i am son of the red skull

Heinz woke up after his death in the body of a 7 year old, he was trapped in a laboratory, with new memories he learned he was the son of Johann Schmidt or known as the red skull (mcu) MC will only have a status screen and nothing else as a transmigration benefit, other powers will be gained through the experiments he will go through.

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Jonathan Drew

"master, I'm sorry, it was my fault" Adam

"Don't worry, Raven will live here now, this invasion was a random thing, and even if someone comes with bad intentions, I can take it" Heinz

Heinz really likes his butler, Adam, although he is a former German soldier, he doesn't have the same opinion as the high-ranking WWII military, he was just a patriot who loved his country

Heinz's only concern is the Hydra, Adam was a former member and must have been brainwashed, Adam follows the orders of the red skull, but it's obvious that Adam really does treat Heinz with respect and not just his mission

Heinz has decided to increase his studies, he wants to solve Adam's brainwashing, and get rid of this possible problem quickly.

"Adam, I changed my mind, I'm taking two courses at the same time, astronomy and biology" Heinz

Heinz wanted to major in astronomy first and then enter MIT in engineering, but he changed his mind.

Astronomy, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Genetics, Heinz wants it all, decided to make the most of his improved intellect

Whether it's creating weapons, equipment, solving Adam's brainwashing or creating a better version of the super serum, he needs knowledge.

"Master...Won't this be too tiring?" Adam

"Yes, it will be tiring, but this is just the beginning, I will do my best in everything, this is the only way I can give back everything the world has given me" Heinz


Heinz hired teacher Ane to teach Raven, raven only changed his appearance to study

Heinz wouldn't let Raven go to school, she has no control over her own power, it was too risky

In addition to studying, Adam was given a mission to train Raven in combat.

Mutants are chased and hunted, Raven must have the strength to defend herself, of course Heinz didn't exaggerate, training was tailored for a child without super serum

"Heinz, this is hard" Raven

Raven didn't complain about physical training, she complained about math.

"Mathematics is of utmost importance to all Raven humans, we must strive" Heinz

"but I'm not a human" Raven

"you're a human, it's just a funnier version of humanity, having super power is a gift from the world to you"

"but I'm blue...I can't walk down the street"

"yes it's blue, the color of the sea and the sky, this is just a simple physical difference, many women will be jealous of you, now stop thinking bullshit"

Heinz wants to teach her from the start that he literally has no faults with Raven, wants to keep her from having that inferiority complex


The next day, Heinz went to his first day of college.

Heinz wore a black coat and a backpack, his outfit was not flashy

Even though he was handsome, due to keeping his profile low, Heinz went unnoticed

He will strive to perform flawlessly and graduate early.

In the morning it is biology and in the afternoon astronomy

Entering the classroom, Heinz sat at the front to study further, a thin man with glasses at his side.

"Hello, my name is Heinz"

"oh hello...my name is Jonathan Drew"

Heinz talked to Jonathan, he realized he had a lot of knowledge in genetics.

Soon the teacher came in and started the class.


day after day passed

Heinz became the best student in astronomy and biology

Even though he avoided drawing attention, he was noticed by the other students, due to his appearance, he became the "target" of all women.

But he didn't have time for that, between studies and training, he reached the peak of his effort.

He is on good terms with all his colleagues and teachers, but only Jonathan Drew has become a friend.

Heinz assessed Jonathan's talent, and realized that it is too high and so he decided that he will in the future recruit and fund him.

Heinz continued to create scripts for his company, but everything else was done by hired employees, so expansion was easy.

So time passed, between study and training