Hades in the Multiverse

Isekai story about a guy that gives Hades a chance and reincarnates as him. Granted three powerful wishes that allow him to go against fate and destiny, he will travel not only the DC-Universe but also Marvel and maybe some anime ones. Don't take the story too seriously though as it's just for fun. Give me ideas for female leads (no harem though, only two if we must). The story starts in the DC-Universe and then shifts to others of his choosing. He will be able to jump from one to the other as he wishes, so you can wish for certain animes/worlds.

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Dear Diary II

Diary: 76. Entry

Year: 1925

Month: March

The fifth year is quite stressful ... is what I would say if I was not who I was. The OWLs were to be held this year and I must say that it's nice to see others also learn so much for once.

I made some progress in my magic and magic theory as well as research, but it's not that much since the 75. Entry. More important, is what happened with a certain girl ...

Rose Wynn, is her name. I find her to be a pretty girl, who is in the same year as me. She is a Gryffindor through and through. Not like what most idiots who get sorted into Gryffindor think it means to be a Gryffindor, but a real one.

She has beautiful long, brown wavy hair. I have never seen her cry or be depressed since I first saw her. She is very brave and loves to spend time with her friends. She has no problem with standing up to those that bully others, even if they are stronger or older than her. But the most beautiful thing about her is her smile.

Whenever she smiles, two rows of white teeth come out and you can feel her positive energy flowing out of her. It affects everyone around her and not even the most broody students or teachers are able to stay unaffected.

Magic energy vibrated whenever I saw her smile and that captivated me. I was intrigued and interested in her and the effect she had on the ambient magic. Though I never talked to her or approached her on my own. It was always the other way around.

She would usually ask me something about different subjects she didn't understand and I would answer her. Other than that, we didn't really spend time with each other. I counted her as a friend like all the friends I had in other houses.

That was until yesterday, she asked me whether I wanted to go to Hogsmeade with her. I said yes, but little did I know that she only invited me and no one else. I was not even able to feel awkward because Rose was just immune to those types of feelings and kept talking to me normally.

She was full of energy and I was fascinated by her. Truly I could say that I enjoyed spending time with her. Not once did I think about finishing to get back to my work and training. I didn't even realise time had passed. Strange ... I wanted to spend another day with her. I must find out what this is and why it affects me so.


Diary: 108. Entry

Year: 1925

Month: December

Well, it's the last day before the Christmas holidays. Rose and I walked and spend more time together today. The amount of time I spend with her is increasing. My personal research is limited to the night inside my dimension. Time means nothing to me anymore, after getting a lot stronger with the use of my divinities.

I started practising my divinity of death and also wealth. I use them on the Zombies and other undead that I fight in the dungeons.

I am losing the battle with myself. At first, I tried to limit the amount of time I spend with Rose, so I don't get attached. That plan did not go well as Rose is just too headstrong.

I was Hades, the god of the underworld, death, wealth and boundaries. I shouldn't fall in love ... but ... I'm afraid that might just happen. How will I leave this world when this bond forms between us?

My sister came to my mind today. I realised that I acted very badly. I allowed my fear to control me and hurt probably the only other god that was not a complete prick. I would have to correct this as soon as I go back ...

But what about Rose ...? I'm conflicted. I'll try to see whether she finds someone that ... No! I was just about to run from my responsibility again. I will see this through and if it actually happens that we might fall in love ... I'll go through with it.

There is a war on the horizon. You could feel it in the air. Some rumours here and some whispering there made the entire school a bit nervous.


Diary: 127. Entry

Year: 1926

Month: April

Well, the war started. Grindelwald has begun with his crusade that seeks a world without muggles. He will cause a lot of deaths and with his charisma, he will find lots of followers. That and the Elder Wand, are probably the reason why this war will take two decades.

Dumbledore will not be able to fight him right now. He was already approached by Aurors during transfiguration class, whose professor he now is. It was getting uncomfortable in Hogwarts.

Thankfully I still had someone that was close to me during those times. Not that it would have mattered to me, but it was nice nonetheless. I was far too deep into my Hogwarts stay to see myself as anything else but a student.

Rose stayed close to me. Her family the Wynn's were under pressure by Grindelwald and also by the Aurors to pick a side. It seemed that they were waiting for House Wynn to make a decision.

I made a breakthrough this week about the 'guy' who took the position of death in this world. I actually met him face-to-face as well. It was a man who used to be a wizard once.

While talking I could see his obsession with death and living forever. He took the wrong way though as he was dead and by forcefully taking the position of death, he has put restrictions on himself.

He can't intervene with life directly but he can influence certain things like ... create three indestructible objects and giving them to three brothers and taking advantage of human greed that way.

That's right, the deathly Hallows were created by this man and then gifted to the three Peverell brothers. Good old death thought that these three Hallows would cause greed in the world and through this greed ... death. And he would be right of course.

He did not calculate that the story about the Hallows would be put off as myths and then forgotten. He also could not anticipate that one of the three brothers was too smart for him and would just hide from him, with the object he had gifted him.

The reason for 'death' creating the Hallows served more than just the purpose to get more killing and therefore making him stronger. His plan was a different one. He planned to have something special happen when someone gathers all three.

'Death' had to compromise. He did not have enough authority and power to just create rules for his objects. For each rule, he would have to add something that would put the stakes higher. Therefore he added the condition that 'should' someone manage to gather all three Hallows, he would become the 'Master of Death'.

Meaning that the one who gathered all three Hallows would become his master and rule over death, or at least as much as his authority allowed. BUT ... BUT, there was a catch. He placed a twist, that stated, should this person who gathered all the Deathly Hallows have killed or done evil to acquire the Hallows, he would NOT become the Master of Death, but 'Death' would get said person's body.

That was the grand scheme of this person. He wanted to have all his power while still retaining his freedom. And that was a pipe dream in my opinion.

I might have to deal with him at some point. But I know where the three Deathly Hallows are and can intervene should the situation require it.


Diary: 170. Entry

Year: 1927

Month: June

The last year of Hogwarts is not what I suspected it would be. It is extremely hectic and stressful for most people. The NEWTs gave everyone a headache in the seventh year and I was not any better.

Although my problem is not school, but my personal life. It finally happened. I admitted to myself that I had fallen in love. Yes, me and Rose were a thing now. Though her family was not happy about that. They were hoping and actually forcing Rose to marry someone from another noble family.

They wanted to use her marriage as a way to secure their standing and not be run over by either side of the war. Fear made them do things that weren't their 'style' so to speak.

And it was hard for Rose and in turn, it was hard for me as well. Though I could solve this problem in a second, I chose to not use my powers to solve the problems of this world. The only thing I was using to fight was the magic I learned here.

I know this is not smart, but I want to grow more than just in years. I understand now that you can't always control everything and no matter what happens, I will deal with it. Acting like a spoilt 'god' already cost me my sister and that could not happen again. So this 'life' here in Harry Potter was important for me to gain maturity.

I despised the Greek Pantheon other than Hades and Hestia most were r*pists and spoilt children with anger management problems. Therefore I wanted to make a difference. I had the power to change things and I would do so, but to do that I would need maturity.

I would make sure that Rose knew who I truly was and make sure that she was not so anxious anymore. It pains me to see her like that.


Diary: 200. Entry

Year: 1944

Month: December

I just found my old diary again. I didn't even know I had this. Time surely flies when you're busy.

... I failed... I don't know what to write ...

It didn't work out as I planned it to... I lost everything ... Rose ... my Rose ...

She died yesterday. And ... I don't know how to deal with it... I wanted to reverse it all. I told her who I am and what I can do and I was already about to heal her and make her strong and ... and...

She told me not to ... she said that it was her mortality that made her so happy about what she had in life. She said that she ... loved me and was so happy about me being in her life.

She wanted children but ... we never got to be intimate since we graduated. We were together most of the time ... fighting and sleeping together ... but Rose she ... she said she wanted to wait till after the war to make children ...

And now she's gone. I have nothing left ... only this boiling unlimited fury that seems to increase every minute ... my thoughts only circle around Rose and ... the promise I made.

She said for me not to take revenge against the world but to forgive humans for their foolishness ... she said that was what made us ... human.

This will be my last entry. I will burn it after this. I will go on a hunt now. Grindelwald can make his testament. For there will be nothing left when I'm done with him.

Rose ... my love ... may you rest in peace. I love you.

Diary is finished now.

He will deal with the problems he has with Grindelwald and some others and then go back. It might only be two chapters for us, but it was over twenty years for him and he has matured and grown a lot in those years.

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