Pokemon: A New Adventure Of Ash Book

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Pokemon: A New Adventure Of Ash


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Our protagonist reincarnates as Ash before he leaves in his travell around the regions, but in this world the trainer need to have 16 years to have an adventure not 10, follow a new Ash and Pikachu in their adventures with the objetive to be the best pokemon trainer ever. A new World full of pokemon from all regions, new and old girls to conquer, new adventures and new pokemon. Warning: Except Pikachu, the original team of Ash in Kanto won't be here, except Charmander, i won't follow the anime, Ash will have new adventures, in this fic, there will be sex but i have no plan to do explicit content for the moment. All the chapter are fixed so don't worry. Here my discord's server: https://discord.gg/wwmSVJSw


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