DxD: Transmigrated as a mob in Khaos Brigade

"Introduce yourself!" The smile that had been steadily developing on Eric's face began to slowly disappear, and he became incredibly solemn, which made his face appear even more menacing when it was in the shade of the lighting. "Hello, my name is Eric Kingsley, and I will soon turn sixteen years old. I work in the medical sector of the hero faction and live an ordinary, quiet life every day." Eric went to the DxD universe, where he was reborn as a human equipped with a unique piece of sacred gear called [Twilight Healing]. Even though he worked as a healer and possessed a unique and valuable piece of sacred gear, no one paid him any attention because of his weak body. When he couldn't figure out how to pass the level, he activated the mind-reading system. Not only was he able to read people's memories, but he also had the ability to earn rewards! From the memories of the people he had healed, Eric learned about the hidden dangers of the DxD world. He decided to become a weak mob in the medical division so that he could become unbeatable in the supernatural world as soon as possible. "I know you are powerful; battle me!  I will show you that I am the most powerful white dragon empress!" A ravishing woman with silver hair and azure wings accused Eric. "I'd appreciate it if you could show me how to cast that barrier spell. I've never seen anything like it; you must be a genius, " Eric was followed by an adorable witch with blonde hair and sparkling eyes. "Let's make kids, Eric nya~" A vulturous woman with massive cleavage kept harassing Eric. "You are powerful. If you defeat Baka-red, I will grant you any wish you have."  "Fuck! Can't you see, I'm a mob! Boss Cao-Cao save me," Note: This fic is based on "Reborn as a Anbu Torturer." So the plot progression would be very similar to it.

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chapter 6


Eric showed courtesy by nodding his head.

Even if he hasn't made any outwardly obvious adjustments, he still can't help but want to complain.

Good fellow!

Who would have the audacity to embrace this stoic nature of the medical department? Which boss does not admire workers who work hard and put in extra hours without being paid?

"Eric, you may return to your apartment and rest; I'll handle everything that's going on here."

Marsilio gazed intently at Eric as he stood there. This young man has the drive to succeed, but he is physically weak and has no place in the world of the supernatural.

It's really too bad.

Sometimes fate isn't fair, and someone like Eric is destined to die a dog's death.

It is not actually that unusual.

It is the reality.

Marsilio has no choice but to use this boy until he could be disposed of. This is the life and death cycle for low-level mobs; they serve the strong both in life and in death.


In answer, Eric gave a slight nod before turning around and walking away. There was no sense of nostalgia in this quaint little chamber.

He was not a workaholic.

He merely wants to read more memories.

Since it is no longer necessary for him to do so, he will not read the memory.

There's no reason to stay here any longer, not to mention

Eric walked out of the dimly lit area while clutching his prizes in one hand and did not go back to his dorm room.

This presented an opportunity to eat in public without arousing anyone's suspicions, so taking advantage of it meant going out to eat. It is only natural that he should value it.

You know…

Ever since Eric entered the DxD universe, he has been exceedingly careful out of a concern that he would expose some minor defect. Due to the fact that he never left the medical division room or his dormitory, he had not yet had the opportunity to experience the entirety of the outside world.

Going out at this time does not clear him of all responsibility for the situation.

However, it would be detrimental for him to remain inside because Captain Marsilio has already granted him permission to take it easy for a little while.

Based on the principle of caution,

Eric needs to get some fresh air and spend some time having fun.

(Scene Change)

It was already a little bit late as Eric went out of the HQ sector of the building.

The last rays of the setting sun were reflected off of the clouds in the sky, creating the impression that the clouds were on fire.

Eric's face was brushed by the pleasant evening breeze, and it was then that he experienced, for the very first time, the positive side of this world.

The headquarters of the Khaos Brigade is guarded by various array formations that have been nurtured and improved over the course of several centuries. These formations are located on an isolated island far from any civilization.

Established with the goal of establishing a competing power to the expanding mythological alliances, this organisation was given its name.

The fallen angel Satanael and the wizards of Oz worked together to construct the Khaos Brigade. This was done through a cooperative effort.

It was eventually given to Ophis, the Dragon God of Infinity, at some point in time.

who were sent with the sole mission of eliminating the [Great Red].

The "True Dragon" is the name given to the most ferocious dragon in existence, and it is believed that it emerged from the Dimensional Gap.

The island was enormous, and it included all of the amenities that one would expect to find in a contemporary human city.

Eric could not help but be in awe of this city because it appeared to be both original and harmonious. It was possible to spot people of a variety of racial backgrounds as he navigated the area.

They went shopping and behaved like humans; some of them were simply having fun with their pals, while others were having fun with their women.

It was a scene that one would never see in a typical urban centre inhabited by humans.

"Let's go and eat something!" At which point he recalled something that he had seen numerous times in anime.

He has seen in anime that one bite of food can cause you to feel as if someone is assaulting your body when you are naked. He has seen this happen.

What kind of a concept is that, exactly?

The food in anime tends to be a little over the top.

If Eric pretended that he wasn't curious about trying the cuisine from a world inspired by anime, he would be telling a lie.

The name "Isami's curry" sprung into Eric's head out of nowhere as he was reflecting on his past experiences.

It was the "Ichiraku Ramen" version of HQ city, a well-known restaurant in which everyone takes pleasure in eating. Even the Khaos brigade captain, Marsilio, is a fan of the meal known as curry, which seems to be quite popular among the members of that unit.

Therefore, his final destination has been selected. Eric made a turn towards the direction of Isami's curry.

It was as if he had lived in this area for many years and was quite familiar with the road network because he already possessed the map information for "HQ city" from the numerous memories that he had read.

Eric arrived at the crosswalk where Isami's curry was located in a relatively short amount of time.

This eatery had a comparatively decent ambience in comparison to the other locations in the city, where the mood typically remains rather gory and uncomfortable. Isami's curry store was located in the prosperous area of the centre of HQ City.

This place is always bustling with activity, and judging by the amount of light that was streaming in through the shop's glass entrance, there were already quite a few customers seated inside.

"It's quite lively."

The corners of Eric's mouth turned up ever so slightly as he took a step forward and started walking in the direction of Isami's curry shop.

It is really rare for him to take part in the excitement.

It's possible that in a few years, opportunities like these won't be available.

After making his way across the junction, Eric arrived at Isami's curry restaurant.

He cautiously opened the drapes, and all of a sudden, a strong aroma of cooking food rushed into his nostrils.

The dining area of Isami's curry store consists of a long row of tables and a large number of circular chairs.


Eric hears a voice that is kind and polite ringing in his ears.

The person who was speaking was a woman with purple hair who was dressed in a white chef's costume and was sporting a yellow hat emblazoned with the name "Isami."

At this same time, the woman was beaming at Eric as she cast her gaze in his direction.

"What would you like to eat?"

This lady was the owner of the restaurant known as "Isami's Curry."

The woman was beautiful; she appeared to be in her early thirties; nevertheless, the thing that stuck out the most about her was a bushy tail and a pair of canine ears, both of which were of the same colour as her hair.

Both the memories he had gathered and his own knowledge of the plot, which had come to him in a single concussion, caused Eric's face to flush with surprise.

This lady was a Japanese yokai.

To be particular, a wolf Yokai.

"Chicken curry. Make it extra spicy."

After a cursory examination of the menu that was hung on the wall, Eric remarked, "I'd like a deluxe set meal with an egg."


Isami's eyes began to glow ever-so-slightly, and she broke into a quick smile.

She did not waste any time and got right to work preparing Eric's order.

After placing his order, Eric began searching for a secluded spot in which he could enjoy his meal in peace.

He is plainly in the mood to let loose and have some fun, but he can't help but feel uneasy. He isn't sure if this is a result of his tendency to stay alone.

He did nothing but stand back and observe these active folks from a distance.

because there was no requirement to fit in with the crowd.

Tap, tap, tap...

The sound of quick footsteps could be heard just outside of "Isami's curry," and the sound was a little jumbled, indicating that there was more than one person present.

"Sister Isami, the standard order is two bowls of curry rice." A bubbly female voice could be heard.

Their voice was the first thing that we heard when we opened the door; they weren't there yet. Judging from the tone of this person's voice, it appears that he can't wait to have some food.

"Okay!" Isami didn't even bother to look at it, but simply by listening to the voice, she was able to identify the visitor: it was one of her most loyal customers.


The furrows in Eric's brows began to slightly furrow, and he had some familiar feelings in this voice just a moment ago, but he was unable to think of the identity of the voice at all.

It was clear that this was taken from his predecessor's memories and not from a colleague he had met since assuming his position.

Right at the moment when Eric was confused.

It appeared as though someone had opened the shop's door.

The door was promptly opened by two people who were dressed formally.

A young man with blonde hair and a serious expression on his face was leading the way. He was walking in front of the group.

A young woman with blonde hair and a dress resembling that of a sorceress was lurking behind the man with blonde hair.

Other customers, including Eric, were immediately drawn to the extremely vivid colours of these two individuals' hair, which served to grab everyone's attention immediately.

"Oh my goodness, is it you, Eric?!"

As the man with blond hair walked around the store, Eric's body caught the attention of the man with the azure blue eyes and a somewhat astonished expression on his face.

What the ghost is this!