Godly Empress Doctor

Author: Su Xiaonuan
Fantasy Romance
Ongoing · 17.8M Views
  • 4254 Chs
  • 4.3
    1.5K ratings
  • NO.200+

What is Godly Empress Doctor

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She is a genius girl abandoned by her family in the 21st century. He is an arrogant, black-bellied crown prince of an empire. A lofty existence that can cause the world to enter turmoil in his rage. She plays dumb and takes advantage of him, tricking him, tormenting him, agitating him, running away after every successful attempt at flirting—an act no man can tolerate! Helpless, he can only hunt her, drown her in love, seduce her to be his, but by a strange twist of fate, he is the one who falls for her first. This is a story of a powerful youth and beautiful girl being on opposite side of an equally-matched game of romance.

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" Why can't u do any thing right for once " . " Why can't u be more human like everyone else " . " you are an herald of disaster , no wonder your own parents abandoned you " . " get out of my sight you good for nothing ". " Trash like you should know his worth as common slaves and property of us upper citizens ". Kyle a nineteen year old orphan , who became a commoner class soldier due to failing he's awakening process , found himself violently thrown into space after the spaceship he was on was taking over by space pirates and blown up after been plundered, he had narrowly escaped by using an escape pod but during his escape the shockwave from the exploding main ship had destabilized the escape pod and he was now moving aimlessly in space , he couldn't help but think of how pathetic his live have been . He had lived his first fifteen years in an orphanage home made specifically to get more subjects for awakening fifteen years old kids owned and financed by the Awakened Human Àlliance Federation (A.H.A.F) of Earth one of the many planets inhabited by Humans in the many galaxies explored and conquered throw war or peace treaties, he never knew who his parents where , he was dropped at the door of the orphanage when he was a child with a blank letter tucked into his blanket , since then he had lived his life in the orphanage while waiting for the day he would be awakened only to be met with devastating news . " Am sorry young man but, ...... you are unable to be awakened." That single statement brought his whole dream crashing down he became a failed project by the (A.H.A.F) and was commissioned to be part of their commoner class soldiers , a class meant for the lowest of backgrounds who could not awaken and became Cannon fodders for the A.H.A.F. " I came as trash , am also going to life this world as trash ...... , so pathetic." , Kyle said his last words before opening his escape pod and was immediately sucked into space . But contrary to what he taught he wasn't choking or even finding it difficult to breathe at all , infact it was actually ..... exhilarating . suddenly a blank paper appeared in his vision and as if by magic a single symbol appeared on the paper before it entered his body . All of a sudden a screen appeared in his vision [ Requirement 1 out of 2 completed , would you like to complete the 2nd requirement in other to awaken ] Kyle didn't know what was going on but he accepted anyways BooooooMmmmmmm Immediately he accepted it , he found himself bending in and out of reality....., at least that's how he felt , after regaining his bearing what he saw in front of him scared the crap out of him , a gangantuan entity the size he couldn't even conceive was in front of him , the entity in the process of creating a planet finally realized he wasn't alone and looked him in the eye , just that simple gesture was enough to freeze all the blood in Kyle's body ten times over , in front of this cosmic being he found himself unable to move , but something unexpected happened. " Young monarch, the Time has arrived for you to unlock the restrain stopping you from become the Emperor of all." the cosmic entity said in a voice that commanded the fabric of space, with a single thought of the being . A cyclone of Cosmic energy entered Kyle's body , and with it he felt something he had never felt before a part of him he never knew was part of him was revealed and with that a notification . { Congratulations The AETHERIC EVOLUTION SYSTEM has been activated } { A Bloodline far above any thing this Dimension as ever seen , a power to control the world in your fingertips that resides in you has been unlocked } novel cover not for me

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