In the Academy as Sukuna

He got transported into an academy game with Sukuna's powers, and now, he aims for the top. His power keeps growing, but he never forgets to have fun. But this world seems to be different from the one he remembers, how will he survive uncharted territory with his newfound powers? The first few chapters are actual crap, it gets better later though, I think Cover image from Pinterest by 'stefani' My first work, I hope I do well :))))

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Tournament (Part 3)

I did the same thing in my following matches after the one with the Liam boy.

As for the standings in the Tournament, Alexia got eliminated early, Anny and Johan got eliminated a little while ago.

Now its Ryogaku vs Eva, I already won my semi-final. It was with some tall bald guy.

I mean, how can someone be bald in his teens, I feel bad for him.

Eva is now mine . . . no, not in that way . . .




Eva is quite easy to get, I just gotta think about the edit guy, he'll be good whenever I want a cool revelation of new techniques.

As for Eva, I'm doing that right now.

"Eva, I've come to bargain"




Sukuna my . . . friend? He asked me to talk privately, he wanted to 'bargain'.

I followed him out of the dining hall and people were all staring at us, some were even taking out their phones! So embarrassing!


He took me to a quiet part of the stadium, it was a basketball court, but it was completely empty right now.

He looked right in my eyes, which gave a sense of intimidation, yet they looked as neutral as possible.

Then, he put up his deal . . .

"I want your servitude, your absolute loyalty under me and no one else"

I furrowed my eyebrows, I did not think of him as one like such.

Does he think that just because he's a World Noble, I will accept to serve under him with no freedom?

My image of him went down drastically.

But he said it is a bargain, so . . .

"What do you offer for that?"

I said with a little hostility in my voice.

His lips turned into a smirk

"I know you only know 'that person' vaguely, I will give you information as well as strength to kill him when the time comes."

My eyes widened, he knew everything, if I was to get help from a World Noble, it is possible to find that person easily.

Moreover, even if I am too weak to kill that person, Sukuna will train me, he is much stronger than me, I can tell, possibly stronger than any student there is in the academies.

There are reports of him having slashing attacks, he hasn't even used them once, but he still surpasses me by a huge margin.

Although, the price is absolute loyalty, becoming a slave, is that a price to pay for revenge?

As if reading my mind, he said . . .

"Do not worry, I will treat you as family, your protection will be my responsibility."

I looked into his eyes, they looked empty, as if just stating facts, as if it would not matter to him if I accept or not.

Under this gaze I felt pressured, the opportunity for revenge was right in front of me.


"I Accept"




'Hmm? People are taking videos of us? Well that's good'

'She will now serve under me forever, I cannot make a mana contract because . . . well, I have none'

'Moreover, this relationship will be built on trust, so she'll do her work better'

'If word gets out that we two are dating, then maybe our families will talk of marriage, political marriages are pretty common in this world.'

'So, if she gets married to me, then she will be bonded legally as well . . . yes that's it, there is no other reason, not at all.'

Anyhow, there's the edit guy, I got people to do research on him, the results are yet to come, so I'll just chill out by then.

Oh, wait Eva's following me everywhere, I'll just tell her to go do something.

"I have sent people to investigate, I will speak of the results with you, use the number I gave you for contact. Now go, and act normal."

She nodded absentmindedly and walked away.


My aim for this Tournament was not winning it, heck, I don't even need to blink to kill everyone here, I just wanted to scout for good team members.

The four 'MCs' are not ideal as allies.

Johan is too . . . dumb.

While the other three have too big a sense of justice, which will be in the way if I want to do anything immoral.

Eva, for example, is a really good teammate.

She adores my strength, me assisting her in revenge will make her loyal to me.

She is not constrained by morals, I heard that she once slaughtered people in slums to get information on 'that person', as she calls the guy who massacred her you-know-what.

But still, she accepted way too fast, I guess I underestimated her Sasukeness.



I found that Eva's technique isn't invisible slashes like me, its ice.

Yeah real coincidental, she's Uraume.

Anyhow, she sends out thin, clear and transparent sheets of ice shaped as a crescent, which can slash even metal, but they melt soon after, so no one ever noticed them.

One way to improve this is to compress more ice into the slash, so that it takes more time to melt, hence going farther.

Or learning to send slashes in all directions, as she can only send these ones in front of her.

I look at my phone and DAMN there's 53 missed calls.

20 from dad and 23 from mom.

I guess I'll call one of them, they're probably together.

I called and the phone rang, it rang for 20 seconds before they both picked it up.


I asked as I heard no one speaking from the other end.

I heard them inhale loudly and . . .





My ears hurt now.

But yes, it indeed is my birthday, seems like I had forgotten.

(A/N: And mine :) yeah, it's my birthday today)

I usually dislike going to parties because all nobles are dumb, so my parents usually celebrate my birthday with me among ourselves and the servants.

They said that they were proud of how good I'm performing at the Tournament, then my mom went into a dramatic flashback about how they were so scared when I had no mana.

After a few minutes and tears, they told me to come to their mansion as soon as the Tournament ends.

I cut the call and leaned back on the . . . roof?

I was sitting on the supporting beams of the stadium's roof.

That is when I suddenly got a thought.

I checked the system and there was no quest.

Usually, for events like the Tournament, the System should give quests with a death penalty, but for some reason, it didn't intervene this time.

"Hmm? Intriguing"



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