28 Chapter XXVI: A regular day.

Somewhere in the omniverse. Celes-chan office.

"No, no, and definitely not!" A young man with chestnut-colored hair said with a lot of annoyance noticeable in his voice.

"*Sight* but you didn't want him in your world on the first case," Celes said with equal annoyance in her voice.

"That is that and this is this! We have a deal, so before it ends, I will not agree on anything else." The young man said while crossing his arms not giving a hint of backing down.

Celes could only sight at the words of the god in front of her. The god was about 1.75 not too tall yet not short, he has healthy tanned skin that makes his aquamarine-colored eyes look more attractive, by most people's standards he is unquestionably handsome, and Celes would agree that if the god in question wasn't so….

"Oi, you thought something rude about this great Fuga-sama, didn't you?" The god in question said with exasperation

'By me, he is so annoying how does Yozora find him funny? This is another proof that he has some loose screws, well thinking about it as much as I love Aqua only someone with some loose screws would be able to be in a relationship with her.'

In another part of the omniverse out of nowhere, Aqua felt the urge to punch someone.

"It would be just a year at the most, besides it's p not like you can't find anything else to do in the meantime."

"You don't understand, I expended uncountable years on that world for something that was not even my fault, to begin with! At first, I was okay with that but seeing things happening almost the same over and over again gets annoying! With the exception of that outer god, everything was boring until you send Yozora there, the guy may have done some cliches in the way but at least he made that world a lot less boring! So no there is no way in hell that I would let my source of entertainment go before he has!"

While some of the words of Fuga have some credit and he indeed did nothing wrong, she still has to make him accept the deal, thankfully the higher-ups let her "negotiate" with Fuga since in their opinion Yozora is a valuable "Asset". "You are not fooling anyone Fuga, while indeed you are being punished for something stupid, don't act as if you couldn't escape from that world without being noticed, so just say what you want," Celes said with notorious exasperation, Fuga is well known in the organization, not for his strength but for his ability in escaping from any place and his liking on collecting any sort of things, that is one of the main reasons that Yozora is getting better rewards than it should be, as he is one of the main traders among the gods.

"Am I that obvious? So, for your words, I assume that the stuck-up people asked you to bribe me, so I will accept that Yozora leaves my world before he ends the mission." Fuga said with a cheeky smile.

"They didn't say it with those words, but that's the idea. Of course, it must be reasonable to some degree."

"Of course, Celes-chan, everyone knows that I am the most reasonable god among here!"

"Just say what you want," Celes said trying to not fall into the god's antics.

"You are not fun Celes-chan~," Fuga said playfully which only made Celes more annoyed. "Okay, okay, geez you need to learn to relax a little bit. I will start with the obvious, so my first condition is that I want this farse of a punishment to end."

Celes nodded at this. "They knew that you will ask this, so they said that once Yozora ends his mission there your punishment will end." Honestly, they don't care anymore about that, they just forgot about it, since he always escapes from there.

"Sweet~ So the second thing I want is that I must be allowed to watch him when he is in the land of the oppai's"

"Please, don't call that world that way…" While she couldn't deny the reason for him calling that world in that way, she would rather not hear it. "But that is understandable demand."

"The third thing is that I want your help to stop the time in my world, sure I could do it myself but that would be tiresome."

"And why is that? I mean from your perspective it would be more "entertaining" to let some chaos happen in his absence."

"I won't lie, I thought about doing that for a moment, I decided to don't do it for two reasons," Fuga said as he raised one finger. "The first one is that I am not a dick, so far he has entertained me without fail, so I will feel bad for him if I ruined everything that he is planning, besides is standard procedure to stop time when someone is out on a mission in his home world, so I might as well help him in that regard."

"And the second one?"

"The waifus would be sad," Fuga said without a hint of shame on his face.

"The what?"

"Think about it, the guy has the skill Harem Protagonist (Rank-EX) the girls are so smitten with him, heck Death wants so bad to go under his pants but the boy while tempted seems hesitant, it seems that he hasn't forgotten Aqua or whatever name she used before, and if he disappeared a whole year out of nowhere the waifus will become sad, and as the cultured person that I am, I refuse to participate in that."

Celes felt complicated by what Fuga just said, while she is happy that Yozora hasn't forgotten about Aqua and helping him in that wouldn't be too complicated, she will just ask for some of her interns to help him, but… "Just for that stupid reason you want to help him…"

"A normie like you wouldn't understand, a true man of culture wish nothing but the happiness of the waifus" Fuga said with a "solemn" expression on his face as if was telling the truth of the world.

Celes right eye twitched at the sheer stupidity of Fuga. "Fine, but in exchange, you have to give him this." She said while handing a photograph to her fellow god.

Fuga looked at the photo and understood what Celes was asking him. "Okay I'll do it but not for now, But I will wait until he returns from the DXD world."

Celes considered Fuga's words, and she had to agree that it would be for the best since who knows how would he react after looking at it. "All right but be sure to give him the photo. Any other request that you have in mind"

Fuga smirked at this. "Well, just two more things."


June 24th of 1992. London. United Kingdom.

"Well this doesn't make any sense," I said looking at the philosopher's stone and a considerable amount of precious metals on the table.

"Still having problems with that, huh? At least you don't have to worry about money issues in the future."

"Taking into consideration the amount of gold that is in my vault, I doubt that it was going to be a problem, to begin with." While I am thankful to Fuga for giving me so much gold, I don't know what he was thinking by giving me that ridiculous amount. "My problem is this dumb rock, it has been more than 6 months since I got it, and I still can't figure out how it was made." I know that if any other alchemist out there heard my words, they would puke blood in sheer anger at my "presumptuous" words, but since I came to this world it was rare for me to be stuck in something that long while focusing on it.

"But you must?" Gramps asked while raising an eyebrow. "Your other projects with the stone are going pretty well, you even made, and I quote a "Healing Potion"

"I can use the stone without a problem even without knowing the specifics of its creation but there is one problem." I made a small pause to think about how to articulate what I was going to say. "Every time I hold the stone for alchemic purpose there is this "feeling" that helps me solve the problem. It doesn't give me a straight answer or anything like that, it just "guides me" for a lack of a better term, that's what is making me going nuts."

Gramps frowned after hearing my words. "Are you sure that the stone is not possessed or has a soul residing on it? it seems oddly familiar with how Horcruxes works before taking someone else body."

"Pretty sure. The first thing I did when I got the stone was to inspect if there were any souls on it since in another world the philosopher stone is made of human souls, but there are none. I even double-checked with Death in case I was making some mistake." Even though this world alchemy in this world is totally different from the one of Full Metal Alchemist, this world has given me some surprises, so I wanted to be sure. "By the way why are you here? Is unusual for you to enter my workshop." I asked changing the subject since it was evident that I wouldn't make any progress any time soon.

"I came to tell you to get some sleep, is already 3:00 am"

"That's not too…."

"Of Thursday, "Gramps said interrupting me. "Even if we don't have any plans until the weekend, is not healthy for you to not sleep for 3 days."

'Crap I did it again.'

"Thanks, I will put my things away and go to bed," I said to Gramps.

"No problem little Yozora, sleep well," Gramps said as he leaves the room.


June 25th of 1992. Heathgate, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London.

"Yozora, Mr. Lee is good to see both of you again." Catherine greeted us at the entrance of the house.

"Likewise, Mrs. Catherine," Gramps said with a small smile on his face.

"Thanks for having us today Mrs. Catherine." I greeted the Granger matriarch.

"Please come in, Hermione is still preparing herself upstairs."

Both of us nodded at her words and proceeded to follow her inside the house. I looked around and the house was pretty much the same as the last time I was there.

"Honey did the Hoshimura's arrived already?" A man's voice could be heard from the kitchen. "Mr. Lee, Yozora thank you for coming. Yozora, you got taller, seriously what do you it to be that tall at your age." Elliot commented as he was surprised by my height.

I chuckled at Elliot's words, while I am not that tall, I am definitely above the average around 1.63 meters tall. "Is good to see you again Mr. Elliot. I bought a fruit cake to eat later."

"Thanks, Yozora, Hermione has not stopped talking about how good you are at cooking, maybe you can help me make the lunch," Elliot said half-joking but those words felt different from my perspective.

'Help….him?' I wouldn't have a problem making the whole lunch…but being the second in command in the kitchen? Hell no! Even before my whole Isekai bullshit, I had a problem sharing the kitchen with someone and it become even worse after coming here.

"Yeah sure, cool, cool, cool, cool no doubt no doubt, yeah no problem"

{Smooth…} Gramps snorted.

"Dear, Yozora is a guest, he shouldn't be doing anything," Catherine said reprimanding Elliot.

"I know honey, I was just messing around."

"Actually I don't have a problem cooking Catherine is just that…" But my words were interrupted by a voice that I was very familiar with.

"Yozora! You finally arrived" She said happily, but Hermione's smile quickly turned into a frown as she grabbed my ears. "Young man what were you thinking by piercing your ears."

Oh yeah, I forgot that I pierced my ears, I wanted some enchanted accessories, but since I didn't want to have that many rings, I decided to use earrings. By the way, since my body was many times stronger it didn't hurt at all. "Hahaha only you would react like this Hermione, never change. But who are you calling a young man?"

"It's not funny Yozora everyone would think that you are a delinquent, besides I am older than you."

I don't have a birthday now, but the system takes the day I came to this world as it, so I just followed the flow. "But I am your sempai in life," I said with a grin since I know she really hates when I say that. "Besides technically I am a delinquent in the eyes of Hogwarts."

"Hermione don't overreact about some piercings; besides we didn't even notice that he had earrings," Elliot said trying to defend me.

"Your father is right, they are not that notable, only if you look carefully at his face you would them…Oh my." Catherine said with a mischievous smile on her face.

'Oh no,' Hermione and I thought at the same time.

"Hermione~ you noticed that in less than a second, perhaps you were too excited to see your friend again? "

Hermione's blushed so hard that I didn't even know that humanly possible to be that shade of red. I wanted to say something to her, but I felt someone place his hand on my shoulder. Even without looking back, I knew who he was.

"I won't give you my daughter, you punk," Elliot said with a serious expression.

"What?" I said in surprise since he went from 0 to overprotective father in less than a second.

"*Pfff* Sorry, sorry, I just wanted to say that at least once," Elliot said trying to hold his laugh.

"Dad!" Hermione yelled in annoyance at Elliot's teasing.

"Kuhahaha Little Yozora is a Casanova this young, it seems that it runs in the family," Gramps said after hearing everything.

I sighed at everyone's words, 'This is going to be a long day.' I thought to myself.

And hell I was right, even though they toned down their teasing, from time to time they throw a tease or two. But besides that, the afternoon in general was a pleasant one with Hermione talking most of the time about the difference between Hogwarts and Beauxbatons, something that I was curious about myself since there wasn't too much information in the original book about that school.

From what she told me I got to know that in fact, the British Islands are one of the most conservative when it comes to all the traditions but since Beauxbatons receives students from multiple countries they try to not push their ideology to avoid problems. Also, it seems that there the difference between being a "pureblood", "half-blood" or muggle born is not that important, of course, there are douches here and there but that is something common in any supernatural world, but at least in the surface that is not a problem. She also mentioned that there is an upper student who is a quarter-vela and most of the boys drool over her, of course, I knew that she was talking about Fleur Delacour.

"Then Malfoy ran from there screaming "my father will know about this" after Tracey smacked the faces of Crabbe and Goyle with her wooden sword hahaha." I narrated one of the misadventures that happened in her absence.

"Hahaha that girl has guts, but she didn't get in trouble?" Elliot asked with some amusement clear in his voice.

"Nope, this happened in my house's common room which has the rule that anything that happens there stays there."

"Sometimes I wonder if you are a bad influence," Hermione said with a mocking tone.

"But I also helped Harry to enter the top ten students and even helped Ron to not fail the school year." And that is to say something.

"Then I would say that is fifty-fifty," Hermione said giggling a little bit.

"Yozora your cake was as delicious as Hermione said, could you please give me the recipe," Catherine asked.

"Sure, no biggie." Different from sharing a kitchen, I don't have a problem sharing recipes.

"Speaking of dumb people…" Elliot said with some heaviness in his voice. "Has the Headmaster given you any problems after the hearing?"

"No, after the hearing was punished accordingly for what I asked and even one of his titles as Supreme Wampum was stripped from him. So, he became very tame in my presence." 'And he basically became my slave, they don't need to know that.'

"Good, I would feel bad if something bad happened to a good kid like you," Elliot said more relaxed.

"Agree, I wouldn't want something bad to happen to Little Yozora, or else I would put these ol' bones of mine in use kuhahaha," Gramps said with a hearty laugh, though honestly, the prospect of him going all out is somehow terrifying, besides from gods I don't think that anyone in this world could handle his wrath.

"Changing the subject, what are your plans for the summer? aside from going to our friends' houses I mean." Hermione asked rather curious.

"Gramps and I planned to travel outside the country as we used to do before I started to attend Hogwarts. There are some places that we wish to see." I answered Hermione's question. A little more than 2 years and a half is not enough to see the whole world, besides we purposely avoided all magic communities in our travels, so if I am lucky, I might find one or two weapons that can become a Noble Phantasm.

"It must be wonderful," Hermione replied. "In Beauxbatons there are people from different countries, and it is very insightful to listen about their customs and culture but being able to see it with your own eyes must be a whole different experience."

"Maybe in the future, you can come along," I said to Hermione who blushed a little bit.

Catherine had a wide smirk on her face, Elliot looked uncomfortable and Gramps well he was being Gramps.

{How bold Little Yozora, but you should wait till both of you get older.} Gramps said via our link.

{Shut up old man!}

"*Cough* There is any place that you gonna go?" Elliot asked

"Albania," I said with a smile on my face.


June 25th of 1992. Hogwarts Castle.

Severus Snape POV

This last year has been… interesting to say the least. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the spawn of THAT man started to attend Hogwarts this year, while the boy is the spitting image of his father, he still has Lily's eyes. And to my surprise different from his swine of a father, he is not a total disgrace, maybe he is not the brightest among his peers, but at least he seems to care for his education as I have seen him on repeated occasions studying in his free time and answering at least half of the questions that I had for him and taking in consideration his…house situation.

'He is unquestionably the progeny of that deplorable man, maybe one would think that it would make me joyful that the son of suffering for his father's foolishness but… *sigh* at the end of the day he is also Lily's son.' Thinking of her many emotions started to emerge.

Melancholy of the memories of our younger days when we were inseparable.

Regret for uttering a word that was the last droplet of water in breaking our friendship.

Jealousy while thinking when she chose Potter over me.

Guilt at the thought that if I wasn't that stupid back then, she wouldn't have died at the hands of the Dark Lord.

Sadness at the memory of holding her cold dead body in my arms.

Anger at how those filthy Muggles dared to treat her son like a lowly slave.

But as much as it pained me to see her son suffering like that, my hands were tied because of my deal with Dumbledore. Many would think that Dumbledore is just a big philanthropist who preaches peace and equality to everyone no matter their upbringing.

'Idiots' I couldn't help but snort at their ignorance.

The man couldn't care less about that silly thing, not many know how he really is, just a hypocrite who has done and will do awful things with the stupid excuse of doing it for "the greater good" being the greater good whatever he thinks, not caring about anyone as long his goals are achieved. Something that regretfully learned too late, even if I was not bounded by an unbreakable bond with him if I said some of the atrocious things that he had done no one would take my words above his. With my former state as a Death Eater and him being the most influential person in the whole of Magical Britain he is untouchable… or so I thought.

Yozora Hoshimura someone I knew even before the start of the year, an allegedly muggle-born who apparently was the heir of an ancient family, not the first time I heard about this. There have been cases where members of a house have been thrown for being Squibs and generations later a wizard/witch is born, there's also the possibility that one of his parents left our community and establish themselves in the muggle world something that when Voldemort was on the rise, was not uncommon. Dumbledore seemed concerned about that boy's existence as if it could possibly ruin all his plans, so he wanted to make sure that the boy could be used as his pawn.

How ironic it was that the "greatest" wizard in Britain fell because of those idiotic thoughts. My first thought about him was that he was a brute that relies on physical violence. When most of the fault falls on the other students and their stupid blood-supremacist ideas, but Mr. Hoshimura seemed more amused by their words than anything, using phrases that I assume are of muggle origins. His physical prowess has indeed something to look at, I don't think that many people could keep up with him, and the scariest thing is that he is not even in the epitope of his physical growth, maybe something related to his upbringing.

But my thinking of him being just a mere brute was wrong, as he was unexpectedly well-versed in the art of potion making and if the words of the other professors were true he also exceeds in all of the classes and him well mannered with all them made them see him in a good light on top of that being one of the few students who actually try to get along with all the other houses, made him look like the perfect student if it wasn't for the fact of his…uniqueness.

It was not a secret in the castle that he had some weird antics even in the eyes of the students who lived in the muggle world, but on the other hand, geniuses are always eccentric people. Something that in the eyes of the student hood made him more charismatic and approachable different from the conventional genius, something that made Dumbledore warier of him as he reminded the old coat of the times of the Dark Lord in the castle as he also described him as a charismatic person, as much as I wanted to dismiss Dumbledore's words a just simple paranoia, a part of me agreed with him as there was something in Hoshimura that fells off.

But everything changed on the night of Halloween, a Troll invaded the castle something that by normal means would be impossible as it was impossible for the stupid creature to bypass the castle wards by himself, and Quirrell of the people was the one who "found out". With the suspicious event, I had to make sure that the stone was secure, I had to ignore the situation at the moment.

But once I arrived at the place where the Troll was found, I found that aforementioned person bathed in blood, not his but the Troll's blood who was incapacitated on the floor bleeding out. The troll in question wasn't in danger as he was regenerating, much slower than their kind is known for, something that brings my curiosity. And when he was questioned about how he took care of the creature, he stubbornly refused to give an explanation as he declared that was a family secret, something that he had the right to do by our laws.

But the old coat also was stubborn and decided to get answers by force leering at the mind of the annoying Gryffindor to know it all, and with an amused expression he decided to prove into Hoshimura's mind but his endeavor futile and even backfired on him. But after he realized that the eyes of Hoshimura became cold as he was seeing something…beneath him and "asked" to talk with the ministry. At first, I thought that was just a rant of his but to my surprise, he knew exactly what Dumbledore did, something surprising considering his upbringing, making the mystery of who he really was bigger.

His conversation with Director Bones was another perturbing thing, the boy if I can call him that right anymore, manipulated the flow of the conversation easily, he clearly knew how "righteous" she was and used to his convenience without her noticing it, making her indirectly going against the most influential person in the whole Britain. And even worse he did exactly the same with me mentioning how foolish was Dumbledore to make everyone return to the dormitories making the Slytherin student fall in danger of encountering the troll.

Unnerving, someone so young was capable of manipulating people like that, if it wasn't for the fact that he showed a protective attitude toward Ms. Granger I would be worried about the other students, especially Potter considering the position that he willingly or unwillingly has in our community.

And after the hearing, my concern became even bigger since when Dumbledore returned something was off. He dropped all the measures of vigilance towards Potter, Hoshimura, and the other "pawns" as he used to call them but after a while, he asked me to inspect his body. And what I found was perturbing, to say the least, he was bound by a powerful curse that I have never seen before. It was similar to an unbreakable vow yet something totally different, from what little I could recognize was that the curse had some Scandinavian roots, but besides that, there was nothing I could do to break it.

I didn't have to be a genius to put 2 plus 2 together, even if it's logically impossible from my perspective to fathom the idea that a mere 11-year-old kid, was capable of this, there was not really another possibility in the frame of time, it also helps that every time Dumbledore sees Hoshimura roaming around the castle he looks at him with unfiltered rage.

And not much later Quirrel, my primary suspect of wanting to steal the stone disappeared without signs and what was more confusing is that all his possessions were still in the castle and the stone was secure at the time. So, he either flee out of the castle without anyone noticing or that was put down, even Dumbledore was surprised by this so he wasn't culpable of this, and taking into consideration the events that transpired before, there was only one person I could think that did this.

For the rest of the year, Dumbledore ordered me to find a way to break the curse no matter what but clearly stated that I was not allowed of making any attempts of harming Hoshimura or the ones close to him, something weird as it would be the easiest way to find a way to dispel the curse but with it was clear that he made some measurements to avoid this kind of retaliation.

Yozora Hoshimura, who are you?


June 25th of 1992. London. Outside of the Magic Ministry.

Gramps and I were currently waiting outside the ministry waiting for William Wallace a high-ranked Auror and secretly a Voldemort follower. In my last raid with the Death Eaters, I "interrogated" the now-deceased Lord Rosier, he was a piece of shit who was involved in human trafficking and slave trade, and the worst part was in his basement where his…playroom was located, where sadly or fortunate depending on how you look at it, there were no survivors. After moving their corpses, I decided to burn the damn place with my own version of Fiendfyre to make the Rosiers suffer.

Returning with Wallace, from Rosier I learned that he was one of the people that can give me the information that I am looking for, and since he is also a piece of shit, I don't need to hold back in the methods to get the information.

After a while, the target finally got out of the Ministry usually, the people of the ministry use the Floo Network to leave and go to their houses, but even after the downfall of Voldemort he still works as an information broker and goes to the Knockturn Alley to make his deals but since the Floo Network leaves traces of the places it goes, most of the time he goes by foot to avoid suspicions, something that works for me.

We followed him from the distance until he started he entered an alley, in that moment I used Sonido to get behind him and put a Magic Suppressing Bracelet.

"Wha-"The man tried to mutter but before he could say anything I Displaced the floor below us to go to a safer location.

Taking advantage of the fall I grabbed him by the throat and pin him on the floor making him barely capable of breathing.

Releasing my killing intent, I looked him directly in the eyes making him shiver in fear.

"I will only ask this one time, and I hope that you answer truthfully," I said to the man who nodded furiously. "Tell me…where is Azkaban located?"


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