Forged In Flames and Time Book

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Forged In Flames and Time


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Princess Camilla's fate took an unexpected turn as she was sacrificed into marriage by her father. Forced into a marriage with King Ajax, an immortal believed to be responsible for the gruesome deaths in all the kingdoms, she resolves to make his life a living hell. But as Camilla delved deeper into the secrets surrounding Ajax, she discovered a hidden side behind his veiled mask. With the looming threat of a wedding she never wanted, Camilla's plans took a drastic twist when someone she knew got brutally murdered. As suspicions fall on Ajax, Princess Camilla finds herself walking a treacherous path, while concealing her love for AJ, a mysterious stranger. All hell would break loose when her monstrous husband discovered that his bride already had another in her heart. What if her lover was someone even King Ajax wouldn't dare to lay a hand on? ************ Princess Camilla was forced into a harrowing predicament. Refusing to marry the detestable George, her father's cruel punishment was to wed her to King Ajax, an immortal who was believed to be the monster behind all the mysterious deaths across all the kingdoms. Though Camilla's heart already belonged to AJ, a mysterious stranger, she also resolved to make Ajax's life a living hell, just as her father did with hers. Yet, when she encountered Ajax, he hid his face behind a veil and a mask. Camilla was certain she would never marry him but her confident threat of standing him up on their wedding day took an unexpected turn. The night before their fateful union, George was found brutally murdered, his organs devoured in a gruesome act. With suspicions pointing toward Ajax, Camilla kept her secret love for AJ hidden, fearing the consequences if revealed. As Camilla remained on high alert within Ajax's kingdom, plotting his demise, questions abound as to why a princess whom her family wished they had killed along with her mother would be of any value to Ajax. King Ajax was the guardian of dragons (the last one to be precise) and had been sleeping for Centuries after the dragon died. He believed it was Princess Camilla’s birth that had stirred him up. Her cry sounded like a bell falling from the sky and he yearned to unravel the mystery that lay within her. And, as fate would have it, there were necessary twists and turns, revealing a king far more deadly than Ajax. Camilla and Ajax’s story later becomes a love story envied by everyone. ******** This story contains mystical creatures like dragons, phoenixes, werewolves, vampires, Banshee, etc.


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