Greatest Streamer System

"That was fun..." A sickly young man named Breeze was forsaken by fate, only discovering the fun of livestreaming in the last month of his life. However, he suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar room and heard a voice. It was a system. [Greatest Streamer System has been installed.] [Quest: Get 5 Followers!] [Reward: Streamer Profile Banner.] Breeze had been given a chance and transmigrated as Max Charles in a world where streaming has become a favorite job due to the advancement of Virtual Reality Technology. He worked hard to finish the quest given by the system. However, the viewers were always the same no matter what or where the world was. They were unhinged. — Woah!! Triple kill! — Can he get a rampage? Go rampage! — I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! — Let him cook, guys! Let him cook! Follow Breeze's journey to become the greatest streamer in the world! *** Discord Link: https://discord.gg/99w3KWsREz

ShuviLily · Fantasy
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Chapter 284 – Halfway to the Game

Arriving at the crash site, Max noticed Pops' Strand was standing to the side while holding something. When he saw it, his eyes sparkled in delight.

"My thruster!"

— Pops save it!

— W Pops!

— I decided. I like that old man kekekeke

— Someone saved the day, and it's not Superboy but Pops!

— It's me, Pops da!

"This looks useful, so I took it. I guess you like it?" Pops approached Max in the Strand and put the thruster down. He controlled the Strand to pat his shoulder and nodded. "Thank you, Officer. You saved my life. I didn't know you could pilot a Strand this good."

"No no no, it's fine. You also saved my thruster, so let's count it fair."

"Hahaha, you're truly kind. I am glad I didn't kill you back then! If I killed you, I would probably die right now hahahahaha."

"Hahaha, I am also glad I didn't kill you back then. If I destroyed this base, I wouldn't be able to get this intact thruster!"