Harry Potter: Another Chance

An older Harry Potter dies after experiencing much hardship and defeating his worst enemy before being reincarnated in an alternate version of his world where his parents are alive and he is no longer the Chosen One. Now he used all his accumulated knowledge and skills to protect those important to him and defeat Voldemort once more. The upload rate is currently at 6 chapters per week, I may increase it in the future if I have more time. I do not have specific days or times for the uploads because my full-time job has an erratic schedule so I upload whenever I have the time. But you can expect 6 new chapters by the end of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope my readers understand. A.N - - No harem - There will be a lot of violence, so be warned. - The pacing will not be too fast, this is going to be longer than my previous fic so be patient.

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Chapter 208: Check Please!


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-Author notes-

Chapter 208: Check Please!

"Lily…it's not that simple," Snape tried to defend himself.

"How so?"

Snape sighed. He already knew she was not going to understand it. 

"Many of those boys are heirs from important families. Their families have a lot of influence on the Ministry and even the School Board for Hogwarts. We can't do much to them. And as the Head of the Slytherin house, I am expected to be more lenient to them…attacking a few girls is not enough reason f-"

Lily slammed her hand on the table and knocked over the drinks. If it wasn't for the privacy charm she had set in place, this would have earned the attention of the entire Pub. 

"Are you hearing yourself, Severus? You grew up in the Muggle world like I did. These old wizards may still have the mentality of medieval Lords, but I know you at least understand how messed up that is. But you are now complaining about Harry standing up to defend that girl and teach that nasty boy a lesson."

"It's not his actions that troubled me the most…it's his attitude… he sounded cold and ruthless when he spoke to me last year. His eyes showed no remorse for breaking that boy, like it was something he was used to doing on a regular basis. I have met several people with eyes like those…and none of them were good news. There is something strange with your son… I think he's under someone's control…" Snape did not want to reveal his complete thoughts.

His most prominent theory had been that Harry was being possessed by the Dark Lord. If anyone was capable of taking over someone else's body…that would be him. But many things did not make sense. He had been observing Harry for a long time. The boy could be cruel when provoked, but most of the time he got along with the other students and even with the Headmaster. Something the Dark Lord would never do.

"Under someone's control?... you think I wouldn't notice if someone took over my son's body? Don't give me that nonsense, Severus. Whatever you think is wrong with Harry… I can assure you that you are mistaken," Lily spoke with conviction.

"If that's what you believe…but let me tell you one last thing. I do not have evidence, but I suspect the recent attack on the Slytherin dorms was perpetrated by him."

Lily already knew this, so she wasn't surprised one bit. Had Harry not done that, she would have demanded those boys be expelled at least.

'But this would explain one thing,' she thought. 

"Do all the students in the Slytherin house think it was my son who did that?"

Snape was a bit shocked by her lack of reaction. The attack on the students had been one of the most brutal ones in all Hogwarts History, and she did not even flinch after hearing that it may have been done by her son. 

"There are a few popular suspects…your son is one of them, yes. Of course, no one believes he did it alone but with the help of some Gryffindor seniors. After all, he is just a third-year student, and magical talent has its limits."

Lily glanced at the group of seniors who were staring at Harry with their badly concealed contempt. 

"Then those students are in for a surprise…."

Snape followed her look and found the students in question. He didn't even notice it when they entered. His focus had been almost completely on Lily after all.

It did not take a genius to figure out what their intentions were with the way they were staring at Potter.

"I'll go talk to them." Snape was about to stand up when Lily stopped him.

"Let them. They may learn something." Lily looked very calm as she said that.

"There are eight of them, Lily. And I am very familiar with those seniors they are not pushovers. Yaxley and Avery are seventh-years and extremely good at dueling. Especially Yaxley…that boy has won several under-17 tournaments and is probably going to become a professional dueler in the future." 

Snape tried to explain to Lily so she understood.

He of course knew that Harry was very skilled, but unless his crazy theory about him being possessed by the Dark Lord or some other incredibly powerful wizard was true…he was in for a beating.

But looking back at Lily, it didn't seem like his words had convinced her. 

'Let's just wait and see…if things get too bad, I will have to intervene,' Snape thought.


Back at his table, Harry was having a very boring conversation with Pansy about Hogsmeade clothing shops.

The girl was visibly nervous and kept looking at the other table where the Slytherin seniors were sitting.

"And there was this gorgeous red dress with decorations made with genuine gold dragon skin, but mom said it was too Gryffindor for me to wear…ohhh sorry! , I didn't mean to…ahh!" She knocked her butterbeer over again.

This was the third time.

The waitress came quickly to clean the mess.

"Can I have a normal beer?.... please," Harry begged.

The waitress glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. "Are you serious?...no. I'll bring you another butterbeer…"

Harry noticed the seniors at the table behind him standing up and walking out of the Pub.

Pansy became even more nervous now. "Eh….excuse me, there is no need to bring another one. Can we have the check?" She told the waitress.

This one nodded and went away.

Pansy glanced at Harry with an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry, Harry, I just remembered I had something important to prepare back at the castle. Do you mind if we go back?"

Harry wanted to jump with joy now that his one-hour torture seemed to have come to an end, but he remained polite. "No problem, let's go back."

This had been the longest hour of his life... now someone is going to pay for this...

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