Harry Potter: Another Chance

Author: Krio_Genix
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What is Harry Potter: Another Chance

Read Harry Potter: Another Chance fanfiction written by the author Krio_Genix on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, overpowered, antihero, harrypotter, wizards. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An older Harry Potter dies after experiencing much hardship and defeating his worst enemy before being reincarnated in an alternate version of his world where his parents are alive and he is no longer the Chosen One. Now he used all his accumulated knowledge and skills to protect those important to him and defeat Voldemort once more. The upload rate is currently at 6 chapters per week, I may increase it in the future if I have more time. I do not have specific days or times for the uploads because my full-time job has an erratic schedule so I upload whenever I have the time. But you can expect 5 new chapters by the end of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope my readers understand. A.N - - No harem - There will be a lot of violence, so be warned. - The pacing will not be too fast, this is going to be longer than my previous fic so be patient.

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Bro honestly everything was great up to the part of him hiding his abilities „for the sake of not standing out“ like bro that’s the whole point of an mc having the experience of a future self or regression like come on all Harrys has ever been recognized for is killing Voldemort and now when you have the opportunity to write about a Harry recognized for his genius you do not instead u make him a mob how disappointing


It’s not a bad read honestly, but the Mc annoys the h*ll out of me. Imagine a typical chinese Mc that regresses and wants to hide how skilled/powerful he truly is. Now put said regressor within Harry Potter universe and this is story is what you would get.


Writing Quality 4.5/5 Story development 3/5 Character design 3/5 Updating stability 4.5/5 World background 5/5 overall rating 4/5. The story is very well written, and there is at least 1 chapter every other day which is good enough. The character design has some flaws that can become very annoying at times, for example, Harry chooses to be low key, average or decent in everything he does because he doesn't want attention. Sure this is a smart move but the readers want an MC that shines bright in at least some ways. The MC could have been showing enough ability to be one of the best in his year and that wouldn't be dangerous for him since he isn't the prophecies One. But instead, he chooses to be an average Joe. The only other flaw this fanfic has is that the story development is affected by his low key behaviour. What I mean with this is that, there is so far absolutely zero reason for us to read through the first year in Hogwarts because the MC just hides throughout it. It feels like we should jump to the last year so the MC can finally show what he got as one of the most powerful wizards alive. But don't misunderstand, the story got its strengths as well, politics, mental struggles with fitting in, he is op even if no one knows it, and that's why I haven't dropped this at chapter 40 yet.


I always like AU. interesting choice that tom is still alive though. cant wait to see what he was doing and hope harry now try to be more strong


So far, aside from abandoning hedwig, I have no complains. Very nice story line and great read for me. I hope there is Harem though please??? like hermionexharryxdaphne


Story is very interesting. Has some spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes but is enjoyable to read. Plot is interesting, bar some changes I didn't like but they were outshined by what I did like which was overall, a lot more on A ratio. Keep up the good work mate, an excellent read for sure.


Overall the story is enjoyable and this version of Harry Potter is experienced, pretty powerful, and likable. It isn’t an incredible story, the MC falls into some cliches like hiding his talent, and the story can be slow at times, but overall not a bad HP story to kill some time with.


good work.


I have really enjoyed the twists the author has brought without completely altering the story. I look forward to to see what changes ilmm on enjoy and what ones I’ll dislike. As always when I find a good fanfic I want more chapters but quality of quantity.


Excelent work. Not many authors created REAL alternative timeline. I have Hope that novel don't go to harem. Its be very dissapointed. ,...............,..................


can't say much about stability so I just listened to others, anyway, many small mistakes, though the readers make them fun at times, the ver of harry is absolutely annoying and stupid, though that what's he was like in the books so Ig that's fine. (I personally don't like it though) there is some development in other characters but mc is already a mature person so no development there, Like the AU but Neville should have been given more development. anyway. its pretty avg for me in general.


It awesome for potter head fans give it a try. You won't be disappointed.😌 At first I was very sceptical about reading this fan-fiction but boy was I wrong and I'm glad I was wrong. The plot is unpredictable, the characters are so loveable and the way the author give Harry a new side I wasn't expecting was totally worth reading.


great read. the only thing which iIdon't get is the updates? if the author could clarify when the novel is being updated and how his system works that would be great.


This is a good book I reccomend reading this!


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It's good[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


So far this is a pretty good HP fanfic. The writing quality is good. Harry is mature and represents his age and character well. Like other fans, I can't wait for people to see how awesome he is but it 100% makes sense he's not showing off that he's a super genius at everything like some people want. As of now I have no complaints and find the story very enjoyable.


Another good chapter. keep it coming author. . ............................................................................................


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