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Read Earth's Greatest Magus novel written by the author Avan on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, system, cultivation, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What if Magic has always existed ever since the beginning of the Earth we are living on, but history has been written in order to hide these facts. What if the prosperous and well-known people in history is actually a mage? Enter a magic academy, rule your country. Be at the pinnacle of life! Join me in the journey of Emery and the others in the world of Knights and Magic as he becomes the Earth's Greatest Magus. Authors Note: I have always been fascinated by writing fantasy relating to historical facts. In this story, you will find characters inspired by the real world and facts. The universe I created hopefully will make the reader's imagination excited and logically plausible. I hope you enjoy it. Check Out Video Trailer on youtube type "Earth's Greatest Magus" ‐------------ Author own Review after writing 300 chapters It’s a slow Burn, as slow as the whole volume 1 maybe will be depressing to read. The MC is still a little boy and he do mistakes. But if you could pass the second volume you will see how this story could reach webnovel top15 trending with just 300 chapters. Here are some of the things you will find here MC: Heroic, weak to strong, classic good guy in a cruel world. Fortunately, you will see he has many good friends who could fill up his weaknesses. World: Imagine Harry Potter combine with StarWars System: It a Magic story but with a System to easily follow. There is also cultivation Harem: No, there are many female characters. But I enjoy romance first. So even if there will be more than one love interest it will be deep. Other: There is deep research on science and history throughout the novel. Hope you will give this a try and be suprised


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This story is my crack!!!! I hate to admit it but this is way more then an addiction. this is the only story of the several books that i read that i talk about with my wife, Who doesnt like this books in the first place. The myths, history, theories and legends that go into writting this book and the wider universe for this story are numerous and amazing. this is my fav book to date.


This story is definitely worth a read, the characters are well thought out and have their own depth to them, the world continues to grow with each chapter, and the split between the mortal world and magical world is an interesting one! The story starts off a little slow and at first Emery is a little gullible but he’s a kid and it’s believable! If you finish up all the free chapters I’m sure you’ll want to read more, I look forward to the continuous expansion of the magic cultivation and the world you’ve built


Oops I forgot to review one of my top novels after so long! (At chapter 508) ~ ima make it spicy then ~ Honestly the MC’s character progression is slow but I appreciate that there is a more realistic resistence to change. You cant expect someone to go from strong family values to ruthless killer at a drop of a hat. He does progress though so chill. He isnt super OP or has any hacks/cheats. He has had a lucky encounter but his grind to the top is not smooth sailing at all. His talented friends keep up with him so there isnt a new group of people every arc... thank God for that because its hard Remembering so many names in novels! Also the depth each side character has is amazing and I ended up torn between main plot and wanting more side stories. Harem? No harem? Not sure yet, the author is tight lipped but there is juicy romance! Romance is a very well written subplot but not a dominate theme (yet). Im still not completly backing any ship yet! I will point out that the authors closure/shut down of one love interest was so well done that even though i hated the character it was worth every word i read. She could make a come back though, who knows how they will progress because these characters arent just a one off appearence. Though IRL history does foreshadow a spicy adulterous return. The unique flavour of this novel is its histories, myths and legends written into the plot. I love exploring Earths rich history through the plot while trying to google the history in the background. The undercurrents of the novel and its mysteries are closely tied with the above and make the novel so much more entertaining. So the world building is off the charts. To summaries, there is a reason why this novel is consistently in the top charts and these rankings are not wrong. PS - if you want a ruthless MC with a tragic backstory without the cringe edgelord vibe check out Blood Elf Monarch. Same brilliant character designs and mysterious plot but opposite vibe from this story. It was my first Avan novel too!


(My Honest Review😁) The MC starts off slow and his progress in Magic is minimal, But, now that I think of it, I enjoyed it. The process of the MC's, little by little improvement, until he gets stronger, is a slow and enjoyable ride. It's like when you ride a Ferris Wheel and peek outside, seeing a great view, slowly and surely unfold on your eyes. It may be because of me being Fan of a slow start, not like most of the Novels here in WN, being fast-paced and OP. (A quick summary without leaking any major spoilers) Earth is not exactly the "Earth" we know, but an Earth with a slight tweak with some new species and special people. 85 BC Earth, so yeah. Let's start with the World Building… I'm speechless. Start with Earth, and he, the MC miraculously gets transported to a place where People would learn Magic. Emery is a Human, but not really, as his Mother being *spoiler*. The Kingdom is an enemy to Emery's mother Kind and when they know his secret, they chase him, getting his Father killed, and him miraculously escaping the chase, and miraculously got transported to Magus Academy. Magus Academy is a place or Holy Land of some sort for Mages. Emery is a rare Human who had 4 Elements for him to choose from, but his talent being B, the worst talent in his class. He needs to pass the test or his memory might be erased and be transported back to Earth, but getting back means Death for him. (Summary Ends) The thing I like about this Novel is the World Building or the description the author is putting for us to see. 5 stars World Building. I see that most of the readers didn't like how slow-paced the story is, but for me, it is perfect. 5 stars Story Development.  Writing Quality is 4.8 stars, because of some typos, but it will not affect your reading Tbh.  Update? Waiting… as there are some personal problems the Editor is facing, so the Author can't publish the Chapter. 4.5 stars...🙃 Character Design is 4.8. The People are flesh out fine, and you can clearly feel the emotions they want us to feel. But not that clear sometimes, or it is me just being dumb?🤣 Overall 4.8! Great Novel with a Huge Potential!  *The way I see it(chapter 36) The story's MC is like an MC who will, or most of the time be an underdog. So you guys must be patient!🤣 *Comment your thoughts🤣 or questions🤔


Halo reader, i wrote this review after writing 70+ chapters and read hundreds of comments. So here is my honest review on my own work. 1. Its a slow start, i know the trending novel are currently a fireworks from the start. OP item or skill, etc. This one is a classic weak to strong novel. Even i dont really like the MC at the start. But i assure you it will change. 2. As much as it said historical, its not really true. It based on real world history but its still a fiction novel, so hope you enjoy the alternate earth. 3. The world and characters are the one i am confident with. i took a lot of time on them, but you can be the judge of that. 4. The grammer and writing stability should improve much from my last novel as i have more experience now. But please be forgiving if there still some mistake, as english is my second language. Please give the novel a try and hope you can enjoy the adventure of Emery and how he became the earth's greatest magus.


Here is my honest and detailed review: Personal opinion: This book is unique and I recommend it to everyone who likes to read about magic. I can already see character development in the future, unique magic spells and a lot more. This book is speaking to me. Telling me details without even reading about them. It's amazing. Writing Quality: I'm hungarian so I can't tell much.... That's what I would say about average novels with good writing style, but this novel is unique. Even I can tell that the writing quality is good. The author knows his/her way with the words. Story Development: A very good paced story. This is almost like magic to me. As if the author had all the time in the world to think about the story. Only 14 chapters and a lot of things happened, yet the story is not rushed at all. Character Design: It's really colorful. Author gave us almost enough character details. We can imagine the characters, but we can also depend on our minds. Every significant character got a personality here. Update Stability: Currently 7/week. Not the best, but it's not bad either. The novel is good so I'm already thankful. World Background: I can't say much about this one. It's interesting, a mix of imagination and real world. It's a bit hard to explain. Read the novel and you will understand. I won't say much because the novel only started 2 weeks ago. (Currently only 14 chapters. This an early review. I hope the author keeps up the good work. Also, I hope this review helped you understand a bit more about this novel.)


I did as I always do and read all the free chapters before making a review. In my opinion, this is an amazing novel with an amazingly rich world-building and interesting characters. The main character isn't overpowered and doesn't have any 'cheat' abilities. Infact beside one advantage he has above most (but not all) he would be considered very average in terms of talent. This slower style of improvement in the mc allows the author to bring out my personal favourite feature of this book, highly interesting world building and side character backgrounds. While I've seen some comments complaining about the story being a bit slow at points I think it isn't a bad trait but infact shows that the author takes his time writing a detailed story instead of trying to pump out more chapters for their own gain. Overall the beginning of this novel at least by my standards can be considered one of the best I've read on this website and I really hope the author keeps up his amazing work!


This book is really promising novel utterly distroyed by lackluster main character. (dropped after 100ch) It has imaginative world that spans entire galaxy, some combination of Eastern cultivation and western fantasy magic system. This mix seems to have some potential, but in the end it doesn't matter. The spell system and history of the world are never explained in full instead world building is overshadowed by the Mc and other characters that share the same flaws. The characters are incredibly dull. They have no agency and feel like a puppets. While it is stated by Mc that his ambition in to obtain revenge and power he doesn't do much to obtain those goals, instead they are given to him on a silver plate. He has a lower B rank potential, but no need to work around that, have some ultimate cultivation technique. You have lost an arm, you'd expect that it will be an costly issue Mc will have to pay out his meager contribution points in academy for a healing spell. Again, no actually it is barely an inconvenience. You recklessly involved yourself and your friend in battle with thugs that outnumber you, no problemo there is a Knight Squad established literally couple lines later to save both of you from cruel fate. Your savior turns out to be a monster ready to suck out your life force, (out of nowhere without warning or build-up by the way) , easy just tap into your bloodline you have no idea how to do so without a potion but really that must be just fighting for your life. You didn't do that before did you? There is many more moments like that, like knocking out enemy combatants in a batte for survival with a sharp sword? How? Not specified? Why? Cause I feel a faint connection to people that want to kill me obviously. The lack of logic behind characters actions is what kills the experience for me. Overall my critique is, things just happen to Mc, and he just reacts. It doesn't help that his reactions are simply dumb and everything just works out. Overall a frustrating read and wasted potential.


I really like this novel because its really well written. I gave it a try until it was time to drop it. The character design really got on my nerves, I HATE harems but I gave this one a pass because the world building was so amazing. But when the author started throwing in those god awful tropes of the MC falling into harem member no.2's breast, I metaphorically rolled my eyes so hard they fell out. After getting near to chapter 46 and finding myself getting more and more irritated at the MC's naive antics, I thought to myself would I pay to read this book if I'm already not finding this book as fun, That answer would be a RESOUNDING HELL FREAKING NO!!!


Attention. A lot of frustrations are waiting for you. So for up to near 300 chapters author basically tortures the protagonist. And the protagonist has almost no character development. His naivety, poor judgements of characters or situations has yet to show any improvements. I know you will argue with me here saying that he's still 16 years old, but I'm only saying this according to other characters in the story.


The MC is a hapless fool who gets everything a person needs only because the author wants him to. I guess people really love it when an undeserving fool gets it all because of luck without having any of the important qualities. They seem to like it even more when the MC is a talent less trash but with some super secret, super powerful ability.....


Reveal spoiler


So to start out this is an amazing novel I am all the up to the most recent chapter 237 and although the beginning is slow it opens up a whole new world once his second year at school starts and is a great novel to stick with as you will be blown away by the potential this story has! I love the characters they are very well done the interactions get better wnd better throughout the novel and leave me very satisfied! I will add more at a later date i am not the best at making reviews.


Honestly the story is well written in comparison to many others out there but the Author should really work on his depiction of the main character's character as well as habits and train of thoughts. The way he handles issues is off-putting to say the least. His thought process is irrational and dumb and he tends to make seemingly "smart" choices but in depth investigation shows that his choices are actually rather stupid and don't seem progressive. He takes constant loses in dealings and is honestly a character without an ounce of spleen. He can be said to be somewhat of a sycophant and this is till chapter 70 as thats where I reached before nearly puking blood from the frustratiion the mc is causing me. Other than the main character I have loved everything about the novel so far. I highly appreciate the author and would like to encourage him to keep putting out chapters but to also work on this mc's character cause it really prevents people from reading the book when his character is this off putting in the beginning.


eigthy or something chapter in, my problem is the mc, hes no cultivation killer, but he's soft, naive, and is painful to read. this is a really interesting premise though.


For a book Who gets chapter lock after 40 chapters,, nothing in here is interesting enough for me to use coins,, so for the 48 chapters i have read, is it as good as all those 5 stars review? Well nope,, the reason why i even read that many chapters was cause of the promise of the mc becoming the greatest mages but so far its way to boring and frustrating to even enjoy... had it been a Free book well i can at least fight through it, but for a paid one well nope,, and some review even said it doesnt even get better untill after 100 something chapter,, what? Well good luck,, never trust WN ranking...


Avan is my favorite writer, his writing style and the story hook me the most from other fantasy novel. I am sure this novel will be great to read as well


Up until 79th chapter, the MC is naive. Afraid to kill eventhough many times he almost died & sees that people killing here and there Not using his skills enough to get out from his situation, not really clever, quite impulsive. I dropped it because I don't like the protagonist.


In one sentence I would just tell anyone to keep reading. This novel has layers that peel back over time. The main character is fairly simple as far as protagonists go but he is a tragic, relatable and regularly evolving character. The side characters have depth that doesn’t always appear immediately (don’t jump to conclusions). So just don’t make early judgments and enjoy what is an ever evolving story with a sprinkling of historical fact and fiction.


slow development which is fine by itself but it didnt help when mc is weak in character and typical naive and quite dumb. make the story kinda drag. if anything the decision that mc make had kinda make the story low in quality.


This novel is an insult to Merlin. Aptitude B, really? Spineless too...........................................................................


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