Fate/Ultimate Antagonist

Getting Isekai'd to another world is indeed awesome, especially embarking on an adventure as a hero to defeat the Demon King, who turns out to be a woman, and making her part of your harem. It is truly the dream of millions of people hoping to be Isekai'd to another world. If Reinhard were to get Isekai'd like that, he might smile for the rest of his life. However, fate has other plans for him, as he becomes the unfortunate isekai victim, landing in the rabbit hole known as the moonlit world. With numerous psychopaths roaming around to fulfill their dreams, he must strive to defend his small life in this chaotic world, especially when the world is set to last only another decade. Fortunately, luck from nine generations of his family comes to his aid in critical moments. Finally, he gets help to secure his small life: [Ding!] "Eh? Has my help finally arrived?" [Congratulations, Host! You have been chosen as the host of the Antagonist Simulator System!] "Finally! Fina-... wait... What do you mean by Antagonist? Shouldn't it just be a Simulator without an Antagonist?" [As the name suggests, the Antagonist Simulator System is specifically designed for individuals with high aspirations to become antagonists, and you have been selected to be the Ultimate Antagonist! Congratulations, Host!] "Huh? Ultimate Antagonist? Wtf? How does someone as gentle as me fit as the ultimate antagonist?" [Not so.] [Host, you undoubtedly possess a strong motivation, clear plans, firm will, undisclosed secrets, outstanding execution, remarkable personality charm, and the determination to subvert the world.] [Undoubtedly, you are the perfect candidate for the ultimate antagonist.] WTF? ... [You were borns as the son of the King Vortigern.] [You pulled out the sword from the stone but inserted it back, and the sword emitted a resounding mournful cry] [You promoted agriculture, popularized education, abolished nobility, knights scorned you as the ominous son of the disaster-bringing white dragon] [You sacrificed Vortigern, gathered the remaining flames of the remnant age of gods, and launched the final assault towards the inner sea of the planet] [Your wife and daughter died at the hands of Ares] . . . [You set the Olympus Temple ablaze] "Oh? Looks like my adventure won't be boring."

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[71] Fill Me

Under the dark sun.

Amidst the watchful eyes of many.

Bathed in the profound sunlight.

He stood there, gazing at her in a daze.

Even though her face was veiled with a thin shroud, forbidding entry to strangers.

Yet Reinhard knew... the tears that flowed from her at this moment.

As always.

She cried, truly unsightly...

Morgan Le Fay.

This name he wished to call out.

It contained life, brewed desire.

Manifested its own sins, soaked through its own soul.

In this instant when the witch appeared before him.

Reinhard had already, in a moment, become aware of her entire journey.

The frozen time in amber, the remaining embers in dilapidated firewood.

The demise of Alvin Pendragon.

Leaving the witch named Morgan Le Fay to live in the life of pain.

Countless times filled with hope.

Countless times gazing at the fading fireworks.

Repeatedly struck down by despair, yet she never gave up.

Reinhard could imagine how she stumbled along that dark and lightless wilderness.

So sorrowfully, so mournfully, chasing after that elusive vision... and passed through a hundred thousand sunrises and moonsets.

The pain of separation...

Clearly... something she shouldn't have to endure...

This was the sin named Alvin Pendragon.

And it was the unforgivable cruelty of Reinhard.

Named Morgan Le Fay.

A lifetime despised by people, a lifetime shunned.

Except for him.

He became her only light.

Even if it was a dark sun.

It was still... her sun.


She stepped towards the dark sunlight.

Her determination.

Her resolution.

That undeniable, unquestionable certainty.

That contempt for fate, that rage that seemed to crush everything...

The idea called hope enveloped and drove her forward on this path of carnage, not with bones or muscles, but with that thoroughness.

Thus, spanning a thousand and five hundred years of time.

She reached out with both hands and gently touched his face.

She grasped... her own light.

Yet, with their faces so close...

When she saw the person before her.

No matter how strong the mask.

No matter how deep the self-concealment.

No matter how forbidding the aura that kept others at bay.

They all came off. Removed. Shed away.

Leaving behind.

More abundant curves.

More intense warmth.

And those eyes, surging with rippling waves of deep blue, overflowed uncontrollably like an unstoppable tide.

"...I'm sorry."

The black-haired youth pressed his forehead against the witch's, meeting her deep blue gaze.

His lifted fingertips gently wiped away the unending tears.

The curtain of pearls continued to pour down.

But this time.

His hand wouldn't shatter again.

"...I don't truly want to part with you."

Reinhard spoke softly.

"But in such circumstances, for the sake of family's wishes, for the sake of Britannia, for the sake of all the people on this island, I have no choice..."

Speaking thus.

The black-haired youth showed a bitter smile.

"...No, that's just an excuse."

"I'm just, stubbornly seeking revenge for him..."

"I know."

"...The heart I left for you, it's not to make you remember my will, but to let you... break free from it."

Even as he wiped away her tears.

Those delicate fingertips lightly brushed his own eyes.

"It's not about duty, it's not about the island, it's my purest heart, so I give it to you, my purest you..."

"I also know."

"I don't not want to tell you the truth. It's just... the span of time is too vast, such incredible things. I don't know how to bring it up."


Reinhard had never not been immersed in the joy of that named Alvin.

That delicate, shattered thing.

Like a dream that never wanted to wake up.

"If enduring a thousand and five hundred years of time, such a long and desolate loneliness that withers the heart, then I, such a willful person, have no right to ask you to wait..."

In fact, this was just an excuse...

The real point was...

His witch.

The person she pursued.

Was not... Alvin.

Alvin Pendragon.

In fact, it was just a part of Reinhard.

Such a thing.

Could be considered an immense insult, or an immense cruelty...


Reinhard despicably wanted to desperately hide this secret in his heart.

He felt.

He was truly, without a doubt, despicable.

The one who ignited the fire of his soul and gave up hope of living peacefully with her.

What right did he have.

To ask her to wait alone for him, for a thousand and five hundred years...


Confronted with his own despicableness.

Faced with his own cruelty.

The witch only held the black-haired youth's face.

Giving him, as always, that gentle yet firm response.

"...I know it all."


Amidst the pounding of Gray's heart.

In the bewildered gaze of Touko Aozaki.

In the sighs of Waver Velvet....

Those lips, soft and tender in memory, directly sealed Reinhard's powerless attempt to explain with words.

At this moment.

All words seemed so unnecessary.

Just like the past a thousand and five hundred years ago.

Every night.

Every morning.

In the witness of every dusk and moonlight.

They would only directly pour out their feelings.


Indulging each other without restraint.

Like meeting streams and currents, they seemed to blend and melt into each other, exchanging rhythms of heartbeats and the warmth of their skin.

The addictive kiss finally parted.

Reinhard gently held her hand.

"Your hand is still as cold as ever... my dear wife."

The word spoken.

Made Gray's expression somewhat trance-like and stiff.


In the murmurs of the silver-haired girl.

The witch took the initiative to approach, caressing his cheek.

"Then you can... warm me up a little more, hubby."

Actually, not at all cold.

It had already been warmed up bit by bit by his hands.

In this indulgent and forgetful intertwining in the midst of the snow and snowstorm.

Suddenly, the gentle and curious voice of the red-haired man rang out.

"Husband and wife...?

"I didn't hear about it. Reinhard, you're already married..."

"I don't know who this woman is... but what a touching reunion."

With a somewhat pale face, Heartless covered his twitching and painful heart, smiling faintly.

Even in an opposing position.

But he couldn't help but feel a rare pleasure at the sight before him.

The more touching something is.

The more beautiful it appears at the moment of destruction.


What Heartless felt was not the joy of lovers' reunion.

Beside him, Hephaestion grabbed the redhead man's arm with solemnity. "Master, this doesn't look good..."


"The woman who suddenly appeared before us..."

Relying on her sharp eyes, Hephaestion sensed the subtle aura emanating from her, belonging to the fae category.

"She's from the Age of Gods... Absolutely, that woman is a magus left over from the Age of Gods."


Upon hearing this, a slightly excited smile appeared on Heartless's lips. Indeed, when he saw the summoning circle light up, the redhead man had a similar intuition.

Heartless himself was studying the age of gods's magecraft, aiming to revive the magecraft practices of that era. A magus left over from the age of gods? He couldn't help but feel a genuine kinship.

"How does her skill compare to yours, Faker?"

"I can't decipher it at all."

The black-haired woman, who dared not make a move, looked extremely serious.

"...That's not good at all."

"I see..."

It sounded mysterious and dangerous. However, even if a magus from the age of gods survived into the present, her magical abilities would be greatly diminished.

What a waste of a rare talent.

Heartless shook his head with a smile and looked towards the young man with black hair.

"A magus left over from the age of gods, and she's your wife? Reinhard, the secrets you carry offer endless surprises."

Marrying a magus from the age of gods sounded bizarre, but Heartless's own life experiences were even more convoluted.

Logic might dictate in fiction, but reality didn't adhere to such rules.

In this fantastical world, anything was possible, which was the endless charm of humanity.

"If we were friends, I'd love to chat with you about magecraft, but unfortunately, it seems like it's not the best time for pleasantries..."

Touko Aozaki's curse had been swallowed entirely by the eclipse.

There was nothing holding her back now.

Heartless raised his palm, and from the hollow of his heart, he began to conjure the secret technique of the fae domain.

He had already let Hephaestion prepare a massive magical circle here, giving him an easy three days.

It was because of this that he could summon the offspring of the Einnashe and unleash a variety of powerful spells in succession.

Hiss... Hiss...

The dim lights in the banquet hall flickered, revealing the brokenness inside.

The shadows gathered and draped over Reinhard, forming a suit of pitch-black armor that engulfed him.

With vacant eyes, the young man with black hair wielded the fluctuating shadows like flames, raising a dimmed demonic lance.

But then, in the next moment, delicate wrists lightly grasped his arm.

The faint smile on the witch's lips was serene.

"To deal with such vermin... Hubby, you don't need to get involved personally."

In that instant, the enigmatic witch revealed her depths.

Morgan sneered and turned her gaze to her side, where a pair interrupted the intimacy between herself and her husband.

Her expression suddenly turned icy.


"Do you want him alive or dead..."

"For now, spare his life."



Hearing the other's brief words, treating himself as though he were already a dead man, Heartless chuckled awkwardly.

Despite Reinhard's increasingly intimidating demeanor, which made him slightly uneasy, he had already linked his life force with one of the twenty-seven dead apostle ancestors, Einnashe.

In other words...

Under this eclipse, Heartless was practically invincible!


A deep black hole opened abruptly in front of the redhead man.

A huge eyeball embedded in the center of the entity opened its ferocious pupil.

Interlocking jagged teeth began to drip thick, putrid slime from between the gaps.

The ancient bloodsucker, born from the blood of humanity.

"The Child of Einnashe."

The blurred and shifting flesh of the monstrous entity writhed and twisted.

Entangled flesh, like withered branches, twisted and entwined together, forming dozens of grotesque tentacles that violently spread out, spreading across the entire banquet hall.

"Enjoy this bloody feast..."

"Goodbye, Reinhard..."

The redhead man's smiling voice suddenly froze.


The scorching hot air seemed to spread inside the room.

In the void, a deep and majestic melody suddenly resounded.

Accompanied by flames, shadows, and cheers as if from a crowd...

A menacing black throne, with black flame rings emerging behind it, suddenly appeared behind Morgan.

"You are my sun."

"So, let me be your moon, hubby."

Grabbing the hand of the black-haired youth.

In Reinhard's somewhat stunned expression.

Morgan lifted him gently and ascended the steps.

A black thorn crown slowly condensed above the witch's head.

Morgan then sat indifferently on the throne, fit for a queen.

Her azure eyes lowered slightly.

With disdainful eyes, she disregarded the grotesque abomination before her.

The witch casually lifted her plump thighs, wrapped in stockings, with a disdainful expression. "Disgusting thing. Even at my feet, you're not worthy of begging for forgiveness..."

The spiraling patterns on her slender abdomen faintly shimmered.

The witch's indifferent voice echoed layers upon layers, as if the queen of this moment was passing her final judgment. 



As her words faded away...


A black lance, resembling an eternal night spiral and seemingly capable of drawing in both sight and soul, suddenly descended from the infinite sky!


An absolute command.

It pierced through the Child of Einnashe's ferocious eyeball without warning.


A hiss.

Accompanied by brilliant flames swirling around the wound, the corrosive sound of soul-burning erosion reverberated through the room in an instant.


The grotesque monster emanating from the black hole let out a piercing scream, as if vomiting from its flesh.

In the stunned expressions of Hephaestion and Heartless, the ferocious pupils of the Child of Einnashe, consumed by the burning flames, sunk like deflated balloons.

The tentacles that enveloped its body instantly withered and decayed, turning into flying ashes of darkness.

"How is this possible...?"

This breed of bloodsucker, known for its vigorous vitality, being pierced and annihilated by just one strike?!

Unless this was...

A penetration that burned the soul to its core.

"Faker, summon your noble phantasm quickly!"

Veins popped on Heartless's palm as he suddenly grabbed the fabric over his chest.

Fresh blood began to pour thickly from the hollow of his heart, staining his clothes a glaring crimson.

"Turn around, my heart!"

Facing such a terrifying opponent, Heartless dared not hold back any longer, pouring all his strength into it.

As pure magical energy flowed into the hollow of his heart...

Above the sky, the huge grotesque eye of the Child of Einnashe cast its gaze down.


The twisted and coiling tentacles of the bloodsucking creatures erupted violently from the ground.

The halted train, the walls of the banquet hall, were pierced with countless holes.

The menacing, barbed tendrils twisted and grew, screaming and howling, attempting to feast on blood.

This led to another round of screams from the chaotic scene, with various guests' screams resounding once again, and various magical lights flashing incessantly.

"...This guy, sacrificing his own flesh and blood, triggered the bloodthirsty impulse of the Child of Einnashe."

Amidst the chaos around her,

Touko Aozaki gritted her teeth.

She lifted her gaze, glanced at the witch sitting high above, and picked up the puppet beside her, moving to support the edge of the banquet hall.

As Heartless's face became increasingly pale, his breath almost as thin as a thread, dozens of black holes opened again in front of him, from which emanated the roaring cries of the bloodsuckers.

"Go! Faker!"

Heartless no longer hoped that such bloodsuckers could defeat the witch from the age of gods.

He had done everything he could to create chaos, even pouring the essence of his own blood into it.

All he wanted was an opportunity to escape.

Heartless grasped Hephaestion's arm, and the violent red thunder surged, forming the wheels of a chariot.


The carriage dragged by the skeletal dragon suddenly shattered the train's walls and fled towards the forest outside.

Faced with the two who looked like stray dogs, the witch just lifted a finger lightly, aiming at them.

"The everdistant utopia..."


"Only the innocent may pass through this gate."

"Oh, eternal courtyard under the night sky, rise here, and bind the guilty for me!"


The ground, with the writhing tendrils of branches, suddenly heaved, and layered stone walls rose from the earth, enclosing the skeletal carriage within.

"The Courtyard of the Innocent."

The spiral-patterned stone slabs extended infinitely upwards, piled and interwoven together, instantly forming a towering stone tower that enclosed the two attempting to escape.


The thunderous carriage crashed against the walls of the stone tower,

directly collapsing the skeletal dragon into a pile of broken and tattered bones.

The two passengers fell awkwardly from the carriage, landing on the stone slabs.

Hephaestion raised her disheveled face, groping bewilderedly at the stone tower in front of her.

This... How was this possible?!

With just a wave of her hand... she had triggered a miraculous grand magecraft, completely imprisoning the two of them.

Clearly, she had already inscribed the magic circle here in advance to gather magical energy.

However, the authority here... was all under the command of that witch.

Such authority...

Could it even communicate with the Inner Sea of the Planet?!

It's a witch of the age of gods...


Why was there such a huge gap between them...

"Magecraft from age of gods..."

"Right in front of me."

Muttering such soliloquies....

Heartless's pale face showed no hint of being imprisoned, but instead a slightly eerie, fanatic smile emerged.

"Truly true ether aura..."

"Stronger even than the divine spirit!"

He climbed up gropingly, his hands grabbing onto the grates of the stone tower, his eyes filled with fanatical zeal, looking towards the queen seated on the black throne in the banquet hall.

"Who are you..."

Gazing at the deep and profound black hole in the sky.

The flesh-wriggling, giant grotesque eyeball, overlooking it, projected a ferocious gaze.

The complete Child of Einnashe had been summoned.

The bloodthirsty impulse of the bloodsuckers was assaulting his nerves.

Before he completely drained the blood of everyone on this train, he would never leave.

The dark sun.

The huge pupils in the sky.

This bizarre scene...

A thousand years ago, it seemed familiar.

Sitting on the black throne, embracing her husband.

The crowned witch smiled gently, lightly kissing the lips of the black-haired youth.

"Not only your heart, hubby."

"Your sword, I've kept it safe too."

She casually discarded the holy lance in Reinhard's hand, which was the useless and annoying holy lance.

The radiant white lance transformed back into a golden birdcage, rolling on the ground like a crumpled piece of paper, causing Add's head to spin.

Taking Reinhard's idle hand.

Morgan gently placed his palm on her soft, fair, and smooth abdomen, resembling polished gem.

The spiral pattern emitted a faint glow.

His fingertips felt a slight burning sensation.

This familiar warmth...

In his memories, it seemed familiar.

Just like when he once embedded his sword for her...

His hand then entered the witch's abdomen.

And then, slowly withdrew.

The broken and crack-ridden coiled sword.

In the palm of the young man with black hair, it gradually took shape.

After a thousand years separated by its masters, it once again found itself in his hands.

The coiled sword's began to spin dizzyingly, emitting a joyful neigh.

"I've been trying... to mend it."

"Mending the remnants of your burning, this battered and swaying residual flame."

Their palms interlocked.

Together, they held the coiled sword named Firelink Greatsword.

No need for words, but their hearts were in sync.

This was the silent understanding between the witch and the white dragon.

The coiled sword suddenly extended, transforming into a pitch-black, obscure, and lightless long spear.

The shadow at the tip of the spear.

It swayed like flames.

The tip of the Firelink Greatspear held together by their hands, slowly rose, aiming at the monstrous eye in the sky.

"Under my sun... you dare to bask in my sunlight."


"I will."

"Eradicate you."


Her voice was soft yet firm.

As always, it was a declaration of her feelings.

In their gaze.

Reinhard gently kissed her lips.

"So, lend me your will, my witch."

"The disaster white dragon..." 

"The enigmatic witch...." 

"You are my light, so I am your shadow."

"Our wills intertwine... it's something that even fate must shiver at."

In the midst of the tumult of wind and blood.

Under the bonds of life and death.

They embraced each other, the wills of the white dragon and the witch converged.

The collapsing eternal night came to an end.

The raging flame of wrath began anew.


"Embrace the silence..."

She smiled.

And he continued her words.

"And feel the eternal night called death."

Shadows sang.

The train trembled.

A hum, a voice.

All silenced in the eternal night's stillness.

Driven by the combined thoughts of two holders.

This soul-burning spiral spear, ten times stronger and ten times more ferocious than ever before!


This land.

Seemed to dim for a moment.

A profound, eternal night-like, awe-inspiring spiral brilliance surged into the sky, piercing through the body of the Child of Einnashe, the monstrous eye on the sky.

In the next moment.

Over the boundless wilderness of Britannia.

From the dark, lightless void, boundless, endless dark light suddenly burst forth!

Like a slowly rising dark sun...


The tentacles wailed.

The branches withered.

In the almost overturned, dilapidated auction hall, various gaps along the walls rippled with the chaos of imaginary magic.

As the Child of Einnashe withered.

The clamor and chaos of people finally subsided.

The onlookers, who had helped to block the invasion of the Child of Einnashe, looked at the withered tentacles with relief, then turned their gaze to the center of the hall.

In the slightly dazed eyes of everyone.

From the gradually dissipating pitch-black throne.

The black-haired youth and the dark witch.

Hand in hand, slowly descended the steps.

Dust settled.

Accompanied by a ripple in space.

The shadow of a white-haired woman finally appeared slowly on the broken auction stage.

It was the deputy manager of the Mystic Eyes Collection Train.

Also a renegade from the death apostles, a phantom left behind by the death postle ancestor, Rita Rozay-en.

To bear the responsibility of guarding the train and being the only one on this train who possesses the ability to extract mystic eyes.


Compared to when she collected the eye, when her figure was almost solid.

Her current shadowappeared much more illusory and unstable, her whole body resembling the train, full of various damaged holes.

As the deputy manager of the train, she had long wanted to come out and help stabilize the situation.

However, the fierce battle between the ancient witch and the bloodsucker had damaged the entire train, and she had almost exhausted all her efforts trying to maintain the imaginary number space.

"Apologies... esteemed guests."

With an apologetic expression.

The white-haired woman bowed deeply to the distressed guests in the audience, her translucent figure seeming to disappear at any moment.

"This is our Mystic Eyes Collection Train's poor hospitality, which is our disgrace..."


Touko Aozaki with a complex expression stepped forward.

They were old acquaintances.

Seeing the other party in such an unstable condition, Touko Aozaki knew that this shadow was about to fade away.

If the imaginary number space of the carriage was not maintained diligently.

Those magus with insufficient magical energy might be thrown into imaginary space, thus having their limbs twisted.

"A shadow...?"

The witch pondered slightly.

The so-called shadow.

In essence, it was just a spiritual body.

On Morgan's palm, a replica of the spiral spear condensed, and the tip of the spear began to spin and whistle.

In an instant.

To the astonishment of everyone present.

The slight soul infused into it caused the white-haired woman's illusionary figure to suddenly become much more solid.

Everyone present looked at Morgan incredulously.

Such extraordinary magecraft.

Was this the legacy of the ancient... magus?

Some of them heard what Heartless said.

Such a person...

Was actually the wife of that Sleeping Magus.

It seemed like the two had been separated for a long time and were just reuniting.

Watching this scene.

Everyone's heart had only one thought.

The Clock Tower... was going to undergo a complete change.

"Thank... thank you!"

"...unnamed lady!"

Morgan glanced at Reinhard.

The black-haired youth smiled and put his index finger to his lips.

So, the witch shook her head slightly, indicating that it was not necessary to pay attention.

Except in front of people she was familiar with, she would slightly open her voice.

She didn't like to speak in front of strangers anyway.

The shadow of the white-haired woman removed the mystic eyes from the vault and filled it into the train's energy storage.

Soon... the damage to the entire carriage was slowly repaired under the annihilation of each mystic eyes.

This burned a lot of money, but there was nothing they could do about it.

The imaginary number magecraft inside the train was fully repaired.

The guests who were injured breathed a sigh of relief and sat down in the auction hall chairs.

The witch raised her hand slightly.

The stone tower in the distance collapsed suddenly, and a whirlpool appeared in the auction hall.

Heartless and Hephaestion, their battered figures were thrown out of the whirlpool.

"Don't kill me."

The red-haired man who was thrown out had a pale and withered face.

But he immediately smiled and raised his hands tremblingly.

In his palms, a spell suddenly lit up.

"Hmm?" Reinhard narrowed his eyes slightly.

"He has no magical energy left..." Morgan said softly, "It's a soundproof bounded field."

As the witch's voice fell.

Heartless had indeed only activated a soundproof bounded field, enveloping himself and Reinhard.

"I understand the treatment of prisoners. Reinhard, do you want to participate in the Holy Grail War?"

"I have important secrets about Marisbury to tell you. It's not too late to kill after speaking..."

He finished laboriously.

The bounded field immediately dispersed.


Hearing this name.

Reinhard couldn't help but frown.


In the Clock Tower, no one knew more about the Holy Grail War than him.

However... in his memory, there was no one named Marisbury in the war.

"To kill or not?"

The witch glanced at the black-haired youth.

Reinhard walked straight forward, and the shadow on his palm gathered a dark sword light, cutting off Heartless's tendons and ligaments.

"My dear, seal him."

Morgan squeezed his palm.

In an instant, there seemed to be a ripple of water.

The pitch-black chains spread out from the void, firmly imprisoning the master and servant in front of them without chanting the High-Speed Incantation

Such a sight confirmed Heartless's thoughts even more.

The red-haired man raised his head and smiled at Morgan.


"Shadow attribute magic."

"Magecraft that can communicate with the inner sea of the planet."

"Medea? Hecate?"

"Who... are you, which ancient great magus?"

No response.

Reinhard reached into Heartless's collar, groping, and pulled out a fragment of a century-old cloth.

After checking for a while, he slowly breathed a sigh of relief with the red cloak fragment in his hand.

"You will know later, Doctor Heartless."

"Speak when you're asked to speak, don't talk so much nonsense."

This man, indeed, was very obedient.

As his voice fell.

The red-haired man immediately tightly closed his mouth.

"Please help watch them before arriving in London. They can't break free anyway."

The acting manager kept nodding.

The black-haired youth in front of her was the one who saved the distinguished guests on the entire train.

Not to mention helping to guard the prisoners.

Even if he take away half of the mystic eyes in the vault, it would be only right.

The noisy chaos finally subsided.

The rest of the people from the Clock Tower also gathered around.

Except for Touko Aozaki, the grand puppeteer...

The others, unable to participate in the battle between Reinhard and Heartless, helped to resist the Child of Einnashe on the periphery.

Looking at the witch beside Reinhard.

The faces of the group showed various complex expressions.

Waver, Touko Aozaki, and Gray, all heard the conversation between Reinhard and Morgan.

The rest like Melvin, Reines, and Olga Marie, although somewhat clueless, could still see the intimate relationship between the witch and Reinhard.


The newly appeared woman by Reinhard's side, although her face was difficult to see.

But her unhidden temperament and extraordinary means were apparent to everyone.

The carefully planned attack by the Heartless under the eclipse was easily defeated by that woman.

So powerful.

So mysterious.


The voluptuous and proud body curve.

Turned out to be... so dangerous, so unbeatable.

Reines and Olga Marie couldn't help but look down at their own chests.

A defeated expression appeared on their faces.


They had already lost.

This feeling, they had heard about it from him before, hadn't they? Now it seemed to be extremely true.

Reinhard... liked big!


A silver and a gold loser, facing such majestic magnificence, could only emit a pathetic and powerless whimper.

Gazing at the witch in front of her, her aura was as deep as the night.

Gray's expression was trance-like and stagnant.

Not astonishment, not inferiority.

But... loss.

Her mind was still echoing Reinhard's extremely intimate call to the witch.

Those words...

Had once been said to herself.


Had her senpai... already gotten married?

When he woke up, the person he missed... was it the tall and voluptuous woman in front of him?

Even though her face was obscured by a thin veil.

But, through the casual curve of her neck and collarbone.

One could slightly glimpse under the veil, the truly breathtaking beauty.

Gray tightened the corner of her clothes.

No wonder... 

Her senpai has been avoiding her advances with three other women for the past few days.

He already had someone in his heart.

Touko Aozaki slightly narrowed her eyes.

She wasn't intimidated by the witch's aura, being perhaps the most clear-headed person at the moment.

Thinking carefully, Touko Aozaki felt that something was amiss.

There was something fishy...

Half a year ago, she had met Reinhard at the Twin Towers and their affection for each other had blossomed since then.

But she had never heard... that he had a wife who was a witch from the age of gods.

Or rather, with such a backing, who in the Clock Tower would dare to look down on him?

Those nobles were merely heirs to bloodlines.

But the witch in front of them represented mysterious origins.

Such a method of reverse summoning.

Where did this fierce woman come from?

She practically overwhelmed the entire venue with an unstoppable force and directly won the crown.

The more she thought about it.

The more suspicious it seemed.

Touko Aozaki could accept being a loser herself, but she didn't want to lose without understanding why.


She stepped forward.

Asking the question that everyone present wanted to know the answer to.

"May I ask, who exactly are you-"

"Cough cough."

Accompanied by a suggestive cough.

Waver turned sideways, blocking Touko Aozaki's path.

In such a situation, how could Reinhard explain...

As his mentor, he needs to take responsibility for redirecting the conversation at this moment.

"Everyone is tired and injured, let's rest first... this won't be clear in a short while."

Touko Aozaki slightly narrowed her amber eyes.

"Waver, you...?"

Regardless of her feelings.

As a friend, she genuinely worried about Reinhard.

A magus from the age of gods...

What kind of dangerous figure was she? Being labeled sealing designation, she was clearer than anyone else.

This woman who appeared out of nowhere, Touko Aozaki had never seen her anywhere before.

To eliminate her, everyone here would have to die, she was a more dangerous person than Heartless.

"Trust me."

Waver's expression was solemn, his tone firm.

"This lady is important to Rein, she would never harm my disciple."

Hearing this, the witch was somewhat puzzled and turned her gaze to her husband.

On the black-haired youth's face, as always, appeared a warm smile that was familiar to the witch.

"My mentor, is very reliable, right?"



Touko Aozaki turned her head feeling unhappy and walked away, lighting a cigarette.

After that, people began to clean up after the massacre.

All the blood stains covering the interior of the carriage started to disappear, and after a while, the carriage began to function again.

Heartless and Hephaestion, as the main attackers were detained at Reinhard's request.

The Mystic Eye Collection Train does not hold the witch accountable for the battle as it was their negligence, so the deputy manager takes full responsibility, and all guest expenses are waived.

After that, the train once again traveled on the tracks, and the luxurious banquet to calm the nerves began.

People start discussed with lingering fear, the twists and turns of what had happened today.

There was no doubt.

The Sleeping Magus.

After today, his name would resound throughout the entire magical world.

But, as the protagonist of all the discussions.

Reinhard couldn't care less about all this.

He was busy.

Very busy right now.

In the most noble and luxurious VIP room, the group from the Clock Tower was arranged here.


In Waver's wry smile and Melvin's somewhat embarrassed smile...

His disciple, Gray.

His foster sister, Reines.

The heiress of the Animushphere family, Olga Marie.

And the acquaintance who could barely be called a friend, Touko Aozaki.

The four women all surreptitiously shrank to the door of that private bedroom, trying hard to press their ears against the door to hear what was going on inside.

Meanwhile, the train kept shaking.

Wheels on the track, rubbing against each other, causing bumps.

All the curtains were drawn.

All sounds were blocked out.

In the familiar, dim twilight.

Reinhard, as always, gazed upward at her deep blue eyes.

Being ridden by her, Reinhard, who had been through countless battles, couldn't help but feel a rare sense of embarrassment.

That was, natural.


...Was he going to experience such a fierce battle again?

The witch leaned down, her deep blue eyes slightly narrowed, seeming provocative.

With a bewitching breath, like gentle waves, it hit Reinhard's face layer by layer.

The words spoken from her vermilion lips made people's bones tingle.


"Fill in all the voids you've left for me for fifteen hundred years."

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