1 Chapter 1. Men in Black.

"This movie was absolute shit. Are aliens this easy to deal with?" Noah Anderson, who stayed at home because of pneumonia, was watching the 2011 movie 'Paul', and commented while pouring Coca Cola into his mouth.

If two geeks could handle an alien, why couldn't he? If any aliens tried to destroy his home, he would just kick them in nuts!

'Wait.. do aliens have nuts?'

'No, wait, do aliens even exist?'

Movies were just a work of fiction, after all.


[Earth Guardian System version 1.0 launched. Congratulations on becoming a glorious reserve Guardian of Earth. Please grow as soon as possible, and protect Earth.]

'What am I hearing…?'

'Did I get high on coke?'

Before he could react, he felt dizzy, and the last thing he saw was the half-filled glass of Coke.


Without knowing how long he was out, Noah's eyes suddenly opened wide, and he sat straight on the bed.

Something was wrong.

This wasn't his room, and there seemed to be memories in his mind that didn't belong to him.

He was a second-generation immigrant living in New York, whose name was Noah Anderson. After graduating from college, he changed several jobs because he was obsessed with aliens and repeatedly made mistakes at work. Now he was an unemployed young man.

Currently, he shared an apartment with a black roommate because it saved money, and that roommate was a police officer.

It felt like he saw a dream of someone else's life, and the person looked like him. With a thought in his mind, the character attribute panel appeared.

[Noah Anderson.]

[Gender: Male.]

[Level: 1.]

[Vitality: 60.]

[Spirituality: 1.]

[Strength: 1.]

[Speed: 1.]

[Special ability: None.]

[Weapons: None.]

[Free Attribute Points: 0.]

[Earth Guardian Rookie Reward: 10% increase in all attributes, and an LV 2 experience card. There will be a reward in attribute points for each upgrade, which can be used to improve various attributes of your own. Killing an alien will earn you a treasure chest, which is filled with generous rewards.]

Before he could figure out the whole situation, the door was suddenly pushed open, and a tall black man stepped into the room, casually taking off a gun in its holster from his waist and placing it on the table.

"Hey, Noah, what time is it? Why're you still sleeping?"

'Will Smith?!'

Noah was so excited that he almost jumped out of bed. Did he just meet a big star like Will Smith?! Was he even roommates with him?

But something was wrong. 'Why is he so young?'


[Main character James Darrell Edwards III has been detected. The Mission file is now open. Please join the M.I.B. to learn more about aliens to protect the Earth in the future better. By completing the mission, you will get generous rewards.]

'M.I.B.? The Men in Black?! Did I enter the movie world?!!'

"Noah, what are you standing around for? I'm off tomorrow. Let's go to the bar for a drink tonight. Maybe we could get to know some chicks." James urged.

"Sure, Jay. Hold on; I gotta change."

"Jay? Haha, you always called me James. Sounds cool. Call me that from now on." James laughed and went to the other room.

On the other hand, Noah went to the bathroom and washed up, looked in the mirror and stared at his own face. He wanted to laugh. His dream was to meet a real alien, and now his dream had come true!

He packed a few things and looked at his wallet. The largest bill was 10 dollars, and a few small bills. Noah felt that his new identity was quite miserable.

Jay also changed his clothes. He wore a white T-shirt, a gold chain around his neck and earrings in his ears.

'Was this really a cop?!' Noah thought silently as they went for the car and soon hit the road.

"Noah, you don't know what I saw at work today. A punk robbed an old lady, and I caught him after chasing him for two blocks. He did it right in front of a cop!" Jay looked on incredulously while the music in the car kept playing.

"You're the best detective in all of New York, and if I were the chief, I would have given you a promotion a long time ago." Noah had been staring out of the window. 'Where are the aliens? Is that old lady at the side of the road an alien?'

"Hehe, you know me too well, man. Also, I think the police uniforms should have been changed a long time ago. They really look out of date these days. We should be like those F.B.I. people. Wearing suits and leather shoes. How cool would that be?"

Noah glanced at Jay. 'Your dream will come true soon.' 'However, at that time, it's the last suit you'll ever wear. I'm afraid you will miss the everyday clothes.'

"I prefer casual wear, more comfortable. Anyway, unlike you, I don't have to patrol every day." Noah remembered his apartment's closet, which seemed to only have one suit in it, and it looked cheap.

"Noah, haven't you found a new job yet? It would help if you had a job. I can pay the rent for this month, but you ain't gonna get a girl like this if you keep this up."

Noah felt that this identity wasn't so bad after all with such a roommate who was willing to take the initiative to pay the rent.

"You have a job and a steady income, but do you have a girlfriend?" Noah asked.

Jay: "... Damn man... You just watch. There's gonna be a ton of girls around at the bar. Don't get jealous if I bring her to the apartment tonight."

"Wanna get something to eat first? How about just going to that Chinese restaurant in Chinatown? Don't they have great dumplings?"

Jay remembered Noah had invited him to eat there once, the taste was good, but the cutlery was annoying.

'The Chinese restaurant in Chinatown?' Noah remembered that in the movie, it wasn't a Chinese-owned store, but an alien-owned one, with many alien ingredients.

"... Chinatown is too far away. Let's just buy a hamburger or hot dog on the side of the road. If we take too long, those girls might be taken by the time we get there."

Before Noah could say anything, Jay came up with a new plan. It just so happened that there was a food truck at the corner of the road.

"Noah, this meal is on you; the bar is on me. I just got paid. I'll have a hot dog and a cold Coke. Noah, what are you getting?"

Noah took a big bite of a hot dog. It tasted good, and the price wasn't too high, and he could afford it with the money in his wallet.

"What kind of girls do you like? Blond, red-heads?" Jay asked as he ate.

"Heavy in front, easy on the back."

"Pfft~~ hahahaha! Great answer!" Jay almost spurted out his Coke with laughter.

"Hey, Jay, I think something's wrong in that alley over there..." Noah pointed to an alley not far away. It was somewhat dimly lit, but a woman could be seen shouting something while a man ran out of the alley with a lady's handbag in his hand.

"Fuck, it's a mugging! This guy is out of luck!" Jay cursed as he got out of the car and ran over.

"Don't move, police!"

Hearing that, the mugger not only didn't stop but quickly ran away, and Jay ran after them. Noah also threw down his half-eaten hot dog and chased him.

It was because he saw that the mugger was moving too fast. It wasn't like a normal person ... not like someone from Earth!!

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