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Gacha No Life (Fan-Fic)


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~WARNING! USER ALREADY HAS A ACCOUNT THAT'S REGISTERED! WOULD YOU LIKE TO LINK DATA NOW? Y/N~ He just didn't know what to make of this. How was it even possible in the first place? It just didn't make any sense.... He literally just awakened.... Didn't he? Curiosity got the better of him and he couldn't help but click Y to see what happened.... He wasn't disappointed. The moment he clicked the button to accept, the screen returned to normal and the errors disappeared and were instead replaced with a loading screen and timer. ~TIME UNTIL DATA TRANSFER COMPLETION: 47 Hrs 59 Mins 59 Secs~ His jaw dropped at this. YOU CAN'T ACTUALLY BE FUCKING SERIOUS!!! He waited his entire life for this moment! And now he has to wait more?! What kinda bullshit was that?! And he didn't even know what he was waiting for nor what type of Gacha he has in the first place! Damn his curiosity!!!