Greatest Streamer System

"That was fun..." A sickly young man named Breeze was forsaken by fate, only discovering the fun of livestreaming in the last month of his life. However, he suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar room and heard a voice. It was a system. [Greatest Streamer System has been installed.] [Quest: Get 5 Followers!] [Reward: Streamer Profile Banner.] Breeze had been given a chance and transmigrated as Max Charles in a world where streaming has become a favorite job due to the advancement of Virtual Reality Technology. He worked hard to finish the quest given by the system. However, the viewers were always the same no matter what or where the world was. They were unhinged. — Woah!! Triple kill! — Can he get a rampage? Go rampage! — I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! — Let him cook, guys! Let him cook! Follow Breeze's journey to become the greatest streamer in the world! *** Discord Link: https://discord.gg/99w3KWsREz

ShuviLily · Fantasy
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460 Chs

Chapter 285 – First War, First Fly, First Experience

"Let's do this, Officer. Your skill is needed here. Please destroy the main antenna at the top of that tower. It's a crucial step to raid the main server in 3 days. If we fail here, then our comrade sacrifices will be for naught! Do this for Anne and Dilan."

Max only nodded. If three small battles already covered half of the story, then only two would probably be left. And those two were big ones.

Whoever Anne and Dilan were, he didn't care. They must be a random name that Pops threw to create a sad atmosphere.

'It's really a short story.' He thought. 'Only 5 or 6 battles, huh? I chose the correct game then.'

"If you understand, then it's good. Go after we make a commotion." Pops continued.

"I am counting on you, bud! Watch me from above!" Mohawk chirped in excitedly as he raised his rifle.

The preparation to attack only lasted for 5 seconds. Everyone was ready to storm in.

— This is the part I liked a lot.