In the Academy as Sukuna (Updating in fanfics)

THIS STORY IS BEING UPDATED UNDER FANFICS WITH SOME CHANGES AND HEAVY IMPROVEMENT . He wakes up one day as Sukuna in a world he remembers from a game. His goal? To bring chaos to this realm, but his mere presence already complicates the storyline enough. Will he hide like a mouse in the Academy? No way! If he's already stirred chaos, he's going to take it, AND TRIPLE IT. Manipulation, murder, blackmail—you name it, he'll do it to climb to the top. Yet, despite his chaotic tendencies, he's not all bad. There are people he loves and will protect at any cost. Is he good, evil, or my favorite-chaotic? Who knows! But one thing's for sure—he's having a blast. He gets nerfed, but does he let that destroy his goals? HELL NAH! If you think this is a fanfic with no plot, no story, no character YOU'RE DEAD WRONG, at least I think so, unless I'm overestimating myself.

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The Tournament Ends

Recently, the System has been interfering in my life less and less.

Well, maybe that's a good thing, I didn't mean to rely too much on it in the first place.

Anyhow, results of the background search of the edit guy came, and they are, well . . .

He's quite average honestly, but he wants support, he has never been appreciated because he was weak.

His abilities are way below average, but in exchange for that, he got a unique skill to record stuff.

His abilities are not fully revealed, so I was sent a few clips and recordings of him using his ability and the results of it he uploaded on the internet.


Figuring out his ability is quite difficult, because it does not create any visible changes, but looking at all the information I have, I theorized that he can capture, record and store anything that is happening around him, in a limited radius, obviously.

He would have probably been bullied by brats who couldn't see Mt. Tai.

Saying that he should work in movies or something.

But, I say, his skill is SICK.

Like, can you imagine the amount of potential it has for information gathering?

If he can see whatever's going near him in real-time, then he would be one of the best in the world for reconnaissance.

Moreover, he can get the best angles of me whenever I want to do something and reveal it with a bang.

I gotta get this guy.




Well, the guy's name was Lucas, and I succeeded in putting up a good first impression.

He was quite confused at first when I approached him, but talking to him, I figured he's a fine guy.

When I complimented his abilities and potential, be almost exploded. He cried and hugged me, while I was standing there getting stared at.

A few people took recordings of me and posted it on the internet.

Now there are memes about me, one panel showing me with Eva and another me hugging Lucas, and the statement: "To gay or not to gay?"

This was quite weird, can a person not have a bro-hug in peace?

Well, if I was in the place of those meme makers, I'd probably do the same.


Well, my talk with Lucas was not that interesting so it probably got skipped, seems like the Author inherited my [Sloth] skill, no wait . . . he had it from the first chapter.

Speaking of the [Sloth], it was removed from my status because I made an exchange, ya remember that?

Well it also had a side-effect on [Unshakeable Heart], apparently some of its effect were considered 'debuffs', so it was degraded into [Reinforced Heart].

Also, wanna know what I offered?

I offered m–

"Ryomen Sukuna . . . please enter the arena for your match"

Well, I guess you won't be knowing, hehe, too bad.




I walked into the arena where Eva was standing.

She beat Ryogaku without exerting herself too much, which was quite impressive, honestly.

The arena was burned because of that guy's flame sword, which is Hinokami Kagura however you look at it and you can't convince me otherwise, which caused a delay in the final match.

There were cheers from all around the stadium, the audience was going nuts, some of them had painted my tattoos onto their faces.

I stood on the opposite end of the arena.

Eva got into a stance, but it felt . . . off.

This one had a few openings, one that anyone moderately skilled could notice.

My thoughts rushed, and I relaxed even more than I was at the conclusion I came at.

I put my hands in my pockets and waited for the match to start.



It's so hot in the sun, I should have ice-cream after this, how about I try the mixed flavor I saw displayed in the canteen yesterday?

"And after the long wait, the final battle shall . . ."








Inside a VIP room, the Head of the Hunter Association, and the Principals of the ITAAS Academy and the Evan Academy were sitting.

The two principals could be seen discussing about the match starting soon.

They were trying to fully break down the abilities of both the participants, the Principal of Evan academy coming to a conclusion that this battle will be really close as both Eva and Sukuna are at the same level.

Blaze, who knew other abilities of Sukuna, knew the outcome already, but didn't voice any such opinion, not wanting to spoil the fun.

The Head was just slightly smiling looking at the arena, not giving attention to the conversation happening.

Even though he looked calm on the outside, his thoughts were running at the speed of light.




Head of the Hunter Association, one of the most prestigious and the highest positions in all of mankind.

It was given to me after years of hard work and . . . planning.

But it was not enough. I wanted more, I wanted to control each and every thing, I wanted to become a . . . God.

So, I made plans, so many plans, plans that were absolute.

My ability, in addition to my intelligence, made them perfect.

But, the anomaly, Ryomen Sukuna, changed everything.

He was not supposed to appear anywhere in my plans.

But, he spawned out of nowhere and interfered with Eva, she was to be one of my most useful pawns, but now I would have to change it up.

Thankfully, the demonization plan of the boy went well, he willingly went into the other realm and would be trained, because he has something 'special', which the ones of the other realm will probably find after a few experiments on him.


Even though my plan with Eva has been interfered with, the events that were to take place in the following days shall go the same as planned.

I got up from my seat and walked away, I could see the two Principals having a confused face, they would soon know why.

"And after the long wait, the final battle shall . . ."


As soon as the words were said, another voice echoed throughout the silence it created itself in the stadium . . .


A grin formed on my face, and my calm façade was broken after a long while.

Everything not going according to your plan is . . . fun








The situation is now in control.

Students have been transported into the ITAAS Academy for Refuge, which was the least damaged out of the three.

Following are the casualties in students:

213 Injured

18 In a life threatening condition

23 Dead

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