I Wanted To Be A Good Person Once

# RAPIDDEVELOPMENT Fang Ze transmigrated to a world filled with superpowers and became a police. Initially, he planned to carry out his duties diligently. However, by chance, he discovered that his true identity was actually a criminal who had been arrested. The police faked his identity and made him believe that he was one of them. Then, they utilized his remaining memories to solve the case and identify his accomplices. They had set up a huge operation and were ready to capture him and his accomplices at any time! Fortunately, he acquired a superpower called the Midnight Investigation Room. At midnight every day, he could conduct an investigation on a chosen target. During his investigation, not only could he hear the actual thoughts running through the head of his subject, he could also acquire different items based on the value of the information he collected. Some of the items he acquired included: a mushroom that could sustain its host’s beauty forever; a credit card that allowed its users to loan from the future unlimitedly; a loyal assassin troop that lurked in the shadow; a demon eye that allowed its user to pry into the other world; a kobold that could learn and train with double efficiency on behalf of its master; seeds that could be attached to enemies’ bodies to make them puppets; and tapes that could transform human bodies into rocks when applied. In order to resolve his crisis, he collected information and investigated the case while improving his ability and expanding his influence. Unfortunately, he uncovered an even bigger scheme after solving his case. This entire world turned out to be a scheme! Many years later, Fang Ze sat on the throne of the King of Darkness. Accumulated beneath his throne were the countless skulls of his enemies.

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This Transcendent Creature is Called the "Phoenix"

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In the Late-Night Investigation Room, everything was the same as it had been before he left last night.

There were two quiet sets of tables and chairs, a lamp, and a steel door.

The Magazine on the table had been brought to the real world by him, so it disappeared from inside the room.

Fang Ze did not start today's "investigation" directly like the previous two times. Instead, he sat down and began to think.

Actually, ever since he transmigrated, Fang Ze would dream every night.

However, the previous dreams were not clear. In addition, he did not have a deep impression of them, so Fang Ze had never remembered them.

However, tonight's dream was too real and infuriating.

It also made Fang Ze remember it well.

He could not help but start to think.

Could it be that these dreams were the memories of his predecessor?

In that case, who was that girl? What was her connection with "him"?

Was she an enemy?

Why did "he" treat her like that?

After thinking for a long time with no result, Fang Ze could only pat his face to clear his mind.

"What girl are you thinking about! Does the girl smell good, or is she soft in your arms?"

"The most important thing now is to obtain an Awakened ability!"

"Without an Awakened ability, I won't even be able to control myself, let alone others…"

"Therefore, I should first think of a way to continue my 'mysterious man' persona and obtain more information from the sheep… Pfft, from Wang Hao to obtain better 'rewards'…"

With that thought in mind, Fang Ze stopped thinking about the girl and sat down at the table. Then, he turned on the lamp and began to adjust the layout of the room slightly.

Last night's "miracle" had a huge impact on Wang Hao's life.

If it hadn't been for the incredible clarity of his memory, the way he remembered the layout of that room, and the way he remembered every word of the mysterious man, he might actually have suspected that everything was just a dream.

When he got up the next day, it wasn't as if he hadn't suspected that everything was fake.,or that the mystery man had forgotten about him on a whim.

However, he had thought about it.

In either case, he was going to spy on his roommate and investigate the case. Even if he didn't tell the mysterious man, he still had to do these things.

He wouldn't lose anything by doing so.

In that case, why hesitate?

Therefore, on this day, he doubled his efforts to investigate the case. He even tried to ask about the case when he reported the information to the interlocutor at the security bureau at night.

In the end, this unintentional move actually allowed him to obtain a shocking secret. It also completely changed the direction of his "story"!

He felt that this secret would definitely interest the mysterious man!

Thus, he returned to the dormitory in high spirits.

In the end, his criminal roommate almost noticed something.

Fortunately, through his cleverness, he managed to muddle through.

Therefore, he did not dare to delay. After washing up, he went to bed early and fell asleep, waiting for the mysterious man to summon him…

When he woke up, as expected, Wang Hao saw the mysterious man from last night again…

The last time he met with the mysterious man was in an extremely luxurious room. At that time, Wang Hao was shocked by the luxury of that room.

However, this time, when he saw the scene before him, he was even more shocked…

This was because in front of him was a volcanic cave filled with heat waves, flames burning, and the wind howling like a steam whistle…

Meanwhile, the mysterious man from last night was standing on the churning lava not far away, as if he was waiting for something.

Wang Hao couldn't help but gasp at the terrifying scene before him.

However, at that moment, the mysterious man waved his hand and said, "Don't make a sound. It's coming out soon…"

"It's coming out soon?"

"Who's coming out soon?"

Wang Hao was a little confused.

"Is there a third person here?"

Just as he was thinking this, the magma not far away suddenly erupted, as if a huge creature had crawled out of it.

"Moo!" The creature cried to the sky. It burst out of the lava in flames, sending up a wave of heat.

Feeling the heat wave and the surging flames in his face, Wang Hao curled up into a ball. He felt like he was about to melt!

Despair filled him.

He had never expected to die here.

At this moment, the "mysterious man" seemed to have noticed his miserable state.

The mysterious man waved his hand, and a royal blue cover appeared in front of Wang Hao.

The cover looked as thin as a cicada's wing and seemed as if it would break with a poke.

However, it isolated the surging heat wave and the roaring flames outside.

Wang Hao suddenly felt alive.

It also gave him time to check on the mysterious man.

He saw the mysterious man chuckle. "Naughty little fellow…" Then, he reached out and grabbed the air.

In an instant, the flames that filled the sky seemed to be torn apart by a giant hand. They exploded and turned to dust before slowly falling to the ground.

The ashes formed a small mound on the ground.

A moment later, an ugly, chick-like creature emerged from the ashes.

It shook its neck gently to dislodge the ashes, then raised its slender neck and cried out as it looked around with its lively eyes.

Seeing the shocking scene in front of him, Wang Hao couldn't come back to his senses for a long time.

After a moment, when he came back to his senses, he couldn't help but say softly, "S–Sir… W–what is this?"

The mysterious man walked over with a smile, then waved his hand. The chick-like creature immediately flew into his hand.

As he stroked the ugly creature, he said, "I've been thinking since the last time I failed to create a disaster creature."

"Why must life end in death?"

"Can't a creature be born from death and then move on to new life?"

At this point, he said, "So, I created this transcendent life form, the phoenix…"

"It is born from a death by flames. Then, at the end of its life, it will turn into flames and welcome new life. As long as the flames aren't extinguished, it will never die…"

Wang Hao's jaw dropped at the mysterious man's words.

To be honest, he didn't really understand, but he felt that… It was amazing.

Could the mysterious man in front of him be a god, or something close to one?

Why else would he take pleasure in creating extraordinary lifeforms every day?

He could even create transcendent beings that could live forever…

Thinking of this, he was once again determined to cozy up to the mysterious man in front of him.

Hence, without the need for the mysterious man to ask, Wang Hao quickly told him all the key information he had obtained today.

Although he couldn't see the change in the mysterious man's expression because of the fog, Wang Hao could clearly sense that he was very satisfied with his story…

Just like that, the "story" was over. Wang Hao didn't dare to continue disturbing the mysterious man, so he tactfully took his leave.

The mysterious man did not try to persuade him to stay. Instead, he said calmly, "Your story is getting more and more interesting. I believe that after two more visits, you will be able to get what you want…"

It was a simple statement that was not even a promise, but it made Wang Hao blush with excitement.

After Wang Hao left, the "mysterious man" Fang Ze hugged the "phoenix" and stroked it as he fell into deep thought…