In the Academy as Sukuna (Updating in fanfics)

THIS STORY IS BEING UPDATED UNDER FANFICS WITH SOME CHANGES AND HEAVY IMPROVEMENT . He wakes up one day as Sukuna in a world he remembers from a game. His goal? To bring chaos to this realm, but his mere presence already complicates the storyline enough. Will he hide like a mouse in the Academy? No way! If he's already stirred chaos, he's going to take it, AND TRIPLE IT. Manipulation, murder, blackmail—you name it, he'll do it to climb to the top. Yet, despite his chaotic tendencies, he's not all bad. There are people he loves and will protect at any cost. Is he good, evil, or my favorite-chaotic? Who knows! But one thing's for sure—he's having a blast. He gets nerfed, but does he let that destroy his goals? HELL NAH! If you think this is a fanfic with no plot, no story, no character YOU'RE DEAD WRONG, at least I think so, unless I'm overestimating myself.

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Tournament (Part 2)

"He who has won all matches by a huge margin. . . LIAM AMADEUS"

"Going against, he who has ended all his matches with a single punch, RYOMEN SUKUNA"

This was one of the biggest fights in all of the Tournaments' history, never had a person been so outmatched to other people, let alone more than seven, and two of these were fighting against each other.

Liam was quite nervous, readying his stance the best he could, making sure to leave no openings.

Meanwhile, Sukuna was standing with his hands in his pockets, facing the tense opponent with a small smile.

He was thinking about how much Liam looked like Bakugo but . . . calmer.


Cheers rang out all around the stadium, expecting a huge collision to occur as soon as the word was uttered.

But soon, the cheers died down, seeing that none of the two were moving.

Liam's gaze was piercing, trying to figure out Sukuna's plan, he found his stance to be too open, even a child could land a hit on him right now, and that didn't sit well with him.

Most of the fighters had noticed this as well, if they were in Liam's place, they would probably have done the same.

But, only about four people found the true meaning of this action.

It was a challenge, a challenge put up with so much confidence that the opponent does not have the ability to land a hit.

The Head of the Hunter Association and the Principal of the Academy looked at each other, the Principal had his eyebrows furrowed, while the Head had a big smile on his face.

'I like this brat' thought the Head.


Slowly, more people started figuring out the meaning behind Sukuna's stance, them gaining a look of realization and surprise.

For those who didn't get it, Sukuna explained . . .

"Come at me with all you got . . ."

Liam's expressions changed.

". . . If you land a hit, I'll surrender."

Gasps were heard all around the stadium.

Liam knew that it was better not to be affected by the provocation, but everyone, especially one of the strongest in the world, had a sense of pride in them, which, if damaged too much, could cause actions driven by emotions.

Liam ran towards Sukuna, trying to punch him in the guts.

Little sparks could be seen on his fist, this was his special ability, fire.

He had ended many of his matches with this move, where he would punch the opponent, and the opponent would be engulfed in a sea of flames that blasted to a huge distance.


His punch had flaws, too much power was put into it, and the angle was a little sloppy.

This was probably due to his anger, that even he didn't notice he had inside him.

Such little subconscious changes can decide a match.


Sukuna caught his fist, which sent a loud yet muffled sound throughout the stadium.

He had made a little Cursed Energy flow into his hand holding the flames to disrupt the flow of mana, hence causing the fire explosion to be quite small and do negligible damage which was healed in an instant.


For the next part of the fight, Liam tried to destroy the ground and send the debris at Sukuna to block his vision while also running at him himself.

He had figured out that the lower part of the arena was reinforced with metal, so he melted the metal to throw it at Sukuna.

The flying dome of molten metal covered Sukuna whole.

Almost everyone in the audience thought it was over.

'Interesting, you fascinate me every second, Ryomen Sukuna' thought the Head of the Hunter Association as he closed his eyes with a smile.


The molten metal around Sukuna was cut and it flew in all directions.

Liam had an expression of disbelief, while Sukuna was enjoying emotionally torturing this young fellow, as he had a huge grin on his face.

"Time to end this"

As soon as Sukuna said this, he seemingly disappeared from his spot.

None but a few of the students were able to follow his movements.

He instantly appeared behind Liam, with black sparks appearing on his hands, which were clenched into fists.

Many of the students that studied with him knew what was about to happen.

"BLACK . . .




. . . FLASH"

Liam was sent flying out of the arena, the point of contact being at the right side of his rib cage, the bone fragments impaled his lung, causing a fatal injury which could have possibly resulted in death.

'That wasn't in my control, I just happen to hit Black Flash at every perfect moment to end the fight' thought Sukuna as he gracefully walked back to the resting area.


'I felt a distortion in space, does that mean he can use space magic, is he that high level?'

'Wait, no. Haha, I keep forgetting that he is manaless, he cannot even use basic elemental magic.'

'What was that distortion then? I need to investigate, I need more information to plan anything'

"What is your opinion on it, Principal?"

"He has done that move before in the Academy, but we still have not been able to deduce what it does, our best guess is some damage multiplier or something that controls how much force is applied in certain areas."

"I see, good work."

'Force Multiplier huh? Using the space distortion to increase the power behind the punch, or is it something else like using it to damage internally?'







That was quite a good show I put on, wasn't it? I deserve a pat on the back for that one.

The guy I was talking about earlier made an edit of my fight, I don't even know how he got these angles, but the edit is sooooo sick, especially when I hit that Black Flash.


I look so evil in it hehe.

But the comments on it say that they didn't like me because I was too "Arrogant" or "Overconfident".

Whachya gonna do about it, huh?

The guy who made this edit . . .

. . . I have to recruit him.




I was sitting, calmly talking with the Principal of the academy, when my assistant burst open the door and rushed through it having a panicked face.

I motioned the Principal to leave.

After the Principal left . . .

"Sir, there was a huge spike of mana at an area, so we spent people to investigate it, and the results are not good."

"A student, which participated in the Tournament disappeared, but worse, there are traces of 'that'."

My eyes widened.

"Are you sure it was 'that'?"

"Yes sir, I went myself to check, it really was the energy of demons"

"We need to take quick measures then, this means that 'they' can now create portals connecting the two dimensions." I said.

"Go alert the special branch now, I'll give you your orders soon." I said as i dismissed him.

"Yes, sir," he said as he left.

I leaned back on my seat and thought . . .










'. . . Exactly as planned'

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