Greatest Streamer System

Author: ShuviLily
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What is Greatest Streamer System

Read ‘Greatest Streamer System’ Online for Free, written by the author ShuviLily, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "That was fun..."A sickly young man named Breeze was forsaken by fate, only discovering the fun of livestreaming in the ...


"That was fun..." A sickly young man named Breeze was forsaken by fate, only discovering the fun of livestreaming in the last month of his life. However, he suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar room and heard a voice. It was a system. [Greatest Streamer System has been installed.] [Quest: Get 5 Followers!] [Reward: Streamer Profile Banner.] Breeze had been given a chance and transmigrated as Max Charles in a world where streaming has become a favorite job due to the advancement of Virtual Reality Technology. He worked hard to finish the quest given by the system. However, the viewers were always the same no matter what or where the world was. They were unhinged. — Woah!! Triple kill! — Can he get a rampage? Go rampage! — I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! — Let him cook, guys! Let him cook! Follow Breeze's journey to become the greatest streamer in the world! *** Discord Link: https://discord.gg/99w3KWsREz

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Eh, shameless review from Author! If you're looking for a fun novel with many unhinged viewers in the chat room, then this will be what you're looking for. We will follow Breeze's journey together! Leave comments in the chapter, there will be a chance I will use your comment or name in the chat xD


OK, so I don’t do reviews like ever, but this WebNovel needs to be recognized. 1) Imma start with the characters. Every character is very fun and relatable. we all have that “ one friend” who you can see in the characters. The interactions are also very fluid and organic, I wouldn’t be surprised if these convos happened in the real world. 2) Onto the world. so it is set in a futuristic world where earth has advanced like crazy. I won’t spoil too much and let you experience the vibe yourself. 3) OK a big one and might be a turn off for some, The system. To be honest, I don’t mind systems and even ones that add “ punishments”, but like the author has mentioned before the system is more of like a little bonus gift every now and then. Legit remove the system, and the MC is still a gamer who would accomplish his dreams with or without the system the system just speeds up the process. 4) Last but not least romance. OK, so here I am kind of torn the author has said only one girl will be with the MC in the end… and it’s tough cause I really like both love interests I am currently leaning more for Lily but Nina is just to precious as long as she’s happy I’m happy just don’t want a broken heart :( Anyways, I should wrap this up. It’s starting to look like an essay XD. Just give the book a shot if you enjoy content creators at all that streamers or Youtubers, I promise you will like this. My only gripe is there are two little chapters right now, in under one and a half days, I read through all of the privileged chapters up the max teir :/ keep up the awesome work author, here’s to many more chapters to go!


This novel really surprised me, I was just at a moment where I no longer wanted to read anything else, something like reader's block, but I found this novel quite entertaining.The pleasant atmosphere is maintained at all times and the personality of the MC is also really good, I like it a lot and I hope the author continues uploading more chapters c:(Srry for the Google translator)


shameless exp farming, sorry [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


Absolutely grand, 10/10. A perfect mixture of familiar tropes and ground breaking ideas, brought to life by splendid characters that seem to spring to life with each word in a world that is as rich and ripe with intrigue as it is interesting. I planned to read just a chapter, but it got me stuck to the screen till there were none left. If you're reading this review, you're doing it wrong. Spend that time reading this book instead. Will recommend


What if someone who'd lost everything got a second chance? Seeing his last wish fulfilled and with a second shot at life, Breeze aims to make the best of it. Writing quality is perfection. Edited to a professional level, an amazing job here. Updates seem to be consistent. Story is interesting and it the plot looks to have a promising future. I really like Breeze as a character, and I love the chat. It reminds me slightly of the banter in Rise. Excellent. The world is well thought out and detailed, another great point. Great so far, give this book a read! (Author please release a bonus chap for me ;))


I love this book but I need a fast pass so please like the comment


interesting story overall, yet at the same time I can clearly see and read the BIG INSPIRATION to the Genius Archer Streamer novel, like the author doesnt even try to hide how INSPIRED he is! however, its an ok read, but it gets dull fast


The most underrated streamer system novel I have read so far. I don't know why this is so underrated but I wish this would get its own comic adaptation sooner or later.


I love this novel. I just randomly stumbled on this gem, and I was not sure if I should red it, but curiosity got the better of me, and I don't regret it. it's a story where you can turn off your brain and just enjoy the jokes and the interaction with his chat. I don't know how somebody can make the chat feel like it's a real community and so interactive. I know for sure that many writers make the chat or global chats so boring and tiering that it's better without them, but here it's just pure entertainment


I will say this was fun to read, unique idea, future world and streaming with VR games. Although MC had system it didn't made him too OP like getting a new house/lots of money from the start and MC even failed a task which didn't have much penalty. So A very nice novel after a long time.


Got this book as the Free Book of the day and i can Only say im heart broken that there are only 60 chapters since i was really enjoying my Time reading this Also i know the romance haters will probably stop this book from having any romance But Honestly I really hope this book will have some watching someone balance the life between family and streaming or the challange of rasing kids when your dads a famous stream would be great if this is going to be a long term book hopefully my Hopes get seen by the author Even if he totally ignores it Would highly Reccomend In my opinion its worTh your money Also Since im typeing on a phone have to chanGe to a Different keypad to use punctuation oR if i baCk space Due to my fat fingers the next letter becomes a caps im way to lazy to Fix it Feel free tO leave a comment to flame me foR my lazyNess


As far as I have read(27 chapters), there is literally no problem with this novel. Everything is perfect and the novel is incredibly enjoyable. The writing quality is impeccable with no room for error and the story progression is stable with a steady pace. Apart from the MC, there haven't been many characters introduced yet but the ones introduced so far are definitely likable. The selling point of this novel is definitely the chat. The interaction between the viewers and Breeze and also the interaction between the viewers themselves is ever a fun treat. Overall assessment/ tl;dr: The novel is still in its beginning stages but it shows promise. In short, I would recommend this novel any day to anyone. Sure, it may not be a masterpiece, but it possesses a certain charm that captivates its readers and makes the engrossed in the work.


awesome novel!!!. IDK if people are reading my review or not but let me say something, its just awesome. read the first chapter and you'll like it. the novel is very simple, not confusing at all but, interesting at the same time. the grammar and stuff were easy to understand. and I didn't have to read it twice or thrice to understand it. IDK if i'm writing this right(the review). The main reason why I'm writing this review is so that the author gains some energy and posts more chapter.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


This is my first time reading a book here and leaving a review, so forgive me if it's not a crazy / explicit review made by some professional, and I'll go quickly through it explaining a few points that I really liked about the book itself along with some that let me down. 1 - The book is really easy to read, and it just flows naturally, not using much complicated phrasing or words allowing for everyone to have a good time without having to be an experienced reader, it pretty much reminds me of classical light novels, which are made to be easy to read while sharing an interesting story. 2 - Talking about the story, I have to say that while the concept itself might not seem really original, including a system, a streamer and someone playing games, I think that the author did a really good job with it and presented various original points that you might see somewhere else if you read too much, but for someone like me, it was really pleasant so far. 3 - About the characters in the novel, there isn't much that I can say about it at the moment, as I haven't reached the 200 chapter mark yet, but I can say that while there aren't many of them, you can pretty much relate to any of them on some points and have your fair share of fun reading their interactions. ( author did a good job including comedy in it ! ) 4 - The pacing of the story, I have nothing to say regarding the numbers of chapters coming out and such, since I haven't reached the last chapter that came out, once again, but instead, I'll talk about the story itself. First, the pacing is strangely accelerated, but sometimes slow, with large events happening faster than in your common novel, and I won't spoil you about it, though you'll probably understand my point after reading it yourself. About the slow part, it's just that sometimes, I feel like it was made to be slightly stretched, maybe to reach a certain number of words to publish the chapters, but honestly, not that bothering at all, just a small remark on my side, and it'll also go back to normal in the next chapter. 5 - There aren't many free chapters, maybe 36 or 38 ? I don't remember it correctly at the time of writing that review, so please excuse me. Anyways, I think it's a shame that it's the case, as I'd wish more people to delve into this story and enjoy it with me, so besides using tickets rewarded every day through daily missions or even paying for coins, there isn't a concrete solution to that problem, but at the same time, it's natural to be paid for one's work and there's nothing I can do about it as the power of communism is stronger than Breeze's will. More seriously, I already spent a bit more than 20€ in that story and I have to say that it was well spent for the content I got out of it, might not please everyone, but it was to my taste so please accept my support ! Overall : It's a really good story that I immediately got into, would definitely recommend it to any kind of reader, experienced or not. The contents vary from comedy to action, without forgetting about discovery/adventure and even a tinge of romance, which should satisfy the tastes of everyone I believe. ( I'm not everyone and it's just my personal opinion though. ) And if you're still unsure about it, just give it a try, I can't promise anything, but I'm almost sure you won't regret it !


Reveal spoiler


…..Top tier tbh been reading since it was first published and I’m still hooked 200+ chapters later 😌


Haven't read past the free chapters but this far the story is one of the better I've seen in years. exp


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