She! Wished!

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Hence, Feng Xun looked over his shoulder and called out, "Feng, I need you here!"

Feng was the former general director in charge of palace affairs, who had been taking care of Jun Linyuan since the crown prince was little. He retired from his post after Jun Linyuan was born and had stayed by his side ever since. Therefore, Feng Xun and Jun Linyuan's other friends were also quite familiar with the steward.

No one knew what Feng's cultivation level was, for no one had seen him in action.

No one dared to mess with Feng, for those that tried were all dead.

Feng arrived at an unhurried pace, bringing with him some hot water and ointment.

Once the blood on the soles of her feet was dried off, her skin was stuck to the boots. Pulling her feet out by force would only tear her skin off.

Feng Xun was going to cut the boots apart, but Feng Wu rejected that plan affirmatively.

As a result, Feng Xun could only pour warm water into her boots first. He saw Feng Wu frown when the water went in.

"There, there. It'll be alright in a minute. If we leave the wounds untreated, you won't be able to walk at all tomorrow." Feng Xun comforted Feng Wu like a big brother.

Once the boots were soaked, Feng Xun carefully, and with much difficulty, removed Feng Wu's feet, which were wrapped in strips of cloth, from the boots.

It was so difficult because her feet were so swollen.

Everyone blanched a little when they saw Feng Wu's feet.

They were raw, bloody, and swollen. It was a ghastly sight.

Feng Xun pitied her greatly.

Xuan Yi, on the other hand, frowned. "She's never going to walk tomorrow. We should ditch her."

How could the guy say such things? Feng Xun turned around and glared at Xuan Yi. "Xuan the Second!"


"Put your right hand over your heart and tell me if you can find any conscience there!"

Xuan Yi replied, "I won't dignify that question with an answer. I'm going hunting!"

All this time, apart from that look he gave Feng Wu and a frown, Jun Linyuan showed no extra emotion.

Feng Xun attentively put on the ointment for Feng Wu, then ordered her to stay in the chair and go nowhere.

Just then, Xuan Yi came back with a Crying Elk, followed by a girl with a face as lovely as a deer.

"Fairy Muyao?" Feng Xun cried out when he spotted the girl and glared at Xuan Yi. "Why did you bring her back?!"

How could Feng Xun not recognize Fairy Muyao? Back in Yunlai Tower, Feng Xun had spotted her right away with his sharp eyes, despite the curtained hat she wore, which covered most of her face.

Xuan Yi took the elk to Feng, then darted Feng Xun a look. "So, you're the only one here that can bring a girl back?"

Feng Xun almost choked at that. Gesturing at Xuan Yi with a finger, he said, "You! Get your ass here!"

Pulling Xuan Yi off to somewhere quiet, Feng Xun whispered through his gritted teeth, "Xuan Yi, are you out of your mind? You do know what Fairy Muyao is like, don't you? She's in love with Boss Jun! Don't you know Boss Jun hates having a woman like that around?! How can you do this?!"

Xuan Yi said in resignation, "I nicked her hand accidentally when I was hunting that elk. Plus, she's my cousin from my mother's side."

Feng Xun took a deep breath. "… You brought her in, she's your responsibility now!"

While Xuan Yi and Feng Xun were absorbed in their secret conversation, Fairy Muyao had shifted her gaze to Feng Wu.

Because of their previous encounter in Yunlai Tower, Fairy Muyao remembered Feng Wu clearly. She believed this ordinary-looking girl to be exceptionally scheming — she had pretended to be taken by Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle first so as to lure Jun Linyuan away to save her; that way, she would have a perfect excuse to stick with him!

Did she think Jun Linyuan would treat her differently because of that? She! Wished!