i am son of the red skull

Heinz woke up after his death in the body of a 7 year old, he was trapped in a laboratory, with new memories he learned he was the son of Johann Schmidt or known as the red skull (mcu) MC will only have a status screen and nothing else as a transmigration benefit, other powers will be gained through the experiments he will go through.

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year 1952

Between the study and the training routine, another 2 years passed

Heinz graduated with honors in astronomy and biology, due to his high performance he finished much earlier.

"Raven, pack quickly, we have to go to Massachusetts soon" Heinz

"alright alright" Raven

Raven had white skin and blond hair, she assumed the form of a young jennifer lawrence

After 2 years of training, she had some control and could easily take the shape of other people and even mimic their scent, her body skills also showed up, physical strength and endurance

However, what excited Heinz the most about Raven was her incredible intelligence, he had actually forgotten that Raven in the stories was fluent in 11 languages ​​as well as having a super memory.

"Adam, take care of Raven, I'll go to our building" Heinz

"Yes master Heinz" Adam

Heinz disappears into the void


In the background of a construction in progress, Heinz appears using his teleporter

A beautiful building was being built, this is the base building of the jewel laboratory

jewel laboratory, will in the future be the company focused on medicine

Heinz plans to create Schmidt Industries, he will have several companies within his industry, Dc comics, jewel laboratory and others

"jonathan how is construction going" Heinz

Heinz just appeared out of nowhere next to Jonathan

"What a fucking fright, where did you come from!!!" Jonathan

"Oh sorry, I forgot to notify you of my arrival"

Heinz's teleport is much stronger, he can travel between cities, getting from his house to the building is easy.

"It's ok, I still can't get used to you showing up out of nowhere, all the construction is being done in the best possible way"

Jonathan Drew also graduated early, as promised he became the chief scientist at Heinz's laboratory.

"that's great" Heinz

"however we have a problem, to acquire the best equipment we need more money" Jonathan

Heinz is a millionaire, but building a lab from scratch is still too expensive

"don't worry, I'll fix this problem soon, I'll be going to MIT, there I can introduce my new product" Heinz

Heinz has decided to become the creator of the first video game, so he will create the Magnavox Odyssey almost 20 years before the original.

Magnavox Odyssey has an extremely simple structure, of course even something simple, in 1952 it is a technological revolution, the big problem is televisions, only in 1954 will televisions have color

Heinz's idea is to create the Pong game and a spaceship game for his video game, two simple games that don't need color or sound

Heinz will in the future improve his video games and become the absolute leader in this industry, he has the advantage of knowing his opponents before they even exist, be it their games or machines, he can copy to his video game everything that is best in them.

Best of all is that Heinz can advertise his video game in his extremely famous comics, he already creates some pages with Flash playing his video game

"That's good my friend, I think it will take about 2 years to finish everything here" Jonathan

"ok I'm leaving now, I have a trip tonight, I come back on weekends" Heinz

After saying goodbye, Heinz hid and used his teleport


Raven was still packing, she had lots of clothes, Heinz took her shopping every week

While waiting, Heinz entered the pool, but the water did not wet his body.

2 years of training was enough to get into level 3 of space manipulation

[space manipulation]: level 3 = experience 35/400

Heinz's infinite skill now lasts a full 5 minutes, after reaching level 3, his space control and strength greatly increased his already trained skills.

Not only that, he started training Satoru Gojo's Blue skill and Red skill.

Using his space control, he activates a Blue-like ability, By concentrating his space power enough to form a vacuum point, Heinz creates a scenario where the rest of the world tries to fill that vacuum, causing all the matter in a given space to focus on the vacuum point, creating an attractive force.

The Red ability is the opposite, it creates a repulsion force with its space.

Of course not everything is the same as Gojo, Heinz has the range limit, it seems that his spatial control power is heavily in his physical body, he can only create this spatial vacuum up to 100 meters

"I must start training Hollow Purple, combining the attraction and repulsion of Blue and Red to create a space-distorting singularity, instantly erasing all matter in its path."

"But I'm not going to train at my house, I must teleport to the sea and train there"

While Heinz thought about the pool, Raven finished her bags

"There, we can go Heinz"

Heinz will go to MIT, study Engineering and at Cambridge College itself, he will do Chemistry

Again, he will take two different disciplines at the same time, although the improvement of Heinz's intellect is limited, but thanks to his efforts he manages to be called a genius, albeit inferior to the true geniuses of Marvel

Soon Heinz, Adam and Raven went to the airport


In front of MIT College, a fat woman with a kind face helped a fat boy with no leg to walk in his wheelchair.

"Mother, I don't know if I can do this, I feel pressure" said the legless boy

"don't worry my son, you have your place in the world, your mind has given you it, don't let other people's judgments harm you" Olga Bochs

The boy's name is Roger Bochs, due to health problems he had his legs amputated below the knee, without being able to exercise, he gained weight

Thanks to his situation, Roger Bochs developed many psychological problems and low self-esteem, before choosing to study at MIT, he was almost taken to a clinic for treatment.

Although Roger's body is bad, his mind is extremely good, at just 10 years old he improved the family car, showed great talent for technology and invention.

"It's ok Mom, I'll try" Roger

Roger said goodbye to his mother, he used his wheelchair and went to the classroom, he will do engineering

Inside the classroom, Roger stopped his chair in a place by himself, he was ashamed to be around other people

Suddenly, a tall man in a black coat walks into the room, he sits down next to Roger

"Hello, my name is Heinz" the tall man spoke

"I... hello, I'm Roger, I think"