"That's right! My senior sister Zuo Qingluan! She's awesome!" Fairy Muyao's eyes sparkled with pride at her senior sister's fame. "She came to Firmament Palace at eight, entered the Spiritual Master List at nine, and topped that list at ten. She entered the Spiritual Grandmaster List at eleven and was ranked third when she turned twelve. She's thirteen now, and according to our master, my senior sister will very likely top the Spiritual Grandmaster List this year!"

"Why, that's something. She's catching up to us," said Feng Xun approvingly. "The newcomer is coming to the fore. I guess we should work harder now, or she'll get ahead of us one day."

Fairy Muyao raised her chin proudly. "My master says that Senior Sister Zuo is the most talented and perceptive pupil she has ever taught. She also says all the time that it was lucky she took Senior Sister Zuo in back then, not the other one."

"The other one?" Feng Xun asked curiously. "Who's that?"

Fairy Muyao snorted. "Who else? Feng Wu, of course. That genius girl of the imperial capital who turned into the good-for-nothing of Northern Border City."

Xuan Yi frowned and gave Fairy Muyao a quick glance.

Fairy Muyao chuckled and asked, "I didn't grow up in the imperial capital and know little about what happened back then. But aren't you guys all from the imperial capital? Didn't you know Feng Wu then?"

"Of course we did," Feng Xun snapped. "Speaking of which, little Feng Wu… was so beautiful. You could tell she was going to be a beauty even at that age. Her features were so delicate that she looked like an exquisite jade sculpture. Her skin was so fair and smooth. She was wonderful! I wished I could steal her away and dote on her like a big brother!"

Feng Wu buried her face in her bowl and ate in silence. She didn't hear anything… she couldn't hear anything…

Everyone talked about everyone else and were talked about behind their backs in turn. However, it felt so weird to be the topic of conversation when she was still here!

Luckily, she was disguised as this ordinary girl, otherwise… sigh.

Feng Wu tried to change the subject. "This roasted leg of that Crying Elk is so delicious. Feng is such an amazing cook! Aren't you going to try some?" And stop gossiping about me already!

However, they all ignored her and kept on talking about what they remembered of that little Feng Wu.

Fairy Muyao was a little disappointed. Resting her chin in her hands, she turned her pretty eyes to Feng Xun. "Was Feng Wu that pretty when she was little? Do you think she'd be prettier than me now?"

Fairy Muyao was very confident in her good looks. As the sacred lady of Firmament Palace, she was known to be second only to Zuo Qingluan, the goddess of the palace, in appearance.

Feng Xun glanced at Fairy Muyao, then arched an eyebrow mischievously. "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes! Young Lord, please tell me the truth!" Fairy Muyao said earnestly. Her bright eyes were wide open as she waited for Feng Xun's compliments.

Feng Xun thought, "Well, as you wish."

"I don't know if Feng Wu is still as pretty as she used to be, but judging from her good looks back then, you still have a long way to go to even qualify to be her maid," said Feng Xun, shaking his head. He remembered that Feng Wu used to have a young maid who was a little beauty as well.

"You!" Muyao was furious!

The rims of her eyes turned red and she almost burst into tears.

Feng Xun didn't expect her to cry so easily and looked frightened. "Hey, I only told you the truth because you asked for it! I wasn't lying. Ask your cousin if you don't believe me. Xuan Yi, say something. Tell her how pretty little Feng Wu was. Wait, Xuan the Second, I remember that you used to compliment her, saying that she was going to be a beauty, didn't you?"

Feng Wu drew in her breath. How come you people are so gossipy?! Those words coming from that poker-faced teenager? That was…

"Yes." Xuan Yi nodded.