have the magic to bring the dead back to life! Eiji, please! Can you bring Onii-sama back to life?"

"Eiji, I'm also begging you. I know it's a bit much since I'm asking so much of you, but can you revive Sirzechs? In exchange, I can become your personal servant!"

"Grayfia, you..." Rias and the others were surprised by what Grayfia said.

Rias didn't know whether she should be happy or sad because of what Grayfia said, wasn't it the same as leaving her older brother and becoming one of her fiancée's women?

What is this relationship, this is strange! Although she was fine with Eiji having a harem, but adding her brother's wife to Eiji's harem is...

Hey she doesn't know but as long as Eiji is persuaded by what Grayfia says, her older brother can be revived.

Rias wondered should she stop Grayfia? She felt sorry for her brother but this was also for her brother's sake.

'Onii-sama forgive me for not stopping Grayfia from giving you the green hat.'

'But this is also for your sake... With Grayfia's beauty, I know Eiji must be greedy for that woman.'

In the end she didn't stop the silver-haired woman.

"W-Wait, you said Akeno's mother? Akeno! Shuri, was she really revived by this boy?!" Baraqiel was no less excited than Rias and Grayfia, he approached his daughter and asked her while ignoring the unpleasant looks he received from her.

Akeno seemed to have hidden this news from him which made him sad, but he was not angry because he knew their relationship was not that good.

Despite her reluctance to tell her father, Akeno knew she couldn't hide this information from him again. So she nodded and told him briefly that her mother was indeed revived by Eiji not long ago and she was now living in her house.

Baraqiel shed tears knowing his wife had come back to life, he looked at Eiji complicatedly, but there was no more hostility on him like before.

Presumably he was starting to accept the other party as his son-in-law.

"...." Eiji.

Baraqiel wanted to thank Eiji, but he knew the boy still had to deal with those women. He didn't bother and persuaded his daughter to let him meet Shuri.

Not only Baraqiel, Vali also looked at Eiji with an excited look as he seemed to have an idea to have Eiji revive Azazel!


Grayfia said something very dangerous to a man, Eiji was tempted by what she said.

But... Damn it! Right now he was trying to keep his expression from looking dark because he was actually not happy with what Serafall said!

Diodora worked hard to kill Sirzechs for him, and you want me to bring that red-haired man back to life?

Magical Girl! The woman also looked at him with an excited gaze and even said. "Eiji-chan! If you can revive Sirzechs-chan. I, Serafall Leviathan, will definitely fulfill the bet we made in the past! I will deliver her to you tonight!"


Eiji was so annoyed that he wanted to pinch Serafall hard. Originally he wanted to pretend to be cold and deliberately ignore that woman because she had been avoiding him all this time.

But what she said was indeed very tempting...

Actually Eiji hadn't considered this situation before either. No, he had thought about it, it was just that at that time Lala suddenly jumped onto his lap and fed him a donut which distracted his attention. Mock him! He had completely forgotten while reviving Akeno's mother, he was babbling about it in his inner voice so the heroines heard him.

That was why Serafall, Rias, and Grayfia also knew this. Even if Serafall did not remember about his current ability, in the future Rias and the others would also remember and would come after him for it.

With his current power, it was possible for him to revive Sirzechs and even Azazel because he knew Vali seemed to have the idea of asking for his help judging from the way he looked at him.

To deal with this situation, it was actually easy. He could also make excuses that he couldn't do it, but there was also the option that he could actually do it.

By choosing the former, he didn't have much to gain after receiving thanks from Rias, Grayfia, and Serafall for helping them kill Diodora.

But by choosing the latter, he could increase Rias' fondness for him even further, earn a lot of affection points from Grayfia and make her his personal servant. Serafall? He could also get more points from her and get her tonight.

And after reviving Sirzechs, the man might also change his attitude towards him although he would also feel bad seeing his wife leave him.

As for reviving Azazel for Vali? Heh, is that also necessary? Wouldn't that make what he did in the past a waste? But there are also advantages in this option such as getting a good impression from people connected with Grigori like the heroine who was there because reviving their leader.

Cough, this is hard...

'Miss System!'

¶{Why me? It's your problem, host.}

'You! With your Ai's intelligence, couldn't you remind me of the loopholes in this plot?'

¶{.... Sorry, I can't even remember everything you've done so far in detail. Also who do you call Ai's intelligence? This woman is not Ai! I'm actually... Oh forget what I said.}

Miss System almost revealed her identity.

'Actually, you don't need to pretend. Why don't you just tell me who you really are?'

¶{I am System! Host, please don't doubt my identity. Don't you have to respond to that heroines' excited gazes as soon as possible? Stop chatting with me.}

The woman ran away, Eiji could even see the offline notification on the system interface.

"Eiji? Why are you silent?" Rias asked anxiously. Could it be... Eiji was actually reluctant to revive her older brother even though he could? She knew her older brother and Eiji's relationship wasn't exactly good, so Eiji probably didn't want to...

Grayfia was also anxious, her already white face getting whiter with paleness. Of course she remembered that Eiji did not have a good relationship with Sirzechs.

So would Eiji not want to do it even though she had offered herself?

Eiji looked at the heroines calmly.

In 0.2 seconds, in 0, 2 seconds he used the Human Saint-Galaxy's brain cells to think hard while considering things that might happen in the future in each option.

First of all he actually didn't hate Sirzechs that much, he was just a little unhappy that the man had joined protagonist Issei's camp before.

Azazel too, that guy was just annoying because he offended her a little. There were many things he could gain if he revived those two people without manipulating things.

Conversely, if those two people die. There are many things in the future that according to the original work he has to manipulate with this method or that.

Sirzechs and Azazel's hostility towards him, he was sure that both men would change their minds about him after he revived them.

Although Vali didn't say so. Don't get me wrong, he also considered Azazel because he thought of the heroine in Grigori who had a good relationship with Vali and that man.

Getting a good impression of Vali was also beneficial in many ways. From the start, there was no need for hostility unless he wanted to get everything he wanted in a manipulative and ruthless manner like a certain villain with the surname Gu and his Destiny Villain System.

So yeah...


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