I Farm Demons : Unholy Necromancer In the Apocalypse

Author: Yonaas
Ongoing · 1.4M Views
  • 431 Chs
  • 4.1
    37 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is I Farm Demons : Unholy Necromancer In the Apocalypse

Read I Farm Demons : Unholy Necromancer In the Apocalypse novel written by the author Yonaas on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, reincarnation, r18, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war with demonic forces, civilization as it once existed is all but gone.  In its place, a new order had emerged, with humans developing magical abilities as each generation passed.  To ensure the survival of their species, society had been divided into Circles, with each member guaranteed a specific job once they reached the age of eighteen. Xylon Sinclair was an orphan with a limited affinity for magic, and he had been reincarnated as a punishment for his past deeds.  In a former life, he was Zephyr, a powerful demon who served the mighty Balthyrov, the Lord of Demons, until he became a perceived threat. He got killed mercilessly and got forced to reincarnate as a fragile human being as a punishment. Upon reaching the age of eighteen, Xylon was told that he will become a Soul Keeper, a role that he knew nothing about. Despite his confusion, he had no choice but to accept this position.  However, rather than following the status quo, Xylon experimented with the system, using his formal knowledge about the demon realm to resurrect demons from thousands of years ago.  What had started as a mere curiosity soon turned into an obsession for Xylon.  He was fascinated by the power that he could wield by bringing the ancient demons back from the dead.  It was as if he had discovered a new realm of possibilities that he had never imagined before. And then, he started to dream bigger... Xylon Sinclair wanted to rule over both realms, human and demon realm... //////////////// For those who wanted to contact me, here is my discord : Yoonaas#3976 p.s: the cover is purely mine , and it is made solely for this webnovel, it shows Zephyr. Well, i don't allow anyone to use it, it is purely made for "i farm demons" . + all the art you see in the comments is original and purely made for this book. my server :https://discord.gg/2X4kTvDUSu

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Tania_7768 · Games
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Sebuah kisah dua remaja yang terlibat pernikahan karena perjodohan yang disetujui oleh kedua belah pihak. Aaram yang notabenenya adalah sahabat Sandra,Aaram juga pernah menyakiti sahabatnya Dira karena berselingkuh dengan Sona yang tidak lain adalah sahabat mereka juga. Sandra yang memiliki rasa takut untuk membuka hatinya kepada seorang pria karena rasa trauma atas kehidupan kedua orang tuanya di masa lalu,akhirnya terpaksa menerima perjodohan ini karena ia ingin melihat ibunya bahagia. Sedangkan Aaram yang pernah menyakiti hati sahabat Sandra yang bernama Dira juga pernah merasakan penghianatan yang Sona lakukan. Rasa sakit yang pernah Dira rasakan kini Aaram pun merasakannya juga. Awalnya Aaram meminta Sandra untuk menerima dan menyetujui pernikahan ini atas dasar suami istri diatas kertas. Tetapi,ketika Aaram meminta Sandra untuk melupakan kesepakatan itu Sandra menolak karena ia masih belum bisa menerima atau membuka hatinya untuk seorang pria. Bagaimanakah kelanjutan kisah Aaram & Sandra? Apakah Sandra akan mampu membuka hatinya untuk Aaram dan melupakan rasa traumanya? "Aku selalu menutup hati ku untuk pria mana pun. Bagiku semua pria itu sama saja. Sama-sama breng***." ~Casandra Arshavina~ "Aku belajar dari pengalamanku selama aku menjalin suatu hubungan dengan seorang wanita. Pengkhianatan yang pernah aku lakukan dan pernah aku rasakan,kini membuat diriku ragu akan suatu hubungan percintaan dengan wanita mana pun. Tapi,jika aku telah mendapatkan seorang istri maka aku akan menjadikannya ratu dari segala ratu dalam hidupku. Aku akan selalu ada untuknya." ~Aaram Rafasyah Rahardian~ (cerita ini masin nyambung dengan cerita The Coolest yang saya publish di tempat lain,biar tidak bingung saya sarankan baca The Coolest terlebih dahulu)

Eva_Hyungsik · Urban
330 Chs
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Hey, i am the author of this work. any questions?


i would love to see more of eva and xylon , they are my favourites so far, the romance between them is just so good, my fav cup of tea.


I added new pictures for the webnovel inside the comments, characters, scenery, demons, actions. ps:the pictures are all solely and officially made and commissioned for the webnovel i farm demons, i don't allow anyone to use it for their novels .


Reveal spoiler


i just want more updates, and also I can't wait to see the character reference displayed here in the app, the original ones you shared in discord were so cool.


for the sake of my sanity, tell me , is xylon ever going to love his harem(more persistently Eva ) .if not tell me now , because i just don't want to be tormented forever ...


guys, please spoil it for me , when xylon and eva are going to meet again ?i am in chapter 170 and i just keep thinking about that one night🥵


author, i asked about the server, if you have one . at the start the mc act like a kid, but after he just went to the farm his attitude changed , i like it this way. his sister needs to be part of his harem. i saw others asking but you didn't say any answer .


i want to see more of Zephyr, the story is still not clear yet , i read 10 chapters , but i feel like i will read more of it , come back when i finish


You know what, seeing the world from the eyes of an emo kid is not as exciting as I thought it was. It's actually downright exhausting and frustrating.


the worse thing about this book is that author-san doesn't upload 4 or more chapters a day.don't mind me


good one [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Reveal spoiler


as an introverted person i could really relate to the scenery and the the atmosphere of this novel.even when the world in this novel is chaotic , we have an mc who is stuck in a farm .at the beginning i thought that it was slow but then he started to disco er more of the world and his surroundings and things developed in a good way, especially inside the abyss and also in the village of waraka.the world background needs more and more chapters but still, it was a good read .


Okay, I gotta admit... this book is really good. I'm serious! First chapter in, and I could already feel the vibes. However, things got even more interesting after that. Rooting for you, Zephyr. Lets do thisss!!!


It is a good novel. The writing quality is excellent . However, I can't seem to like the MC. He is way too prideful ( even with pitiful strength) and arrogant. I hope he gets stronger soon. I would love to see an MC who is ruthless, cunning yet loving to his family.


Reveal spoiler


a very promising, overpower mc. and reincarnation series. indeed the novel keeps the read in hook. i wqant moreeee. ..........................................


Hello author. I tried reading the first 10 chapters but eventually gave up. just my personal opinion but I recommend that you rewrite the starting chapters. The reason why is because the same thing was said multiple times but in different ways. Why would I want to read about the same thing twice? I get that because of the constant time skips, you have to reassure the reader that "the mc has yet to change" but it felt strenuous to read and I wasn't told anything new. Also the world building. You introduced us to the crumbled and war-torn city early on but it wasn't until after a few chapters that I was told that there was an actual group of people living together. Maybe I missed it but there was no explanation for how the (camp?) looked like. These were just my thoughts and a writer can never cater to everyone so I understand if it was just me that prefers a different style of storytelling.


for now the permise is good, i want to see more of the sister eva , i hate akuna tho. still reading and i wish that eva would be in the harem


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