Romantic Company (8)

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Everyone was imagining a three-year-old boy abandoned on a street corner…

The real crown prince had been eating grapes, and almost choked when he heard this.

She was doing it on purpose!

That girl absolutely said those things on purpose!

That was why she had given him that look just then!

As Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu, the others looked at her with different feelings.

The empress dowager immediately broke into tears and went to hold Jun Linyuan's hand.

"My child, you've been through so much…" She sounded heartbroken.

Because Jun Linyuan had never complained, when he showed a little emotion, other people would feel absolutely sorry for him.

What the empress dowager said pretty much confirmed Feng Wu's earlier words.

Empress Dugu blushed.

The empress dowager's words made her sound like a horrible stepmother. Although she couldn't wait to get rid of Jun Linyuan, she would never…