DxD: Transmigrated as a mob in Khaos Brigade

"Introduce yourself!" The smile that had been steadily developing on Eric's face began to slowly disappear, and he became incredibly solemn, which made his face appear even more menacing when it was in the shade of the lighting. "Hello, my name is Eric Kingsley, and I will soon turn sixteen years old. I work in the medical sector of the hero faction and live an ordinary, quiet life every day." Eric went to the DxD universe, where he was reborn as a human equipped with a unique piece of sacred gear called [Twilight Healing]. Even though he worked as a healer and possessed a unique and valuable piece of sacred gear, no one paid him any attention because of his weak body. When he couldn't figure out how to pass the level, he activated the mind-reading system. Not only was he able to read people's memories, but he also had the ability to earn rewards! From the memories of the people he had healed, Eric learned about the hidden dangers of the DxD world. He decided to become a weak mob in the medical division so that he could become unbeatable in the supernatural world as soon as possible. "I know you are powerful; battle me!  I will show you that I am the most powerful white dragon empress!" A ravishing woman with silver hair and azure wings accused Eric. "I'd appreciate it if you could show me how to cast that barrier spell. I've never seen anything like it; you must be a genius, " Eric was followed by an adorable witch with blonde hair and sparkling eyes. "Let's make kids, Eric nya~" A vulturous woman with massive cleavage kept harassing Eric. "You are powerful. If you defeat Baka-red, I will grant you any wish you have."  "Fuck! Can't you see, I'm a mob! Boss Cao-Cao save me," Note: This fic is based on "Reborn as a Anbu Torturer." So the plot progression would be very similar to it.

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chapter 5

Eric gave the recollection that he had read from Marsilio a quick glance before moving on.

Aside from those items buried deep in the darkness, there were some interesting facts, particularly concerning the sick individual Eric healed.

This person's name is Jason, and he is a human who has been transformed into a pawn after being brainwashed by Marsilio's sacred gear.

It was done on Cao Cao's orders and a major player in the [Hero faction's] hierarchy.

Even if the man himself didn't particularly pique Eric's curiosity, it was clear that he was just an average human with a moderate level of power; he was so weak that he could hardly be considered a low-class being.

He was chosen for the position because of his familiarity with this topic as well as his capacity for research.

He has been undercover in Grigori for more than five years. During that time, he has garnered a respectable degree of trust from his coworkers, and he has established communication with the Grigori leadership.

He is now a senior researcher in one of Azazel's third-tier projects, which, despite the fact that it may not sound authoritative, actually demonstrates that Grigori views him as someone who can be trusted.

Jason has gradually stolen knowledge on the manufacture of artificial sacred gear, while the information he has provided is truly just the fundamentals that are available to members of the Grigori.

Nevertheless, despite its limited scope, this information was crucial in the [Hero faction] Project's achievement of a minor milestone in the project they are working on.

Eric believes that the endeavour is both thrilling and a little bit crazy at the same time.

"Chaos Break" is the name of the project that they are now working on.

The [Hero Faction] and the [Old Satan Faction] worked together to develop the special [Chaos Break] doping for Sacred Gears out of the blood of the first Satans. They did this with the assistance of the [Old Satan Faction].

The Hero Faction developed Chaos Break after conducting research and experiments to determine what would take on within the bodies of people who possessed Sacred Gear and injected themselves with the blood of true Satans.

The enemies of God mentioned in the Bible

As well as the inventor of the Sacred Gear system.

The study project required participants to contribute their own blood, and prominent members of the ancient Satan faction, such as Shalba Beelzebub, volunteered to do so.

Both the Hero faction and the Old Satan faction have ambitious goals, and one of those goals is to usurp the power of the infinite dragon god and make the loli god their slave.

That's a worthy goal to have. I will go and get some melon seeds.

After looking through Marsilio's recollections, Eric gave a frustrated shake of the head, as if trying to force some pictures out of his memory.


It was impossible to put these recollections out of one's mind.

This particular sensation brought to mind an old movie that I used to watch.

Eric's thoughts were not only firmly ingrained with these images, but they were also strongly ingrained in the narrative that these photos depicted that belonged to other people.

"I'm not sure if reading more memories is going to help or hurt me in the long run."

Eric smiled with an expression of helplessness.

Eric was aware that he would be stationed in the medical division for a considerable time and that he would need to continue reading the memories of other individuals in order to progress in his training.

"I really ought to get used to this feeling," with a sigh, Eric said.

Eric observed everything in great detail, and in order to get rewards, he had to interpret memories. Given his existing capabilities, if the evil organisation does not have a medical department, he should be able to...sigh, no that would be too dangerous.

It was challenging to obtain multiple opportunities to read memories.

to say nothing of trying to read the memories of such powerful people.

People could be sent over continually by the medical section, and they were all in some stage of injury when they arrived.

Concerning the question of whether or not those individuals were willing to forgo their memories or utilised stronger mental powers to fight back...

Eric did not place any significance whatsoever on these things.

Because Eric relied on the mind-reading system to read memories, he was able to read a god's memory without the god being aware that he had done so.

(Scene Change)

After a period of three days,

Eric once more received a call from Marsilio.

Since he had nothing to do over the course of these three days, he was considering ways in which he could read more memories on a daily basis.

The answer that was ultimately given was simple:

Do nothing!

Just be patient and wait here!

Eric made it abundantly evident that the strength he possessed at the time was insufficient.

Should he decide to act on his own, whatever he does will almost certainly be unsuccessful.

Therefore, he must continue to serve in the medical division in order for his wretched development to continue.

It is imperative that he acts with discretion and circumspection if he is to continue to build up his power.

Eric has the sensation that he is an ape.

It is possible for him to give the impression that he has emerged from his lair on occasion so that his colleagues would not become suspicious.

There is still a chance for him to return, but only if the crystal does not shatter.

All he needs to do is to play with the dog and wait for the moment to grab the chicken.

Speaking of the dog, captain Marsilio still hasn't sent the reward he promised.

(Scene Change)

It didn't take long. Eric had little trouble finding his way to the medical division.

"Welcome Eric, it's been a while; this time, I've called you not for the job, but to commend you on your outstanding performance."

"Just as you predicted, that man was injected with a very unique sort of neurotoxin; it is extremely ruthless, and our medical team specialist was unable to save him,"

"And it looks like he was poisoned when he was staying in the Grigori; it appears that they figured out his identity as a spy and enticed him right back to us."

"It seems it was all already planned by them,"

Marsilio murmured something under his breath that went something like, "Azazel is a sneaky bastard." despite the fact that Eric was able to hear it.

After finishing his sentence, Marsilio let out a hearty laugh.

As one of the commanders of a major group, he imagined that his position afforded him the opportunity to witness everything. However, he has never encountered anything like this before.

provide food to the pig and then butcher it within its own home.

Azazel! What a good fellow.

Eric nodded and said, "I understand."

The smile that had been plastered across Marsilio's face vanished all of a sudden, and in its stead came the stern demeanour of a captain.

"Eric, you were a huge aid to our faction during this conflict!" Marsilio approached Eric and gave him a shoulder tap as they were talking.

"It is my responsibility."

Eric showed signs of discomfort by flinching slightly. Naturally, it was the Oscar-calibre acting he delivered.

"I have been looking for you for the past few days, and your determination hasn't wavered at all. You deserve a break and can take a few days off to unwind."

The stern appearance on Marsilio's cheeks has significantly lightened up, and he now acknowledges Eric as his subordinate.

"No, no, no, Captain! I'm not tired!"

Eric continued to shake his head in a repetitive manner. What a joke! In order to fulfil his desire, which was to read more memories, he abruptly declared, while maintaining a solemn expression,

"I am willing to lend the faction all of the strength that I possess!"

"Despite the fact that I may be weak, I nevertheless wish to assist the greater good for humanity."

"Very good!"

Marsilio's eyes filled with gratitude after he witnessed Eric's nearly reflexive response to the situation.

He gives priority to subordinates who put in a lot of effort and are prepared to put in long hours without making complaints.

"Eric! Despite the fact that you have only recently joined the medical department, and the faction"

"However, you already possess the mentality and vision of our faction!"

"I am really optimistic about you!" Again, Marsilio showed his appreciation for Eric by patting him on the shoulder, but this time he was careful to use less force than before. Eric was his subordinate after all.

"I promised to reward you last time, but I forgot owing to my obligations; nonetheless, I am a fair guy, so I would recompense you with one additional reward," Marsilio replied firmly, revealing a little smile on his handsome face.

"Take this. It is a machete made of enchanted steel and then this is a potion that will make your body stronger." Eric was taken aback a little bit when the man kindly presented him with both of the rewards.

Isn't the magnitude of these rewards exaggerated?