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I Wanted To Be A Good Person Once

Eternal World

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# RAPIDDEVELOPMENT Fang Ze transmigrated to a world filled with superpowers and became a police. Initially, he planned to carry out his duties diligently. However, by chance, he discovered that his true identity was actually a criminal who had been arrested. The police faked his identity and made him believe that he was one of them. Then, they utilized his remaining memories to solve the case and identify his accomplices. They had set up a huge operation and were ready to capture him and his accomplices at any time! Fortunately, he acquired a superpower called the Midnight Investigation Room. At midnight every day, he could conduct an investigation on a chosen target. During his investigation, not only could he hear the actual thoughts running through the head of his subject, he could also acquire different items based on the value of the information he collected. Some of the items he acquired included: a mushroom that could sustain its host’s beauty forever; a credit card that allowed its users to loan from the future unlimitedly; a loyal assassin troop that lurked in the shadow; a demon eye that allowed its user to pry into the other world; a kobold that could learn and train with double efficiency on behalf of its master; seeds that could be attached to enemies’ bodies to make them puppets; and tapes that could transform human bodies into rocks when applied. In order to resolve his crisis, he collected information and investigated the case while improving his ability and expanding his influence. Unfortunately, he uncovered an even bigger scheme after solving his case. This entire world turned out to be a scheme! Many years later, Fang Ze sat on the throne of the King of Darkness. Accumulated beneath his throne were the countless skulls of his enemies.


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