I Wanted To Be A Good Person Once

# RAPIDDEVELOPMENT Fang Ze transmigrated to a world filled with superpowers and became a police. Initially, he planned to carry out his duties diligently. However, by chance, he discovered that his true identity was actually a criminal who had been arrested. The police faked his identity and made him believe that he was one of them. Then, they utilized his remaining memories to solve the case and identify his accomplices. They had set up a huge operation and were ready to capture him and his accomplices at any time! Fortunately, he acquired a superpower called the Midnight Investigation Room. At midnight every day, he could conduct an investigation on a chosen target. During his investigation, not only could he hear the actual thoughts running through the head of his subject, he could also acquire different items based on the value of the information he collected. Some of the items he acquired included: a mushroom that could sustain its host’s beauty forever; a credit card that allowed its users to loan from the future unlimitedly; a loyal assassin troop that lurked in the shadow; a demon eye that allowed its user to pry into the other world; a kobold that could learn and train with double efficiency on behalf of its master; seeds that could be attached to enemies’ bodies to make them puppets; and tapes that could transform human bodies into rocks when applied. In order to resolve his crisis, he collected information and investigated the case while improving his ability and expanding his influence. Unfortunately, he uncovered an even bigger scheme after solving his case. This entire world turned out to be a scheme! Many years later, Fang Ze sat on the throne of the King of Darkness. Accumulated beneath his throne were the countless skulls of his enemies.

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This Is All a Trap

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As he muttered the Awakening materials that appeared in his mind and the details of the Awakening ritual, Fang Ze felt a headache coming on.

Ever since he transmigrated, he had been controlled by the task force and had never come into contact with the outside world.

Therefore, he was completely ignorant as to whether these Awakening materials were common and where he could buy them.

The thought reminded him of tomorrow's holiday.

Perhaps… that would be an opportunity?

He hoped that everything would go well.

The next day.

In the morning, Fang Ze got out of bed.

His roommate, Wang Hao, was happily doing push-ups beside the bed.

Fang Ze was in a good mood after taking advantage of his roommate last night.

Thus, he leaned back on the bed, deliberately teasing his roommate. "Are you in such a good mood these past two days?"

Wang Hao froze at Fang's words. Then, his smile faded and he asked, "Is that so?"

Fang Ze cocked his head at him. "Of course."

Wang Hao said vaguely, "Well, maybe… maybe I'm just happy because the case is moving fast. I… I'm fine."

Fang Ze nodded eagerly. "Yes, yes, yes. I believe you."

Wang Hao was dumbfounded.

Wang Hao felt that his roommate's reaction was a little strange, and that his actions and tone were a little familiar…

However, he couldn't tell what was strange and familiar…

After teasing Wang Hao for a while, Fang Ze went to wash up and then went to the canteen to eat.

There were exceptionally few agents eating in the cafeteria today. After asking around, it turned out that many agents returned to their homes in the city for breakfast after the lockdown was lifted at eight o'clock.

Only the agents who were transferred from other cities and Fang Ze, the "agent" who had lost his memory, had nowhere to go. That was why they made do with the canteen.

Hearing this, Fang Ze recalled the information of the city where the Investigation Department was located.

It was located in Qingshan City.

This was one of the 23 low-leveled cities of Siddah State.

Located in the northwest of Siddah State, there were mountains and jungles behind the city. Thus, it had beautiful scenery, was rich in goods, and had simple folk.

Of course…

This was the information in the official documents.

As for the official documents, cough cough, those who understood understood…

Therefore, Fang Ze could not say that he knew nothing about the entire Qingshan City, but it was close.

However, anyway, this was the first time he'd been out in the world since he'd arrived.

Especially… if the task force really withdrew their surveillance on him…

Then he would be free.

He knew that it was a long shot.

However, who knew if the enemy would suddenly have a brain attack?

At the thought of this, he couldn't help but feel a little excited.

Therefore, after breakfast, Fang Ze returned to his residence to pack a few things and prepared to head to Qingshan City.

However, just as he reached the entrance of the dormitory, Wang Hao called out to him with a blank expression, "Fang Ze… You, where are you going?"

Fang Ze turned. "I'm going to the city."

Wang Hao stammered, "But you didn't have to bring all the fruits I gave you. You didn't even have to carry the chair away, did you?"

Fang Ze grinned as he carried his large bag. "I'm just worried. After all, if I'm tired from walking, I can have a place to sit. If I'm hungry, I can eat."

Wang Hao was dumbfounded.

Five minutes later, the empty-handed Fang Ze was led by Wang Hao to a beat-up Jeep.

"You probably didn't read the announcement. If you want to get to the city, you can take the task force car."

Fang Ze was silent.


With a sinking feeling, he got into the Jeep.

Sure enough, someone familiar was sitting in the car.

She was Bai Ling, the Rank-2 officer from the Security Bureau whom he had met yesterday.

She was folding her hands behind her head and leaning against the back of the Jeep, swinging her white, tender calves and idly blowing bubble gum.

Although he had guessed that they would not let him go so easily, Fang Ze was still a little disappointed when all his fantasies were exposed.

He tried not to let his feelings show on his face as he pretended to be unaware of any of this. He smiled and raised his hand in salute. "What a coincidence, Officer Bai Ling. Are you going to the city too?"

Bai Ling smiled extremely brightly at Fang Ze's words.

She blew a pink bubble and looked at Fang Ze with her big eyes. She smiled and said, "It's not a coincidence, Agent Fang. I was waiting especially for you."

Fang Ze froze at Bai Ling's words. Then, he grew wary.

He feigned ignorance. "Waiting for me?"

Bai Ling nodded. Then, she beckoned Fang Ze to sit.

Seeing this, Fang Ze could only bite the bullet and sit down.

Bai Ling leaned close to Fang Ze's ear and carefully looked around. Then, she whispered, "Let me tell you something. Actually… This is a secret mission."

Fang Ze was silent.

What a familiar routine.

He feigned surprise. "A secret mission?"

Seeing Fang Ze's surprise, Bai Ling was obviously very satisfied. She nodded vigorously and then explained in a low voice, "Aren't you curious why you reported Agent Han yesterday and then today our task force lifted the lockdown?"

Fang Ze played along. "It's weird."

Bai Ling said mysteriously, "Actually, this was all set up by the task force."

"After our surprise interrogation, Agent Han admitted to being an undercover spy for that criminal organization."

"However, because he's an associate, he doesn't know much."

"That's why we wanted to use a trick to lure them out."

"Lure them out?" Fang Ze asked cooperatively.

Bai Ling nodded. "That's right. We spread the news that we've caught the organization's undercover agent."

"Then, the task force was given a holiday to make that criminal organization mistakenly believe that the defenses of the task force are empty."

"We want to see whether the organization will come to his rescue."

Fang Ze was confused.

"Then what does this have to do with us going to the city together?"

Bai Ling slapped Fang Ze on the shoulder and said, "Are you stupid?"

"We're prepared for both outcomes!"

"We're worried that the organization will see that it was a trap."

"Thus… We also spread the news that you caught Agent Han!"

Fang Ze was confused.

"If that organization discovers our trap and decides not to save Agent Han, but is prepared to kill you to vent their anger, this can also lure them out!"

Fang Ze was even more confused.

Bai Ling said, "Of course! The Security Bureau wouldn't put an agent in harm's way just to solve a case."

"Thus, they sent me to protect you."

"What do you think? It sounds reasonable, right?"

Fang Ze was speechless.

What could Fang Ze say?

All he could say was, "It's reasonable…"


If he replaced Agent Han with himself in this plan, it would probably make more sense.

That explained the holiday.

It turned out that the Security Bureau wanted to use Fang Ze to try and see if he could draw out that organization…

Fang Ze understood.

The beat-up Jeep chugged down the long stretch of road through the jungle. Maybe it was because the road was uneven, or maybe the car was too beat-up, but the whole vehicle wobbled.

However, Fang Ze did not pay attention to this.

Perhaps because his fantasy had been exposed, Fang Ze calmed down.

Indeed, it was ridiculous to expect the people from the Security Bureau to have a screw loose.

Now that escape was hopeless, Fang Ze began to think about how to use this "protection" to gain more benefits for himself.

His eyes lingered on Bai Ling for a moment at the thought of this.

It was said that all the members of the Security Bureau were Awakened people. In that case, a Rank-2 officer should also have Awakened, right?

In that case, as long as he didn't ask about secrets and asked for some general knowledge about Awakening, it shouldn't be a problem, right?

It seemed that the agents of the task force had never hidden anything from him.

Maybe… This cheeky girl from the Security Bureau wouldn't either.

With that in mind, Fang Ze looked at the girl. Then, he coughed and said slowly, "Ma'am, I have some questions for you. I wonder if that's okay?"

As Fang Ze spoke, the girl was idly rocking her fair calves.

Hearing Fang Ze's words, she turned her head and looked at him with her dark eyes. She smiled cutely. "Of course you can."

Fang Ze was delighted.

He was about to ask when the girl added, "But… it'll come at a fee."

Fang Ze was speechless.

"A… fee?"