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Transmigrated as Harry in HP /DxD world. What if Harry didn't grow up with Durslies? What if he was taken in and was allowed to grow to his full potential? OP Harry. Smart Harry. Mad Scientist. Doesn't Give a Shit. (Lots of HP Bashing. MC doesn't care much about DxD ) I will also posting this story on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub and Fanfiction

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Impenetrable Mind

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Word Count 1500


2 years later. India (Harry is 7)

Melinda Pov

"A little monster through and through" I mumble as I see Harry playing with his familiars.


As soon as Harry spoke to a garden snake. I realized he was a Parselmouth. I just had to bring him to India so that he may receive the best teachers.

In just a few months he learned everything that the healers could teach him. He did study a lot of human anatomy before. So it wasn't like there was any more that he needed to learn. Just the different wizard bodies and how magic interacts when it heals them.

They welcomed him in the Order of Healers. Reluctantly, Harry didn't want to take the Healers Oath, but they also felt it was a pity to lose such a talent. So they took them in, with the promise that whoever he teachers in healing would have to take the oath.

Harry now has some silver bracelets that were shaped like snake scales. They said it would help with his Parsel magic.

Harry has also earned the right to wear their coat of arms. And he won't take the goddamn thing off. It does suit him though.

(A/N Edward Elric coat but darkish green.)

But what I did not expect was for him to go into the forest and come out with a couple of snakes.

Sabrina, Salazar and Selena

Malabar Pit Viper. King Cobra and a mystery magical snake. Which was the weakest of them, surprisingly.

He also found a pair sick Lionesses. Sisters in fact. Which he healed with his Parsel magic. They now follow him everywhere. Both of the lions also became his familiars. Nala and Kiara. By becoming his familiars they gained some magic, and they are now smarter and stronger. Bigger as well.

Harry uses magic to shrink them and keep them small, in their cub size. Same with the snakes.

He also made a lot of improvements in Mind Magic. Magic in general comes easy to him. What a frightening child. I'm glad I'm not his enemy.

~ MC Pov

Magic is awesome

Especially Mind magic. Ever since I got my hands on Occlumency. I have been busting my ass on learning it.

Occlumency is divided into 3 things. Protection, Emotions and Efficiency.

The first two are obvious. Protecting the mind and keeping a cool head. Being calm in any situation.

I thought about it long and hard. What kind of protection do I want? At first, I thought about digitizing my mind. Making it into One's and Zero's. That idea died quickly, it would have been fine if I was just in Harry Potter. But this is DxD, where Magical Hackers exist. Imagine someone actually managed to hack my mind. I would be dead then and there.

So I decided on something else. It was mostly go big or go home. I started laying the groundwork for my very own Aincrad. The floating castle from Sword Art Online. Even though I only just completed Floor One.

First reason. I can make as many monsters and traps as I want. Aincrad is HUGE!!! And whoever enters my mind will be forced to go through it floor by floor. But Floor One isn't even the real beginning. To get to Floor One, they have to survive the Statue of God Room from Solo Leveling. I'm going all out on this. No one will mess with my mind.

And that's not even the best part of Occlumency. The real gem is Efficiency.

Setting up a Memory Palace and increasing the Thought Process. Even make Parallel Thoughts. That's just Wizarding Magic.

Melinda showed me some active Magecraft spells that rely on science to boost the brain's functions. Increasing it up to 10 times. As well as rituals that can increase the speed further and more parallel thought processes.

My brain is fucking beautiful right now. This makes Magecraft calculations to be a lot easier

I have also learned that it doesn't matter what language you speak in. Magic can be used in any. But older languages have a more powerful effect. That's why wizards use Latin.

Special languages like Parseltongue, are stronger than Latin. About 0.7 Stronger than Latin.

And True Dragon's language is even stronger.

This was a big deal for me to learn. Since Latin uses very long words. Then I realized why don't recreate magic from different worlds.

For example Bleach.

Wizard Magic has. Petrificus Totalus. The full body bind curse. But it take a long time to say or chant it.

On the other hand, Bleach has 'Sai'('Restrain') which does the same depending on how much power you use. It's a lot faster.

There are tons of other magics from other sources. I plan to stay alive for a very long time. Which means I will use anything and everything I have seen in my past life.

Wizards have the spell Protego. It's a spell that makes a shield in front of you. Depending on how you make it and how much power you use, it can defend against magical and physical attacks. There are also variations. Protego Duo, for a shield that defends against both magical and physical attacks. Protego Maxima, which basically makes the strongest shield you personally can possibly make.

There is also the very advanced Mage Shield. It makes a spherical barrier around you. It takes a lot of power to make and sustain. But it's the best defense.

That's the one I want. But I need it to be better. I plan to make a lot of small hexagonal Portego Duo Maxima, or any equivalent of that in about the size of an adult palm and combine hundreds of them to make a sphere.

A ridiculously hard barrier. But that's for later when I have better reserves. For now, I will try to make a Shield with that method.

My master tells me the way that Magicians get stronger is by expanding and comprising their own magic. So that's what I have been doing. It's pretty difficult. And painful if you take it too far. Guess that's why most magicians don't go past Mid-Rank.

They just focus on Studying and getting money to fund their research. That reminds me. Since I can't access my vaults currently. Fucking Dumbles did try to steal from me, but thankfully that was after I locked everything down. Guess he was busy during the first 5 years and was dealing with the Aftermath of the Civil War.

If you can call it that. Anyway, the goblins said I only have access to my trust Vault, which held 50,625 galleons. And if I wanted my main Vault. I would have to wait until I was 16. To take the position as Head of House.

(A/N someone actually calculated how many Galleons were in Harry's Vault.)

It's 1987. A Galleon is 5 British pounds or 7.3 Dollars. Which means I have 369,562 Dollars in my Trust Vault. I don't think my parents planned for that judging by what the goblins wrote to me. The plan was for me to have 1000 galleons in the Vault which would refill back to 1000 Galleons each year. But because it was a Civil War. They spread out the money in a couple of other Vaults. Vaults that were merged back with the main one after their deaths.

So I have quite a lot of money. That I can't access. Goblins only Operate in Britain. And I'm not going back there until I am sure I can survive

Which means I need to find a way to make money as well. Magic research is expensive. And my teacher does have enough to live comfortably, but not enough to spend a lot on experiments.

I also want to learn Enchanting. Runes and shit. I will make the most heavily enchanted clothes for myself. I plan to survive even if they drop a nuke on me.

My familiars will also help me with my protection. I carry them around in magically expanded pockets. They will warn me when I'm about to be attacked.

There is also another thing I got from the goblins. The Peverell Family put some Blood Stones in Gringotts. After I got one and it tested me and accepted me as a living heir I got Grimoires from the hidden Peverell Cottage. As it turns out. I am also the last heir to the Peverell's. Not that that means anything, Just a fancy title. 

And again, I won't be able to access anything else until I am 16 or emancipated. I think the books I got are only the beginner stage. And the advanced stuff is still in the house, but hidden so i can't access it. 

But one thing I learned is that those Maniacs messed around with Soul Magic.

Apparently, that's how they made the Deathly Hollows. Lots and lots of souls. They took away their memories, and their egos, and just used blank souls to make the objects.

And guess what I have stuck in my scar. A piece of Voldemort's soul. Just waiting to be experimented on. And so much knowledge to be 'extracted' from him.

I freaking love magic


Parseltongue. Parselmouth.

Today One Galleon is 25$

U.S. Dollar USD

1 Galleon=$7.35

1 Sickle=$0.46

1 Knut=$0.02

1G=17 S. 1S=29K

1G= 493K

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