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Transmigrated as Harry in HP /DxD world. What if Harry didn't grow up with Durslies? What if he was taken in and was allowed to grow to his full potential? OP Harry. Smart Harry. Mad Scientist. Doesn't Give a Shit. (Lots of HP Bashing. MC doesn't care much about DxD ) I will also posting this story on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub and Fanfiction

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Hope and Ritual

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Word Count 3150

There will be constant updates now. If we get enough stones on this I'll update tomorrow as well. 


Forest in Idaho. Approximately 20 million acres of just forest. That's about 40% of the land in Idaho.

A little girl dressed in rags was walking through the forest. Her entire body was covered in dirt and twigs. Suggesting she had been in the forest for quite some time. She was currently scavenging for nuts and berries.

When she saw a camp.

There was one tent and food was cooking on the grill above the campfire


Her stomach growled. She hadn't eaten a good meal in days.

She quietly went to the grill and just as she was about to steal the food.

A young voice startled her from behind "Why hello there"

~ MC Pov (MC is still 7)

The girl jumped up and turned to face me.

She growled deeply as she crouched a bit, her nails changed to claws, her blue eyes shifted into amber. They were practically glowing. Classic signs of a werewolf

But what surprised me was her teeth. Her two fangs elongated much more than what normal werewolves have. Those were vampire's teeth.

A hybrid?

Very interesting. But is she a pure werewolf or a wizard-infected one.

"Haaaa" She lashed her hand out, fire gathered on her hand.

Well, guess that answers that. No way an untrained child can use MageCraft without any circles. Trained magicians can use weaker magic without any circles. 

So it's wizarding magic.

"Sai" I say with strong and clear intent.

Her entire body froze in place. She couldn't move. But that didn't stop her from struggling.

Ahh such a convenient spell. It's the fastest one I managed to make for binding. Much faster than saying 'Petrificus totalus' and even the normal English 'Bind'.

It's also quicker for silent casting. Since you have to think of the spell you want to cast. 3 letters and Bam. You are frozen.

"Let me go!" the girl yelled at me

Now that she is staying still I got a better look at her. I cast some diagnostic spells on her. She was 9, thin and malnourished, She looked like a 7-year-old. My age except I look like a 9-year-old because of the magical food and exercises.

And she is a tri breed, technically. Magical, Werewolf and Vampire. But her Werewolf side is a lot stronger and more in control than what I would expect from an infected wizard. So that means her mother or father was a half wizard-half werewolf

Mixed breeds are generally weaker than most supernatural races. They are at the bottom of the barrel. Just above humans. Can't do anything right. Not as strong as a real vampire, not as fast as a real werewolf. And less talent in magic than normal wizards. 

But what if they are just not being trained right?

If you train them like ordinary soldiers or specific parts of their bloodline. It's obvious that it won't work out. 

I want to take her in. See how far a 'mutt' can go. Will I be able to make her strong? And If I can do that. Then there is quite literally an army of outcasts ready to be picked up. Desperate people who need a place to survive. 

"Hooo. Harry. Who is this?" Melinda asked with a raised eyebrow, breaking me out of my thoughts

"A food thief apparently. One that attacked as soon as they saw me" 

The girl calmed down a lot. Maybe it's because she learned that her chances of escape are low. 

"I'm sorry. Please let me go, I promise I won't do it again." The girl begged, but her stomach growled even more. She flinched a bit.

How long has it been since she last ate

"Little one. How about you join us for lunch?" Melinda asked with a soft smile

Ha, knew she had a heart in there somewhere.

"Really? But. I have claws and fangs. I'm a monster.." She held her head low

"Hahaha. You might as well be a puppy compared to this monster. He makes the monsters from nightmares seem like puppies " Melinda points in my direction. 

Ouch. It's true. But still ouch. 

"Harry take the girl to the creek and help her bathe. No food until you are clean. Got it" Melinda looked at the girl who just nodded, her head was lowered.

"Oh. Sorry I totally forgot. What's your name" I really did forget to ask for her name.

"Hope. Hope Mikaelson" 

(A/N She won't be hella OP. Or that OP in general. This isn't Originals or Legacies. It's DxD. I added her just because I find her attractive. And I wanted MC to have a servant/bodyguard. She will be stronger than most HP characters. But not the ones from DxD) 


"Hey! Wait!" Hope complained as harry was pushing her

"Nope" Harry just tore off her dirty rags and pushed her in a somewhat deep part of the creek.

Enough for Hope to be submerged up to her neck if she kneeled a little

" Okay, first things first. 'Aresto momentum'." Harry slowed down the current around Hope

" Heat" he started to heat up the water, making it the perfect temperature

" Nice. Then 'Clean' " All of the dirt and branches disappeared.

'I can actually see her natural hair color now. She had auburn hair. Honestly, it suited her blue eyes.' Harry looked at the malnourished girl. Hope was looking at her hands in wonder. They have never looked so clean.

Harry caught that "Do you know what Shampoo and Soap are?"

Hope shook her head

"Oh boy." Harry took out both of them and put a lot of shampoo on his hands.

"Come here. I'll put on shampoo in your hair" Hope shyly nodded and came close enough so harry can reach her

"Hmmm, mental note, make a shampoo hair scrubbing spell. Why have I never thought of that? That would save me some time in the shower." Harry mumbled to himself

After a few minutes, Harry manipulated water from the creek to make a bubble above her.

"Close your eyes" Hope did so

Then droplets started to fall from the bubble. Washing the shampoo off her hair.

Okay. Now for the soap. She will be doing that on her own.

I wave my hand and separate the water from her. Making a small empty space. Just enough space for her.

I pass her a bar of soap "Take this. You put some water on it then rub it. It will start foaming up. You rub the foam all over your body. Then I will do the rain bubble again. Do you understand?"

The girl nods

She definitely has a story behind her. She knows how to talk and survive. Obviously. But she doesn't know what soap and shampoo are. She is currently 9. Even 4-year-olds know what soap and shampoo are.

Best guess so far. She had been on the run with one of her parents. They probably didn't have enough money to afford those things. If they had any money at all. And they died, leaving Hope to fend for herself in the wilderness.

Poor kid.

Hmm now for clothes. I take out some of my spare clothes.

I'm so glad I learned Full Metal- Alchemy. Transmutation is so bendy to have. It's actually quite similar to MageCraft. You have a circle and you use science to perform 'magic'.

I transmute my spare clothes into girl clothes. And uses a simple color-changing spell to make it more girly. Hmm nope. I'll call Melinda here. She will just laugh at my fashion sense.

I contact her using magical means "Master. Time to switch. She is almost done"

"And why should we switch? I'm quite comfortable in my chair"

"Because you will just laugh at my fashion taste" I deadpan at her

"You have none. But you do make a good point. I don't want this girl to be traumatized by your poor taste in clothes. I'll be there soon" She cut off the call.


I'm not that bad. Men's fashion is simple. I look damn good. But women's...

So many options. So many colors. So many names for simple things. My head just starts to hurt

~ A few moments later

Melinda and Hope came out. And boy did the girl have a transformation. The wild savage in rags was turned into a skinny girl in a yellow summer dress. Her hair was also braided and had ribbons.

Melinda really went all out. What is it with old women and dressing up young kids. I flat-out threw the clothes back in her face when she tried to put me in embarrassing outfits.

Hope was beet red. She had a solid grip on her dress where it ended near her knees. Trying to pull down on it. She was also having trouble walking in sandals.

"What's up kiddo? Not liking the dress?" I smile at her

Melinda had a deadpan expression "She is older than you by two years."

"I'm an old soul" I wave her off.

"I know. You are a definition of a book worm"

I'm not even going to argue that. I can't. I have about 100 books on me at all times in my pocket space.

"Umm. The dress is nice. But.. its.. the breeze. It's uncomfortable." Hope kept squirming. There was a nice gentle breeze in our camp location.

I wave my hand and cast an invisible membrane around her skin and clothes. She was immediately relieved.

"Come on. Let's eat." Melinda spoke up.

Lunch was a quiet affair. Hope was stuffing her face with food. Melinda and me just watched quietly while we enjoyed our own meal

After dinner was finished the atmosphere turned awkward. Hope kept staring at her plate. Not knowing what to say

"Hope. Why are you in this forest?" Melinda asked softly, she was being careful not to push her.

Hope slowly raised her head as she looked at us "I live here, ever since my mum died. She told me its dangerous to leave the forest and that bad people would take me"

Okay that's progress

" Do you know about your father?"

Hope slowly nodded "Dad died when I was young. My mom talked about him, he was a vampire. Mum called him a 'stray'. He was injured when he found mum's cabin in her previous home. She healed him and they stayed together. He died when I was 4. Mum said he stayed behind so that we could live"

Well if he died so easily then he might not have been very strong. But most likely he was killed by the egotistic scumbags from his faction. Werewolves and Vampires have a grudge going back millennia. There's a reason why there are few Werewolf/Vampire hybrids. Both factions kill them off. Considering them a stain on their bloodline. But they are fine with human hybrids. Servants for them.

"How did you survive?" I get right to the point. I need to know this.

Hope lowered her head again. " I slept in a small cave. I hunted and ate anything that I could find, birds, snakes, rabbits, deer. I think I ate a human once. I can't remember very well." She said the last part very quietly

A survivor. She will do just fine.

"Hope. Do you want to stay inside the forest? Or do you want to come with us?" Melinda asks her

"I don't know... I don't want to be a bother"

Self-esteem issues. We will need to work on those

"Well, you won't, because it won't be for free. We will give you food, clothes, shelter. We will give you a home. In return you will serve and protect me."

Melinda raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything

"Protect you? But you are stronger than me?" Hope tilted her head. Not understanding how she could protect me

" Yes, but someday I might be fighting against multiple people, I would like someone to be there to watch my back, when that happens"

"Do you promise not to leave me?" Tears started to form in her eyes

Add Abandonment Issues to the list. Totally justified though

"Good. You can take my bed for now. We will get one for you tomorrow" Hope was about to protest but Me and Melinda quickly convinced her otherwise

As soon as Hope laid on my ridiculously soft bed, she fell fast asleep.

I put a ton of magic into that thing. Making it as comfortable as possible so i can get the best quality sleep.

I actually had to enchant it so it forcibly lifts me up from the bed and puts me on the floor.

Because I didn't want to leave the bed at all. Melinda had to drag me out of it.

" A servant huh? You sure work fast. But are you sure about this? She is a TriBrid. Her bloodline will only hold her back, she will forever be 'average'." Melinda questioned

" Average huh" I grin " We will see about that"

(A/N I plan for her to be like Shion for Rimuru. Servant, Bodyguard, Secretary)

~One year later. MC Pov (MC is 8.)

Its time. I was standing in a ritual circle. Tommy boy's soul shard will be finished by the end of the day. 

"So are you ready?" Melinda asks in a stern tone.

But I know she is worried.

"Yep. Relax it will be fine. We checked over the calculations Five times. The Ritual will work. And I got my Pervell family magic to help me out. Quite Frankly a small shard doesn't stand a chance. This was Tom's latest shard and the weakest as well. It contains all of his memories from birth until when he tried to kill me."

"Yes but Soul Magic is dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt." Melinda's face softened up

"I feel the same Harry" Hope stood there nervously

Thanks to potions and pills she was no longer malnourished. She even grew more thanks to magical ingredients. Looking more like an 11-year-old.

She was healthy, strong, and happy.

'I finally convinced her to stop calling me ridiculous titles like Master or My Lord. I don't need that Chuni shit'

"It will be fine. It's time to begin. Right now its the peak of Samath"

Melinda nodded and stepped back, so did hope

Let the ritual begin. Naked as the day I was born. I slammed my hands on the ritual circle. The chalk started to glow an eerie green

~ Inside mindscape

Ethereal green tendrils were attacking a figure cloaked in black mist

"Nooooo. I can not be killed. I am Lord Voldemort!" a Wraith was screaming because of the pain

"Hello TommyBoy"

"Harry Pottah!!" Voldemort growled

"What are you doing to me!!"

"Why should I tell you that? Do I look stupid to you?" I sneered at him, making him angrier

I just need to keep wasting time. Soon his personality will be destroyed leaving an empty husk with memories.

Once I am done sorting his memories I will either devour the soul shard. Or just use it for future experiments.

"Don't Ignore ME!!" Voldemort continued to trash around

"Stop acting like a 16-year-old girl who is desperate for attention:" I yell at him, further infuriating him

"Raahhhhhh" Voldemort screamed out. He tried to break free but the green tendrils were keeping him in place. Damaging him more by the second

I just kept insulting him for the next 2 minutes.

'This is kinda therapeutic' 



The green tendrils ripped him apart. The shadowy figure disappeared. All that was left was a floating glowing orb. 

~ 2 Weeks later. 

"They should be arriving soon" Melinda looked at her watch. 

We were in the American equivalent of Diagon Alley. Just a 100 times better. It was actually modern and clean. 

" Relax." I wave off her concerns

" Harry take this seriously" Melinda frowned at me

"I am. Students start Salem University of Magic at the age of 9. Salem has made dozens of Arch Wizards during its 160 years of existence. 

Hogwarts has existed for a 1000 years and its most recent Arch-Wizard is Dumbledore. Who got the position for backstabbing his boyfriend Grindelwald. 

Ilvermorny has been around for 400 years. And they have had quite a few Arch-Wizards. But they are a public school like Hogwarts. 

Salem is only for the elite. And it's not about money. Only talent and potential can get you in that place. 

"Yes, but we both know Britain will try to drag you back when you turn 11. So you will have to leave it in 3 years." 

I nod "I know. But I have planned for this. Three years is more than enough for me to learn almost everything from that place. Especially with my beautiful brain and Tom's memories to speed things up." 

"I don't like how you are being forced to do things you don't want," Hope says as she looks up from her book. She was studying hard to learn magic and magecraft. 

"Such is life. But it's not like I will just comply with them. They are going to pay a big price if they want me back in Britain. And Hogwarts has something I want. It boasts one of the biggest libraries in Europe. Even if they put 60% of it in the Restricted section."

" Morons, they are destroying their country's future. " Hope sniffs at their stupidity 

"Agreed. But I also want Salazar and Rowena's legacy. Their personal Libraries." Just those two are more than enough reason to go to Hogwarts.

The Chamber of Secrets. A 1000-year-old basilisk, alongside anything else left in the Chamber. And the Room of Requirement, a room Rowena based on the Longinus Innovate Clear. I want its blueprints. 

That thing is a researcher's dream. Being able to test any potion or rune I want. Without actually going and gathering the ingredients myself. 

I need tonnes of gold for an alchemy experiment. The room provides me with it. I need a rare herb for a potion recipe. Here you go.

Nothing in the room technically exists. Anything that is made from the materials the room provided will also disappear. But the possibilities are endless. 

"You are taking a lot of unnecessary risks. Like your new bling" Melinda points to my left ear.

On it was a new earring I made. A special earring I learned how to make from the Peverell Family Grimoire. It was an Emerald Octahedron. The tip had a small chain that was attached to my ear. 

(A/N. Something like Raizel from Noblesse. But with a gem instead of a Silver Cross)

The gem glowed in an eerie green color once in a while. I stored Voldy's soul shard here. This is a special container/prison that the Peverell family made. They gathered the souls of their enemies in here and cooked them using Green Fire that could burn souls. 

They absorbed the finished product. They might have been evil necromancers. But they were definitely geniuses to make something like this.

"It will be fine. Go order another cake and calm down" 

Knock Knock

Ahhh they are finally here.

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