Zuo Qingluan?

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Fairy Muyao darted a look at Feng Wu with her limpid eyes and she looked the latter up and down with undisguised contempt. There was no doubt that the fairy didn't like the girl.

Jun Linyuan was cultivating in the log cabin, Feng, the steward, was busy preparing dinner, and Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were engaged in their private conversation. No one was paying attention to the two girls.

Hence, Fairy Muyao went up to Feng Wu at an unhurried pace and looked down at her with a condescending attitude. She then bent down and whispered into Feng Wu's ear scornfully, "You. Are. Hideous."

Preoccupied with her Immortal Spiritual Fruit, Feng Wu was startled by Fairy Muyao's voice. She looked up at the fairy's pretty face and asked in bewilderment, "Pardon me. What was that?"

Fairy Muyao smirked and whispered the provocation again, "I said, you look hideous! It's not your fault that you were born this ugly, but it is when you flatter yourself! You're too ugly to even be Jun Linyuan's maid!"

"Huh?" Feng Wu didn't understand what Muyao was talking about at first.

"I see." A moment later, Feng Wu finally realized that Fairy Muyao had deemed her a scheming girl who thought too highly of herself.

Feng Wu touched her face involuntarily.

Before she left home today, Feng Wu had covered her stunning face with a sallow powder and altered the shape of her eyes and nose. Hence, to other people, she was just another ordinary girl out here.

Muyao was furious at Feng Wu's reaction.

She had made it clear already and the ugly girl didn't even frown! Did she have a brain at all?

Just then, Feng Xun approached them and asked, "What are you two talking about? Did I hear something about someone being ugly or pretty?"

Seeing Feng Xun, Fairy Muyao's demeanor changed right away. A perfect, pretty smile instantly appeared on her comely face. "Young Lord Feng, I was just talking about my beautiful senior sister."

Feng Xun snorted, then sat down next to Feng Wu.

Muyao looked up at that burl wood cabin and felt amorous desire well up inside her because of Jun Linyuan, who was less than a hundred meters away from her. She tried to find something to say to get herself noticed by the crown prince.

Hence, Fairy Muyao sat down on a chair and smiled at Feng Xun in a familiar way. "Young Lord Feng, you still remember my senior sister, I presume?"

"You mean Zuo Qingyun?" Feng Xun asked casually.

Fairy Muyao waved her hands. "My senior sister doesn't like that old name. She goes by Zuo Qingluan now, as in 'Green Luan Bird and Red Phoenix,' the king of all birds."

None of them noticed that Feng Wu, whose mind had been wandering off as she sat there with her chin in her hands, frowned at those words and went a little stiff.

Zuo Qingluan? When was the last time someone had mentioned that name to her?

Feng Xun seemed to be greatly interested in Zuo Qingluan. He commented, "That's quite a name. Is she as capable as the name suggests?"

Xuan Yi also pulled up a chair and sat down at the table across from Fairy Muyao.

Jun Linyuan came out of the log cabin at an unhurried pace at that moment.

Feng, who had been waiting for him on one side, pulled up a chair for Jun Linyuan, then pushed the chair in for him when he sat down.

Dinner was then served.

Once Jun Linyuan arrived, he was all that Fairy Muyao could see. She kept her gaze on Jun Linyuan as if the young man had sucked her soul out of her.

"Ahem —" Feng Xun cleared his throat.

Only then did Fairy Muyao come back to herself as she blushed profusely. Embarrassed, she played with a lock of hair by her cheek and said, "Where was I?"

"I believe you were talking about Zuo Qingluan?"