i am son of the red skull

Heinz woke up after his death in the body of a 7 year old, he was trapped in a laboratory, with new memories he learned he was the son of Johann Schmidt or known as the red skull (mcu) MC will only have a status screen and nothing else as a transmigration benefit, other powers will be gained through the experiments he will go through.

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skills from SATORU GOJO

Sunday, Heinz was sitting on the floor with his eyes closed

He's reached a peak state in his defensive space barrier, so he's going to start another training.

Satoru Gojo, a fictional character with the ability to manipulate space, Heinz decided to use his skills to train, extremely strong abilities.

" Infinite: Known to be an ability to "stop" things, it's actually Satoru's power to slow things down completely. When something or someone tries to hit Satoru, it actually hits infinity between them, nothing can hit Satoru if he doesn't want to"

"in short, he creates a space between his body and something that wants to hit him, I can develop that" Heinz

"The blue, red and purple techniques I'll leave for later, first I'll train in infinity"

Heinz has trained his space barrier to a good level, however it has many flaws, it is much inferior to the infinity technique.

Heinz uses his power based on his will, with his will he manifests his power in the world, of course training is necessary, if he puts it in simple terms, will would be mental strength

That's why Heinz' weakness is his mind, using too much of his power makes his head hurt.

"Creating a space around my body is extremely complicated, but it doesn't matter, I will master this technique"

Heinz started training, he went down in the pool, his goal is to keep the water away from him and keep his body dry even at the bottom of the pool.

Using space, he first started to build a "space" around it.

Trial after trial, his space collapses and he gets wet.

Training until his head ached, he made no progress.


Go to college, train, study, help Raven and talk to Adam about the company

Day after day, week after week, every day Heinz makes this routine difficult

6 months passed, better grades in college, growth in the company

But the training remains difficult.

"Fuck 30 seconds, just 30 seconds minutes I can keep infinity"

Heinz manages to create a space around his body that slows down everything that tries to hit him, but it only lasts for 30 seconds

[space manipulation]: level 2 = experience 99/200

"I think I need level 3 to improve my infinity skill, can't complain, I've made a lot of progress"

"hahaha Heinz you really like to get wet so take this"

While thinking, Heinz hears a cute voice behind him, and a bucket of water falls on his head.


"hahahahaha" Raven

"I'm going to ask Ane to increase her math homework more"

"no it was a prank bro" Raven


"Jonathan, you also started your Course Completion Paper" Heinz

"Yes, my topic will be genetic evolution, it's used a lot, but it's my favorite, I intend to specialize in genetics" Jonathan

Even with years left to finish college, the two nerds have already started the final work of course conclusion

"Good topic, I will do about the limits of human and animal bodies, in the astronomy course it will be about intelligent life outside the solar system" Heinz

"Damn, you can take two courses at the same time, I just kill myself in biology, I wanted to open your mind and see what's inside" Jonathan

"there is blood and brains"

"I'm glad, at least there's no oil, so our government doesn't invade your head"

"Speaking of government, I hope you decline the invitation, I will build a laboratory and I will make you the leader" Heinz

Heinz and Jonathan due to high performance already received job offers, Heinz ignored them all, he is rich

"working for the government or my friend, that's the question"

"know that I will pay double the salary they offered you"

"closed business boss" Jonathan

Heinz laughed, the first scientist he ever got